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Pre or Post-Op Heidi Montag

Who'd You Rather?

1/19/2010 11:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here's surgically refurbished human "Hills" star Heidi Montag in L.A. on Monday (left) -- and the natural, fresh-faced 19-year-old back in 2006 (right).


Question is ...


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Barbara Canney    

If she was going for the ultimate PORN star look she certainly succeeded. She looks like every other plastic career over before it started harlot. This is the only way she can stay on the TABS.

1702 days ago


She looks like a plastic doll. Plastic surgery has gone way to far for Hollywood stars. It proves that there is no boundaries for them and this all gets them in trouble. Her surgery was a total overhaul on her body. That doctor was in it for the money....just like the ones who push pills on these people. JACO should go after these medical practices and do a through check on these physicians.

1702 days ago


Is it just me or is she starting to look like Michael Jackson? Same plastic surgeon? I'm just saying.

1702 days ago


How is it possible that she looks older and more tired now??

1702 days ago


Materialistic slut, married to a mterialistic DB.

1702 days ago


She said: I wanna look like a barbie doll....Well, you did it right then, you look like a doll, fake and plastic doll!

1701 days ago


She had natural beauty before the operations, she should have been proud of what God gave her!!! Now she could easily be mistaken for a wax sculpture. That is exactly what she looks like, a wax figurine!!!!!!!! So crazy, who the hell would do that to themselves at the age of 23?!?! Or ever for that matter.

1700 days ago


HAHAHA no one is jealous tiv....... I could be a billionaire and would never ever take away my natural beauty, she will never get it back!!!!!! She looks sick. It's not a jealousy thing it's a in shock that a 23 year old would do this to herself thing!!

1700 days ago

kev the realist    

Heidi, Madame Toussads called, they want their manekin back. Your an idiot. You look like a plastic doll, no expression, no emotion, no character, less talent. It is a good thing your are married to a self-indulgent, narcisssisstic, less talented ( if that is possible) moron.

If Holly wood were not so self absorbed, and actually cast people based on talent, you would be waiting tables at some sleezy, cheap, out of the way restaurant.

Here's some advice, Get a tee shirt that say's "I'm with Stupid" , put one on Spencer that says "stupid" and go far away. Hopefully far away enough that they do not have TV, telephones, email, or any other form of communication so we never have to hear about either of you again.

Next time you don't feel good about yourself, make a check out to disaster victims, you self indulgent idiot, it would be a much better use of your money.

I hear Barnum and Bailey is looking for talent- the Freaks Show

1693 days ago


I'm appalled over what American MD's, who have taken an oath to "Do No Harm" are willing to do to already beautiful young people, taking risks with their health in the process. Many even of these "patients" even admit to their surgeons that they are addicted to plastic surgery, but the MD's still let them get surgeries. I bet that many, if not most, of those MD's have forgot their oath. They instead let the patients make their own choices and line their already overfilled wallets/bank accounts, so they can live their lives with fancy cars and huge houses. Immoral and unethical, if you ask me! And all the pictures of them in the media, which are also airbrushed and retouched to a ridiculous degree, is what young people turn to for role models. No wonder this horrible practice is spreading, making millions of young women be so unhappy about their appearance. Even the prettiest of them have no chance to live up to what they think is how their idols look like... I mean, now they can't even just put on normal make-up before filming/photographing, they have to airbrush it on, to make the next step of manipulation even easier. For God's sake, can't let the people see normal skin structure, it has to look like perfect plastic nowadays! Things are getting totally out of hand! The worst thing is that all these young girls have no way of knowing all the manipulation (surgery/image manipulation) that went into their idol's appearance, making it impossible for them to look like that. And their self esteem ends out being real low, making them want plastic surgery later, thinking that they do not look "normal", even if they are really beautiful. I can't help but feel bad for all the victims of the insane trends we're having now, including Heidi Montag. After all, she is still very young. It is just wrong and it is SAD!!! I wish that, if Heidi keeps feeling bad about her looks, that Spencer could talk her into going to a therapist instead of a surgeon, because that would be a much better option! Getting plastic surgery when you are fine to begin with, will not make you feel more happy!

1686 days ago


Her boobs are toooo big for her body, some women are so stupid these days, she isnt a real woman just a sexed up version of one. Soon shell have back pain and swelling from lugging those fake things around all day shell be singing her crappy songs in a wheelchair.

1679 days ago


I do not care how much surgery it took or how dumb she is. She is a young, in shape SoCal blond. I'd "rather" any of the three. She is for sure fuglier in a plastic surgery way now, but so what... now where is Audrina?

1679 days ago


I just feel sorry for her What happened to her self esteem, who did this to her "made her feel ugly" does anyone know about her family life?? Why didn't her so called husband try to stop this if he really cared about her he would have done something to help her like thearpy. Just so sad,please Heidi get some help before you go through life feeling ugly like you do something else crazy. Also get rid of your loser husband!!

1626 days ago


folks read #8 & stop gettin' bamboozled by false beauty ..
she looks nothing like this.
check out the vid' from vegas & you can see the ugly side wrinkling & pulling on the sides of the implants ..
the bottom half of the body is way too short for the torso ..
the doc'made her slightly long (once pretty ) face into a huge monstrosity too large for the body ..
it's hideous ..
oh! & for those who think this is a low self esteem ish' ? hahaa
this is a COMPETITIVE issue ..
a jealous issue ..
a mean clumsy gawky person, she was jealous of her co-stars & EVERY woman & THAT'S WHY she got surgery ...get real ! hahaa
she mistakenly believes a pair of funbags make a woman ..
this is more than obvious as she has no friends & it seems even her family do not like her ..
can you blame them?
she's a nasty selfish bimbo ..
the hubby is beyond words ..
don't they realize everyone is laughin at them?

1612 days ago


really, i swear when the hills first started i thought she was the prettiest one i swear,the reason for this becaz she always looked natural to me,no makeup, surgery no nothing.Now she looks like **** and i dnt think she is the prettiest one anymore.She most really hate herself for doing this to herself.God is not going to be happy with her

1604 days ago
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