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Heidi Montag Version 3.0 -- Batteries Not Included

1/19/2010 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While propped up in L.A. on Monday, robotic "Hills" star Heidi Montag showed off the aftermath of willingly undergoing ten horrifying plastic surgery procedures in one day.


This is the second time the delusional 23-year-old has gone under the knife, having already had a nose job and a breast augmentation in 2007.



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What is she a human barbie doll, that girl needs to get a life and get out of lala land, what a hideous rolemodel for young women!!

1717 days ago


Shes gorgeous! Great work! If John Derek were alive,im sure he would have asked to marry her!

1717 days ago


She looks like a totally different person! It's really creepy, actually.

1717 days ago


She looks absolutely horrible! She was prettier before. Exactly....why are concerned about her and all her fakeness????

1717 days ago


OMG she looks like Holly Madison so sorry Holly
Holly is definately better

1717 days ago


Wow! Heidi looks great! She was very pretty before but now she is truly beautiful. She obviously had an extremely good plastic surgeon. I can't get over how natural-looking the results are and how beautiful she is now!

1717 days ago


Saying there was "nothing wrong with her looks before" is not the same as being "leading lady good looks." Taking "reasonably attractive" to "beautiful" opens up a whole different world of opportunity for her.

I applaud people with the courage to change what they do not like about their looks. It's better than people who have, for instance, a large nose and develop an inferior complex over it and resultant low self-esteem. They often take out those frustrations on friends and
family for an entire lifetime, as well as losing work opportunities they might have otherwise had, especially in the entertainment business. It's very demoralizing to be "almost beautiful," when one
is so close to becoming actually beautiful.

The only thing that would concern me is if the surgery went too far to the point where they aren't looking at themselves objectively anymore, like Michael Jackson's ultimate surgeries did, or if a person is under anesthesia for too long a time. Sometimes it's better to have several different
procedures rather than one long session. Also, if one has a medical conditions where it would be unusually dangerous, like severe diabetes or hemophilia, etc., then it might not be advisable.

My nose job and chin implant were wonderful changes, and believe me: people at work did look at me and treat me differently afterward. Any I think I got jobs I would not have otherwise been hired for, and my work product got more of the attention it deserved just because I was perceived as more competent. My mother was afraid to ever get her ridiculously big fat nose fixed and took it out on all the rest of us for years. She felt ugly because her husband was more handsome and she felt people who knew my father were surprised to meet her and she "was ugly." Also, some young
girls do not get the guy they wanted by losing him to a prettier girl, and then become depressed, sometimes to the point of suicide. Instead of chasing members of the opposite sex who are "out of their league," both men and women would often benefit of simply putting themselves into that league with what are now relatively simply cosmetic procedures.

Studies show that couples are happier when they are no more than about two points apart on the "1 to 10" scale of attractiveness.

That's the reality, and the people who disagree with me are very likely people who need work done and are simply too cowardly to do anything about it. It's true that it's "what's inside that counts," but what's inside is often overlooked if not packaged at its best.

That is not to say that self-esteem comes only from looks. I know many attractive people with low self-esteem who still need therapy. And many people who are less attractive are extremely happy. That's great, but don't criticize people who are courageous enough to choose something better if that is their desire.

1717 days ago


human beings shoudn't look perfect or flawless,its that little bit of imperfection that makes us human and enduring....

1717 days ago

Gossip Hound    

Octomom wants to be Angelina and Heide wants to be...Faith Hill?

1717 days ago


She's 23 years old, and she looks ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! I just saw her on Showbiz Tonight, and she looks terrible. She looks high, and she sounds like Nicole Kidman in Stepford Wives. What a dolt. What a shallow, sad person.

Thank goodness Showbiz slammed her. She was prettier, more natural before. Who wants to look like a piece of plastic?

1717 days ago


That is not to say that self-esteem comes only from looks. I know many attractive people with low self-esteem who still need therapy. And many people who are less attractive are extremely happy. That's great, but don't criticize people who are courageous enough to choose something better if that is their desire.

Posted at 11:26PM on Jan 19th 2010 by Moonbeam

Moonbeam, your post was sad, and it sounds like you guys need a dose of therapy. Your mom was embarrassed not to be as attractive as her husband? Girls should not chase guys?

Strange! If a guy loves your mine, he will chase you. If you are plastic and perfect, he may want you for a night. But long term attraction has NOTHING TO DO WITH A REDUCED CHIN, AND A NOSE JOB! Otherwise, 75% of humans would not be here on earth.

What I dont understand is why people who are not naturally gorgeous are chasing a dream in a shallow industry. What's wrong with being an engineer? A mathematician? An author? A physician?

Wow, you sound like you could rethink your values.

1717 days ago


correction: If a guy loves your MIND he will chase you.

1717 days ago

blanket jackson    

dear jesus christ, please inflict a painfull bout of rectal cancer on this plastic kum dumpster. then plz blowout one of spencers tires while he is driving at high speed. plz place many trees near this blowout. thank you jesus.

1717 days ago


Freak Or No Freak...
99% of people who have ever heard of Heidi Montag know she has the intelligence of a door knob,and because of that I will cut her some slack. ( watch GMA interview, it says it all ). I would never expect anything but a train wreck from her, but this is HAITI + TWA + PHUKET TSUNAMI combined! I am a guy and found her attractive but now she looks like a tranny.
As I said, you couldn't expect much from her to start with, but what is " freakier " is the fact that some wanna be Plastic Surgeon would risk his reputation to be known. Since I have never heard of this Dr, I can only speculate that his motivation was purely publicity, and that is very scary. To this Dr I say " If you thought this would be your BIG MOMENT, you are stupid and dangerous and deserve the fact that it would obviously backfire, and to Heidi I say " You can fix ugly but you can't fix stupid " Except in your case... You can fix stupid but you can't fix getting uglier...

1716 days ago



1716 days ago
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