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Heidi Montag Version 3.0 -- Batteries Not Included

1/19/2010 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While propped up in L.A. on Monday, robotic "Hills" star Heidi Montag showed off the aftermath of willingly undergoing ten horrifying plastic surgery procedures in one day.


This is the second time the delusional 23-year-old has gone under the knife, having already had a nose job and a breast augmentation in 2007.



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She looks like Kim Zolciak from Atlanta Housewives in one of those pics.

1715 days ago

Magic Margarita    

No question, Heidi looks great, but she also looks like so many other blondes... There's nothing unique about her appearance, and she's unrecognizable from all of her past press attention. As such a media WH**E, why would she want to start all over again? Since she doesn't look anything like her previous self, what will she tell her children when they are flat chested, or don't look like the "new and upgraded" version? It just demonstrates how insecure she is, and now, unfortunately, she will perpetuate her children's insecurities. For once, Spencer may have been correct, she's addicted, and needs psychiatric help immediately!!!

1715 days ago


10 operations in 1 day! what kind of Doctor does this? what does the medical board of California have 2 say about this Doctor?

1715 days ago

The Otaku Gamer    

Annoying! How stupid can a person get? I heard her interview with Billy Bush on Access Hollywood when she was asked about her going against God's creation. Her answer was so stupid that I think the surgery cut out more than just fat.

1715 days ago


The medical profession has said that Heidi's doctor is irresponsible and what he does was unethical!

1715 days ago


Now she looks like the older women who go out and have the complete face lifts and then end up looking like every other older woman in Hollywood. Nothing special - and just a plastic doll. I'll bet her douchebag husband had his hand in this -- and he's the one that needs the plastic surgery -- he is FUGLY!! Why a 23 year-old girl would want to look older and like every other blond lady in Hollywood is beyond me. But, these two nobodies will do ANYTHING for publicity. I wish Speidi would disappear.

1715 days ago


Well I have always hated Heidi. Seeing her and Spencer plastered all over the place. I guess that she figured ppl were tired of looking at her old face so she got a new one! I can actually stand seeing her face now b/c I really hated her face before. (Despite my dislike towards her, at 23 she really didn't need lipo/boob job or butt surgery)

1715 days ago


faith hill comparisons? Faith is GORGEOUS. at least this thing doesn't look like Bullwinkle any longer. but she's slightly pretty at best. like a 38 y.o. looking 23. except she's 23. i just do not get it!!!

1715 days ago


if she stands to close to heat, she's going to melt,

she is now an ok HORSEY FACE.

1715 days ago

My two cents    

I think she looks great but sadly this gal has some real vanity issues. Give her 10 years and she will continue to do this and end up looking like that cat woman. I don't and have never understood the hoopla surrounding her and that ugly ass husband of hers (HE is the one who needs the plastic surgery if you ask me). Media whores is such an understatement. These two will do anything to get into TMZ, the news, the National Enquirer, etc. So sad.

1715 days ago


the boobs are way too large for her frame but i actually think her face looks really pretty...before this she had sort of a horse-face going on

1715 days ago


Heidi looked great before. Now she looks like she's in her 30's and not 23. She still looks great but you can tell its all fake.

1715 days ago


Although I dont usually agree with plastic surgery you have to admit she looks damn good! She almost looks..dare I say someone with more than a little intelligence. Too bad its just a mirage whos cover is blown the second she opens her mouth.

1715 days ago


If she got maybe one more boob job and married a 93 year old billionaire we'd be looking at Anna Nicole Smith all over again! Hopefully Heidi made a little more money on The Hills than Anna Nicole ever made in her various legitimate occupations (stripper/model/B-movie actress) and she won't ever have to harass her husband's family for money she's not entitled to.

1715 days ago


She's a human bobble head!

1715 days ago
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