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Britney Spears

Credit Card Caper

1/19/2010 12:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears Britney Spears may not be capable of signing record deals and buying homes, but when it comes to a simple shoe purchase, she's a regular shopping ninja.

We've learned Britney is using her bodyguard's credit card to score purchases that don't fit into her conservatorship budget.

Britney hit up the Steve Madden store in the Valley over the weekend and bought 2 pairs of boots. We're told Brit paid for the new kicks with a credit card, but the card had the name of one of her bodyguards on it.

The store employees gave Britney a hard time over the card ... because she signed her own name on the dotted line. We're told Britney convinced the clerk the person named on the card is an employee of her company and she was entitled to use it.

Here's the thing: Under the terms of the conservatorship Britney has a credit card with a limit of $1,500 a week.


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My loneliness is killing me
I must confess, I still believe
When I'm not with you I lose my mind
Give me a sign
Hit me KOOKY one more time

1736 days ago


She should be able to buy whatever she wants! It's her money and she worked all last year. Come on Jamie, make this right. B is entitled to buy whatever she wants....

1736 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

I say let Pigney blow all her cash on stupid stuff. Going broke would from stupidity would go right along with every other stupid thing she's done.

1736 days ago


unbelievable the way celebs kool

1736 days ago


janalal4 I agree with you about Britt being bi-polar. I have believed this since her first breakdown. My older sister is Bi-polar and has had many breakdowns and been in and out of hospitals. We have a hard time keeping her on her meds because she is over 18 years old. I feel for Britt and her family. I really couldn't imaging dealing with bi-polar disorder (if that is indeed what she has) in the public eye. The last couple years she has been going great. I'm praying for her. I personally hope they did not do away with conservatorship. That maybe the only reason she is doing so well.

1736 days ago


Must be nice to buy like that!!! ;o)

1736 days ago

Fred Farkel    

My all time favorite BS scene is when she turned into that parking spot and smacked that other Mercedes, got out of the car... and walked away completely oblivious to the concept of right and wrong.

And she did that in front of 50 witnesses.

Completely utterly clueless.

What a terrible THANKLESS position that puts Jaime in.

I know first hand that Brit will HATE her father - possibly for the rest of eternity - yet Jaime knows that if he steps aside... his daughter is as good as DEAD.


I feel your pain having to sit there day in and day out wondering where Adnon (sp?) is and what he is planning to do to your daughter next.

It's very lonely out there, isn't it?????

1736 days ago

Fred Farkel    

I swear I saw something on CNN last week... something about how you need to be 27 years old before your brain is capable of thinking more than 5 minutes into the future.


It appears that CNN is right.

1736 days ago


Poor Brit seems desperate...she could always make some extra money selling her panties.

1736 days ago


Wish I had $1500 a week just for fun.

1736 days ago


What did they want her to do? Sign someone else's name? Hey morons! That's called forgery! You're SUPPOSED to sign your own name if you use someone else's card.

1736 days ago


That is Redic...Britt Can't buy a pair of Boots but her dad can Score millions of her money?? WTF??? Let Britney Buy whatever she wants she worked for her money now let HER spend it... You go girl buy those shoes.. while your at it buy me one too..LOL XOXO

1736 days ago

Pat G    

so sad...

1735 days ago


No wonder she looks like crap. She doesn't even have enough money to fix that nappy weave! She makes how much money and is only given 1500$ a week? That's crap. If the girl wants to buy some shoes, let her. Jeez! The price to look good when being stalked by the paparazzi is a lot more than fifteen hundred dollars a week!

1735 days ago


It's not sad, it's pathetic. She needs someone to watch over her constantly. She has an allowance, and still, it's not good enough for her. Christ, I'd kill to have a $1500 weekly allowance. Spoiled little dumbass brat...

1735 days ago
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