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Tiger Woods' #1 Mistress -- Party Pooper

1/19/2010 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

All the married men who wanted to party with Tiger Woods' mistress Rachel Uchitel on her birthday are now gonna have to find something else to do that night -- because the shindig has officially been canceled.

Tiger Woods Mistress Rachel Uchitel
According to Rachel's lawyer, Gloria Allred, "The media attention was unexpected and unwelcome and for that reason the planned party at a club will not take place."

Interesting, since the invite has been floating around the Internet for days ... wonder how it leaked?


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I think it was cancelled due to lack of interest. It would have been so embarassing for her if she'd gone ahead with it, and no one showed up! I'd say her days of clubbing and hostessing will soon be one would anything to do with this piece of trash. And she sure looks like a guy...yuck.

1737 days ago


Oh boo hoo, little Rachel cancelled her birthday party and blamed it on the media. Rachel listen up, which one of your "good" friends leaked the invite to the media in the first place!!!!!!
God woman, would you please grow up and act your age!!!!!!!!!!!
Donate the money that you were going to spend on yourself to a worthy cause. How about Haiti. No you probably won't you are so full of yourself.

1737 days ago

Deep Digger    

wow. if gloria is still wasting her precious time with this sk ank, she might be paid really well.

1737 days ago


Due to the fact that I find absolutely no reason to comment on the ridiculous topic of this story, I chose to utilize the #1 spot to say something else!! TMZ has claimed on several occasions that the Jetsons had no black people due to racism, and I must say that I've grown tired of racism being needlessly inserted where it doesn't belong.

1737 days ago


tiger has dumped this has been..He has moved on to better broads who are not media hores..He can get many many women all over the world..she IS NOT one of them.She is a home wrecker type who cares 4 only herself and MONEY..YES she is a cut throat slime and a slutty pig..She will do ANYTHING 4 Attention

1737 days ago


good for u Rachel U_CANT_TELL! blaming everything on the media, just like your boy toy Tiger. looks like bad karma bitch....what a way to start a new year!

1737 days ago


Rachel and Tiger can drop today, as far as I'm concerned.

1737 days ago


Hey TMC. "Cancelled" has 2 L's. Do you have spellcheck?

1737 days ago

Tiger Tale    

This was nothing more than a cheap blackmail attempt. Clearly, Tiger Woods has seen the light with this "girlfriend" and I use that term, uh, loosely, but it ain't gonna work.

Rachel, just a hint here, you better cut your ties to your sleezy lawyer fast because I am sure you already owe her more than you are worth.

1737 days ago

Partially Pregnant    

I did look up the word cancel in my Merriam-Webster dictionary. And to my surprise, if the word is used in the past tense, 1 or 2 Ls are perfectly OK. Though it's common practice that cancelled will be preferred over canceled.

1737 days ago

Loud and talentless    

For the 15th time ... "canceled" or "cancelled" are BOTH acceptable spellings!

Got that, Graciepoo?

1737 days ago


The media attention was UNEXPECTED? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....oh man, that's a good one.

1737 days ago

John Edwards    

Have no fear. This whore will turn up somewhere else to party, right Gloria..........That right, I said whore........

1737 days ago


NO way in hell Elin thinks THIS skank is one of tiger's sexiest! Elin is light years ahead of Tiger's trashy whores with class & dignity & grace. OMG what was Tiger on to do these ugly trashy, no self-respect whores???

1737 days ago


I could puke. Skanky whore! socialite my big fat butt! Maybe she canceled because her crotch is on fire w/ crotch rot. Too bad it wasn't her in the twin tower instead of her fiancee.

1735 days ago
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