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Anderson Cooper --

Haitian Hero

1/19/2010 6:16 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anderson Cooper raced to the aid of a badly injured boy in Haiti yesterday -- dropping the camera and carrying the bloodied child away from a violent incident in the middle of a chaotic scene.

Cooper claims he had heard gunfire in the area and raced to see what had happened -- when he noticed some people on the top of a store throwing slabs of concrete down at looters ... one of which smashed a child in the head.

As blood streamed down his face, Cooper carried him to a safer area and handed him off to a local for treatment.

Cooper says he has no idea what happened to the boy.


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#32 SHANIQUA, WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN YOUR WORLD THAT HAS TURNED YOU INTO SUCH A HEARTLESS, COLD BLOODED, INSENSITIVE WOMAN??? Making such a comment against Anderson Cooper is unforgivable! Surely, your parents raised you better than, that. You gave the impression you are someone who would witness a horrible incident and walk away delightfully laughing and clapping hoping those involved would perish! You are on the wrong path. Get some help, honey, you need it, NOW!

1683 days ago


I think if were anyone else with a camera, they would have stood there recording, just to get the "perfect story", as seen with the camera person who was capturing the whole thing. For AC to drop the camera and go rescue this child shows his true humanity.

It was so sad to see this little boy look so shocked and almost unfazed by what happened. Such a sad situation for all.

1683 days ago

Half black half white    

why does this guy cares...

its just a black kid.

1683 days ago


This was not an act. Anderson is an awesome person & restores my faith in mankind. He has a gentle soul

1683 days ago


The young boy injured was seen on another website being taken to the hospital. His head was wrapped and relief workers were escorting him. So, hopefully he is being taken care of.

1683 days ago

South Beach    

I love this guy. Intelligent, resourceful, integrity. He and Brian Williams are about all that's worth a damn in professional journalism.

1683 days ago

Beth C    

I am a cynical person who believes that just about everything is a stunt...but what certified this for me is AC's body language and the fact that he put down the camera knowing that someone would probably rip it off at once. His actions didn't seem fake at all...a stunt would have used a skinnier kid so AC could carry him further without huffing and puffing and AC is a guy in good shape...he reacted naturally to help the little boy and brings a sliver of hope that humanity isn't already in hell.

1683 days ago

* WHiSKY GiRL *    

Why is everyone hating on Anderson ? its 2010 people he's a good person trying to save a little boys life i mean if you were standing right there what would you do just stand there are help then cause im sure if you were in that situtation im sure you want help too .. Anderson dont listen to the haters im gald you help shows more respect ..

ANDERSON COOPERS R000CKSS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

1683 days ago


I have ALWAYS liked Anderson Cooper...He has always seemed to be a REAL person...Now..OMG! I LOVE that man! What a wonderful, kind and inspirational individual! What a huge heart you have Anderson! I am proud to say that I watch Anderson everytime I possibly can. Not only is he a great reporter..but a wonderful caring man! Mr. Cooper you have my respect!!

1683 days ago


#13,22,38,47,69. Please comment on your INDIVIDUAL humanitarian contributions. It is important for our country to recognize your efforts. Thank you.

1683 days ago

Jen O.    

Kudos, Anderson!

1683 days ago


Anyone who thinks this was staged should be required to spend a month working in a sub-Saharan African refugee camp or rescuing children from brothels in Cambodia. Clearly you are not living in the real world. How 'bout you get off your butts and join AC and the rest of us in it?

1683 days ago

catherine howard    

i am a CNN junkie...AC and Dr Gupta don't just stand around and be "pretty boys" they dig in and do what they have to...i was speechless when i saw those Belgian doctors pack up and leave because of security concerns...i think Dr Gupta could not believe it either!!
good work to all CNN reporters!!!

1683 days ago


AC and Dr. Sanjay Gupta are heroes. They're bravery and humanity transcends their jobs as CNN reporters. I wrote a blog post regarding Dr. Sanjay Gupta's heroics. I'm inviting everyone to read and comment at

Thank you.

1683 days ago


I saw this too and this was no act you fools. Anderson Cooper, Dr. Gupta and the other reporter Ivan (forgot his name) has been truly outstanding. I can't say enough. They aren't just standing around, they have compassion, are helping (not acting touch - me- not toward these people) If they don't recieve some sort of medal of honor when this tragedy is over, something is seriously wrong. Love you guys CNN, keep caring abou the common man!

1683 days ago
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