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Pre or Post-Op Heidi Montag

Who'd You Rather?

1/19/2010 11:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here's surgically refurbished human "Hills" star Heidi Montag in L.A. on Monday (left) -- and the natural, fresh-faced 19-year-old back in 2006 (right).


Question is ...


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She looks like a mannequin!!!!

Just awful. And even more awful is what will happen when this girl is 40 and realizes that she has totally destroyed her face! At least in the interim we can look forward to her leaving that LOSER HUSBAND of hers for some NFL baller -- believe me, it will happen. Plus, they like fake looking chicks.

Nice work destroying your face, dummy!

1705 days ago


OMG... She is starting to look like cat-woman!

1705 days ago



1705 days ago


She looked like a normal all-American girl. Now she looks like a plastic Stepford wife.

1705 days ago


Cindy Margolis anyone?

1705 days ago

my my my    

Too bad, she went from a unique and beautiful young woman to a plastic, unnatural looking doll

1705 days ago



My sentiments exactly. What a shame.

1705 days ago


She looks like one of those plastic blow up sex dolls!

1705 days ago


sad that she did this
low self-esteem
and married to a self-important buffoon who you know was pushing her to this

what makes that smug jerk think he's so perfect that he didn't convincingly tell her she was beautiful to him already

who thinks Spencer should have 10 surgical procedures in one day?

starting with a lobotomy..............oh wait-he must have already had that one

1705 days ago


No matter how messed up she was on the HILLS, I always thought she was the prettiest one. She has a good fashion sense, her hair is gorgeous and her body was petite and very pretty. Now she looks like an old mannequin. She just added like 15 years to her face. Instead of looking younger she looks like she had plastic surgery to look older. Her face now is the one of a 36 or maybe even 40 year old woman. I think she did something horrible and should stop now before she looks worse and really ends her career. And as far as her interviews and the messages she is giving, stop saying that confidence and beauty is within if you are going ahead and getting yourself re done to get a job. If you think like that than say I am a surgery junkie,I am superficial. Because you are just making yourself look dumb while talking.

1705 days ago


yes she looks pretty (?), like a Fembot or a Stepford Wife.

Still,her face is blanket and eerie and Very unnatural(of course) She really must of hated her real identity.
Her husband will be in need of surgery in order to match the "look" . I guess here we go again with the "attention getters" .

1705 days ago


She looks like a 39 year old woman who just had work done to make her look 30 again... not good when you are only 23!

But, I guess I can see the beauty in what she has done... if I was into mannequins and wax figures! Bleh.

Poor girl, doesn't she realize her original face is the one who made her famous...

1705 days ago


Ya know she was so pretty before. Her excuses for doing this are crap! She got the job on the hills just as she was, she got her husband just as she was, she's famous....for doing what? Just as she was! Changing your looks will not fix self esteem, that's a mental thing. She looks like a completely different person. That girl who was in dirty dancing got one little nose job and that changed her look so much that no one knew who she was anymore, needless to say her career went down the tube. Oh but Heidi won't have to worry about that because her "several procedures" are keeping people talking. Love the skin your in, love what God gave you. Now she looks like Shauna Saund. Just another blond. With all the plastic surgery everyone is having, their all gonna mold into each other! Celebrate your uniqueness!

1705 days ago


She looks like a wax doll. Don't stay in the sun too long, you may melt.

1705 days ago


this is sad. look at her before pictures. she had a light to her eyes, a glow. she looked like a young girl. now look at her, she looks lost. you can see the procedures she had done...she looks OLD! she looks like a real housewife now...


(LORI!!!! not me! im sick of it coming up as ME!!!)

1705 days ago
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