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'Jersey' Knockout Victim -- One Huge Racist

1/20/2010 6:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guy Ronnie cold-cocked on "Jersey Shore" has unleashed a hateful, n-word riddled statement on his Facebook page -- verbally attacking the Black MTV security guards he fought on last week's episode.

'Jersey' Knockout Victim -- One Huge Racist

Stephen Izzo
-- the guy who got his ass kicked -- took to the Internet after the episode aired ... and typed the following disgusting tirade:

"lets get something straight what u didnt see is i never fought ronnie i was fighting...those N**GER bouncers when that bitch ran over and snuck me..then got stomped out by those 3 n**gers as he ran away."

Izzo also uses several other slurs in various updates to his profile, including the word "mulian" ... which is a misspelled racist Italian-American term for Black people.

UPDATE: Izzo tells TMZ, "First of all these guys pushed my female friend on the ground. But I was on a show that uses the derogatory slang word for Italians, 'guido.' I am not a racist, I was using a slang word just the same as the way guido is used on the show."


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omg i swear some justice needs to get done with this kind of abrasive language

1737 days ago



1737 days ago


Sounds like he needs another beating.

1737 days ago


Why do jersey douches like this use such hateful language?! Black people are just like normal people, no better or worse.

1737 days ago


What a useless d-bag.

1737 days ago

by Davis    

Wow what a total ass! You are so stupid you are on national TV and dont you think your ass can get recognized and get another ass woopin!!! I sure hope you do and i am not african american. What goes around this world will come back to haunt you.

1737 days ago

Zach Swan    

And Zach Swan broke that story on the comments forum of your article "Jersey' Knockout Victim: I Got Sucker Punched" this morning. You're welcome, TMZ (although for some reason you guys deleted it the first time I posted it.)

You're welcome.

1737 days ago

J To The...    

He Wasn't Sayin All That When Ol Boy Was Puttin Them Thangs On Him!!! And I'm Quite Sure That Won't Be The Last Time Either, He Obviously Don't Have Any Kind Of Fight Game...Him Or His Girl LOL

1737 days ago


some people just have no respect for others. and wonder why bad things appen to them.

1737 days ago


ugh! what an idiot. total embarrassment to his family and friends.

1737 days ago


Way to go, Harve. Stirring up a little racial discord sound good to you? YOU PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS WORKING ON SOMETHING EVIL!!!

1737 days ago


I'm very much anti violence, BUT I don't feel sorry for this guy at all. Sad, people like that never learn.....

1737 days ago


Wow! What an idiot! Goes to show how stupid he is; does he not know his ass is grass, since people read his facebook page??
I think he's got a B I G A S S beat down coming!!!
Dummy, just jacked his ass up!!

1737 days ago


"Black people are just like normal people"

geesh interesting statement Mikey

1737 days ago

Tye Tanikk    

No wonder the streets arn't safe at night. Punks in every shade, all around.

1737 days ago
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