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Anderson Cooper --

Haitian Hero

1/19/2010 6:16 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anderson Cooper raced to the aid of a badly injured boy in Haiti yesterday -- dropping the camera and carrying the bloodied child away from a violent incident in the middle of a chaotic scene.

Cooper claims he had heard gunfire in the area and raced to see what had happened -- when he noticed some people on the top of a store throwing slabs of concrete down at looters ... one of which smashed a child in the head.

As blood streamed down his face, Cooper carried him to a safer area and handed him off to a local for treatment.

Cooper says he has no idea what happened to the boy.


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I know he is gay but I so want to do him now.

1706 days ago

Extremely Poor Taste, TMZ!    

Okay -- don't get me wrong, because I think CNN has been blowing away the competition with their coverage of the Haiti earthquake from Day One. Anderson Cooper, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and reporter Ivan Watson have been phenomenal!

But...after watching the video twice, could it be that the boy was hit with paint somehow? With all that "blood," wouldn't he practically be unconscious, or at least staggering around? Yet when AC puts him down, he's standing just fine and trying to wipe away whatever it is. No visible signs of a head wound, and the color of the "blood" is strange, almost too orange-y.

In all the confusion, could this child have possibly been hit somehow by a can of paint? I'm not trying to downplay AC's efforts because I'm a longtime fan of his. But something about this doesn't seem quite kosher, and NO, I am NOT saying it was staged!

1706 days ago

mk from Madtown    

Anderson Cooper and Sanjay are true hero's you can't stage human nature, these two men are the example we as americans should be. To those who feel they need to take away the good of these men, should be ashamed, you belong in the same group of the Rush Limbaugh's and Pat Robertson's. Thank you CNN for capturing these moments, and sharing it with us who care.

1706 days ago


Anderson Cooper and Sanjay Gupta have gone above and beyond time after time in covering the Haiti disaster. I hope at some point they receive some special recognition for their service and their coverage. It seems that wherever there's a hell-hole disaster to be covered on this planet, those two will be there doing the best they can. God bless them. It can't be easy.

1706 days ago


Don't kid yourselves, Haiti has little food, little water, little to no medicine, dead bodies everywhere, disease about to go crazy because of lack of sanitation. Everyone there knows this. The looting is based on a desperate need to find things needed to live, it's not madness, but there will be times when things get violent, it's bound to happen. The one major port was destroyed, radio reports indicate organizing any relief on the way is very slow due to the scale of the need, the geography, the damage to roads and facilities, aftershocks, etc. In the meantime, people will start starving, going without water, shelter or medicine. Desperate times create desperate measures, but hopefully in a cooperative, supportive way for the most part.

1706 days ago


God Bless Cooper & Gupta!!!

1706 days ago


I've been watching CNN almost non-stop since the quake and, while they may not be winning the tv ratings it's okay because they are top-notch journalist and humanitarians! Sanjay Gupta is saving lives at the risk of losing his tv job (as if CNN would really fire him!), Anderson Cooper saw a potentially deadly situation and did what hopefully others would do - and they aren't the only ones. There was also the crew member from the Dominican Republic traveling with the Australia crew that saved the 18 month old girl.

Perhaps the US groups could learn a thing or two about just getting in there and helping instead of standing around discussing where they should discuss how they should go in and where is the best place for them to get worldwide recognition for what they do. Mexico was in there doing stuff within hours... Iceland was in there within hours... the US still isn't set up! Shameful.

1706 days ago


God I love that man!

1706 days ago

Bash a Pap    

Oh Good Grief: "In all the confusion, could this child have possibly been hit somehow by a can of paint?"

Head injuries are notorious bleeders. If you have ever had one, you know that there may be tons of blood and little actual injury. But AC did the right thing in moving that kid as the situation was obviously out of hand.

1706 days ago


For the person who said that Anderson didn't lift the kid right, c'mon dude, are you serious? Are you going to- in the midst of a mob scene- make sure the kid's head is in the right position? No! You are supposed to remove the person from immediate danger as quickly as possible. You grab his arse by the belt loops if you have to, and drag him out of the danger!

1706 days ago

Black Power    

To post 110 - Daeth to Ben - Nice try changing your name, Ben. You are still a moron who needs to be put out of his misery. I hope you one day get what you deserve.

1706 days ago


I really wish all of you homophobes, racists, and conspiracy nuts would go do something rather than hate on someone who is clearly doing something awesome.
As for the comment that AC is being praised when someone from FOX wouldn't be, AC is being praised because he does this kind of thing time and time again.
As for those of you who say AC is doing this for fame: I don't care WHY he does it, just that he does it. The same goes for anyone else, if you want to do heroic deeds for selfish reasons, be my guest.
As for those who think you would have done a better job: Picture a mob of kids throwing concrete blocks, and beating each other senseless for what little money can be gotten from selling cigarettes. Now picture one of them is seriously injured. Do you purposefully jump in that and grab someone out? I am a pretty brave person and I would have to think twice. Getting clocked in the head with a cement block = serious injury!
As for those of you who mock actions of the impoverished: If a carton of looted cigarettes means my family will have the first meal in days, you better hope you have a way to hide those cigarettes from me.

1706 days ago


He's incredible. Hope the little boy's okay.

Now if you'll excuse me I've got to go have AC's offspring now.

1706 days ago

South Bay Native    

What a fantastic job Anderson!!!!! I applaud you. My only concern for you is the disease that runs rampant in Haiti. Please get yourself checked

1706 days ago


If you are reading this, you probably have a steady supply of food and water. You likely have shelter with a real toilet and a shower. Furthermore, you've probably never seen real chaos, death and destruction. Until you do, you can understand what the lives of these people are like as much as you can understand what it feels like to be a bat using sonar. You can't understand the motivation to steal or fight for food. You are one of the lucky ones, as am I, who were born into a developed society. Don't judge until you understand what you are condeming. Death is literally at their doorsteps each and every moment of this day.

1706 days ago
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