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Conan O'Brien, NBC Settlement - One Final Thing

1/20/2010 8:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'BrienConan O'Brien and NBC are one issue away from sealing a settlement deal -- and the ball is in Conan's court.

Conan has asked for $600,000 more in severance money for his staff. Sources tell TMZ NBC has told Conan's lawyers they will ante up something extra, but only if this is Conan's final demand.

As we first reported, NBC has already offered to pay Conan's staff a total $7.5 million. And his E.P. will rake in $4.5 mil himself and that's not part of the $7.5 mil.

A source close to the negotiations tells TMZ ... even if the network has to pay $600,000 more... it will still make money with the deal, considering they project they could be $45 million ahead if Conan leaves and Jay retakes the helm of "The Tonight Show" (because Jay would make $40 mil in a year and Conan is projected to lose $5 mil).

A network source says he expects it will all be a done deal tonight.


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and I think Conan should be giving some of his $$ to the staff

by refusing to be pushed back a half an hour to save ratings and
NBC's 2 top late night stars, his ego has cost the entire staff to be
out of a job

he wasn't thinking about them-he was only thinking about himself

I think he knew he couldn't measure up as host of the tonight Show
and was looking for a way out-you know he was looking at his ratings
every day and with a 16 year following on his show he couldn't
survive the competition at that hour where Leno had been dominating

so his way out was to whine about the half hour and quit!

never liked his humor-too juvenile-never evolved sadly
now it's personal-have no respect for anyone who's ego allows them no
accountability or responsibility for their choices/actions

especially when it impacts so strongly on the lives of others

at least Jay was willing to be demoted to half an hour before Conan
to keep his entire staff working

he could have easily said that he would just keep doing his stand-up
and to blazes with NBC for ousting him for Conan when he led the

and then NBC would have been stuck with Conan's rating loser at 11:35

at least Jay seems a bit more like a team player and understands
"show BUSINESS" even though he's more blue collar than the Harvard O'Brien-who must be a bit of an embarrassment to Harvard

whoever hires Conan next isn't getting a great investment unless they want an audience that never matures since his bits never have evolved-and apparently neither has he-he's acted like a spoiled impetuous child in all of this!

1702 days ago


I love how NBC is counting their chickens. How can they be so sure Leno will get his numbers back? We will see...

1701 days ago


I like Jay Leno & his shows new and old.. but I am dissapointed he rolled over so easy. I think Conan needed some support not only from his fans but his peers as well. I hate to see the 10:00 jay leave I enjoyed his new hour, very funny stuff but now I wonder if I should be faithfull to him now.? I think he should take the loss and go off air and remember I like his shows. I feel right is right and Conan was offered and accepted the tonight show. Let Conan give it a good try.

1700 days ago
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