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Conan O'Brien

Scores $32.5 Mil

from NBC

1/19/2010 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien, The Tonight ShowConan O'Brien is losing "The Tonight Show" but he'll be getting a $32.5 million consolation prize courtesy of NBC ... sources tell TMZ.

In return, we've learned Conan has agreed to sit on the bench until September. Translation -- he can't host another show until the fall.

In addition to the $32.5 mil, we've learned NBC is also paying severance to Conan's "Tonight Show" employees. In all, we're told NBC's payout is around $40 million.

But Conan probably won't see close to the $32.5 mil. Under the deal, any money Conan makes during the remaining contract period with NBC will offset the network's obligation. So, if Fox were to make a deal with Conan and pay him $25 mil during the NBC contract period, Conan would only score $7.5 mil from NBC.

One well-placed NBC source told us something surprising -- looks like NBC may keep its intellectual property rights. So Conan can't take his creations -- such as Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and the Masturbating Bear -- to his next gig.

We're told the Conan/NBC deal still isn't completely done, but it's very close.


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Ahh its good Conan is getting something out of this, but why can't they just let him keep his own creations?! I mean no one else is gonna use Triumph for anything except Conan.... :(

1737 days ago


I don't know about you but losing your job and still getting what amounts to about a year's salary doesn't sound to bad to me.

Plus, I think Conan has shown he's willing to take care of his staff. I think when he gets back on TV in the fall everyone that sticks with him will be rewarded in the end.

Now regarding NBC keeping Triumph...That's a great idea...for me to poop on.(:

Posted at 1:46AM on Jan 19th 2010 by tannabgood

Read more:

The line people will get less than $37,500. That's not much if you've relocated to a state like CA which is in deep financial trouble, sold your home, and have a family to support. It's even worse if you have kids in college plus a tight job market.

1737 days ago


The line people will get less than $37,500. That's not much if you've relocated to a state like CA which is in deep financial trouble, sold your home, and have a family to support. It's even worse if you have kids in college plus a tight job market.

Posted at 2:09AM on Jan 19th 2010 by Wellington

Point taken.

I'm in the Midwest and didn't really consider how absurdly expensive it is to live on either coast, especially the West.

I think even if Conan had taken the 12:05 slot he would have only been prolonging the inevitable. Jay would have still been a weak lead-in, imho, and CoCo would still have been a bad fit for the Tonight Show.

People probably would have still lost their jobs but maybe if Conan had played along a little longer he could have been able to cut a better deal for everyone involved.

1737 days ago


This is sick. No TV babbeling entertainer is worth that much money. On the other hand now Conan can donate halv of this fortue to the Red Cross. He will still be so extreamly rich that he does not need to work for the rest of his life. I through up now!

1737 days ago


Seriously??? Wow. Celebs get paid waaay too much than they deserve sometimes. That kind of money should go towards things more important...

1737 days ago


Jay has already started trying to spin this his way. He's neglected to mention, though, how he publicly suggested a month before all this started that he'd retake the helm of The Tonight Show if NBC offered it to him. How convenient memory can be!

It's a ridiculous scenario now for the Nothing But Crap network. Even Julia Roberts commented last night on the Globes that they are in the toilet. No star with any integrity will want to appear with Leno hosting Tonight. He had better get used to unknown Brit crumpets and has-been Yanks as guests.

1737 days ago

Kip Cricket    

Conan's getting a knife in the back along with his severance package.

NBC and Leno would have you think Conan's to blame as it benefits them to make Conan the bad guy. Take away the man's show and now try to take his legacy!

Don't let NBC and Leno write history! Check out the following link to read of Leno's

1737 days ago


No one took away Conan's show. They asked him to start the show at 12:05. He refused to and QUIT.

You're entitled to your opinion but not your own facts.

1737 days ago

Ian Kemp    

Leno's Broken Promise: 'Here It Is, Conan, It's Yours.'

Five years ago, Jay Leno promised Conan O'Brien he'd step aside in 2009, vowing to hand over The Tonight Show without repeating the bitter fallout of the first late night war. This past week he broke that promise, this shows the ethics and morals of Jay Leno. Don't believe me, check out the link below, and never never never trust Jay Leno.

1737 days ago


Shame on NBC and Leno. I used to watch Leno....even from his hometown. He went to 10 p.m., he tanked, and now he just seems like a bully. I wouldn't watch his show again for any reason.
I don't think Conan was ever given a fair shot to succeed with Leno on at 10 p.m. Leno should have stepped down like a gentlemen, now I just think he's insufferable and selfish.

1737 days ago


Why does everyone expect him to move his show 30minutes back and get jerked around? All because 200 peoples jobs are on the line? I'm sure everyone here wouldn't give a crap about saving their coworkers if they were getting screwed at work and was offered 30 million to leave. Tons of people out there are losing there jobs and getting squat. At least these people are getting paid something. It's the chance they took when they moved out here to Cali.

1737 days ago


So conan signs with FOX for ONE DOLLAR. and NBC funds their new late night show.....anyone else see the obviousness in this?

1737 days ago


Get over it. Jay didn't do a damn thing to Conan. Conan had a knee jerk reaction to being asked to move the show to 12:05. He went off the deep end burning his bridges behind him.

I bet in time he'll regret how he handled this.

Conan should have taken the advice he often gives out:

"Be cool, my babies."

1737 days ago


yeah conan got screwed.

but on the bright side, at least the world knows what some have known all along: that jay is a huge douchebag. i love that all these entertainment people are coming out and shedding light on how much of a disrespected snake he truly is.

nice legacy to leave behind, jay. lol

1737 days ago


I notice that all the COCO Nuts want Jay to leave the Tonight Show and RETIRE (and/or die of a heart attack)
They want him completely out of "show business"

I believe that deep in the heart of hearts...they are afraid of Jay starting a new show at 11:30 either on ABC or Fox.
With Jay,Letterman and COCO all on at the same time...and fighting for the same audience....COCO would run a poor third.

( They keep saying that if COCO had more time he would catch up with Letterman - just as Jay had done...and this could possible be the long run )
The problem comes with a three way split of the 11:30 audience...Jay and Letterman - as proven audience attractions - would probably do fairly well...
leaving the COCO version of the Tonight Show in the dust.

I'm also sure that this prospect was also on the minds of the NBC (Br)ass in their desperate try to find a new spot for Jay on NBC.
In their Jay back the show at 11:30 was much more desirable than having a three way split...especially since both Letterman and Jay could easily run circles around poor NBC....poor COCO...and the poor COCO Nuts.


1737 days ago
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