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Heidi Montag Version 3.0 -- Batteries Not Included

1/19/2010 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While propped up in L.A. on Monday, robotic "Hills" star Heidi Montag showed off the aftermath of willingly undergoing ten horrifying plastic surgery procedures in one day.


This is the second time the delusional 23-year-old has gone under the knife, having already had a nose job and a breast augmentation in 2007.



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Plastic mannequin. MJ all over again.........

1739 days ago


Is this a joke? First I was a fan of the original Laguna Beach and Hills reality shows before they became scripted tv. Heidi was ok, but this hot mess is embarrassing. On what planet does she think this looks good? she looks like a plastic blow up doll. and not an attractive one. Is this what white america finds pretty? it's sad that she thinks she has talent, and that she thinks this is the best her. She was actually a pretty girl, now she is just pathetic. How low must her self esteem be to do this to herself. And I hate to break it to you honey, but the only place you are a pop star is in that alternate universe you and that douche bag husband of yours lives in. Please stop giving them press.

1739 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Now she looks just like me~!!! HAHAHAHHAHAAAAAA Too bad they can't rehaul her pathetically stupid personality...

1739 days ago


She's actually very pretty -- too bad she can't have surgery to add some talent. I wish she and her husband would just fade into the sunset.

1739 days ago


She looks a lot older then 23 now and she doesn't look like "Heidi" anymore.I wouldn't be surprised if she winds up doing porn!

1739 days ago


Beautiful, better looking than before, but awfully generic. A much less interesting face, pretty much devoid of any idiosyncracy or personality. Perfect, but not particularly memorable. I live in LA and women who look like this seem to be a dime a dozen. Now to the breasts: why are we totally concentrated on the face? The breasts are grotesquely large. Totally out of proportion to her body. Pornstar proportions. Huge, huge, huge mistake! Not a good move on surgeon Frank Ryan's part. He should have refused to do that portion of the work.

1739 days ago


You know, maybe she's doing this thinking it will make people like her more. Which is really sad because there was nothing wrong with the way she looked before, at least she looked original and real. The reason so many people don't like her is her PERSONALITY. No amount of surgery can correct an ego like that. Really horrible example to set for the younger generation butchering yourself up like that for fame.

1739 days ago


She's nuts!!! 23 and so many procedures already!!! She looks totally different. She looks like everybody else in special stand out features that make her unique or interesting.

1739 days ago


Looks more like Brande Roderick to me

1739 days ago


I can't help but notice that she is not smiling in any of those pictures. Is that because she's still not happy with her looks? Or is it because her face might break if she does?

1739 days ago


I think she looks pretty. She actually looks like Faith Hill in the photos. I'm guessing if Faith Hill had been described in the photos, then a lot of the folks saying she looks awful would be changing their tune.

In addition, i'm sure she looks Robotic, because the Dr. probably told her to do her best to not have facial expressions while her face heals from the surgeries.

1739 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

She had her big a$$ jay leno chin shaved down, her eyebrows pulled up...more nose refinement, new oversized boob bags...what else...lip fillers...

Ladies, any of you can look like a Barbie doll if you have enough MONEY, TIME and DESIRE. Heidi ain't nuthin' special just a run of the mill Hollywood Chick. Too bad she had to spend thousands upon thousands to achieve a look that some are BORN WITH :D

1739 days ago


This is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I actually prefer the overall shape of her face now... Goodbye horseface! I have never, nor would I ever, watch the "Hills" or any similar crap-TV fare, but I feel as though this is an improvement in her particular case. Now, if she could just get her mouth stitched shut permanently, we'd be in business!

Oh, and the four pounds of makeup is unnecessary as well.

1739 days ago


Wow...when she decides to have children they will resemble her old self. I guess that's why Michael Jackson didn't have biological children.

1739 days ago


Honestly, I don't understand why people feel the need to look plastic. In my opinion i think she looked better when she was more natural. I guess if she's content though, it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

1739 days ago
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