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MTV Star: I Never Attacked My Baby

1/20/2010 3:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The MTV reality star accused of brutally attacking his one-year-old daughter claims he's not the "monster" he appears to be -- and insists he never once laid a hand on his child.

TMZ spoke with Markice "Kesan" Moore -- who's currently wanted by Georgia police -- and the former "From G's to Gents" star claims he plans on turning himself in to authorities some time this afternoon.

Moore claims the only thing he should be held accountable for is the broken wrist his daughter suffered when she fell out of her bed in July -- while under his care.

As for his daughter's other reported injuries -- 2 broken arms, broken leg, 3 broken ribs, broken collarbone and bruising --- Moore claims the damage was not caused under his watch.

Moore insists he never intended to run from the situation -- he claims he just wanted to "get everything in order" before turning himself in.

Moore claims he's being unfairly judged because he punched someone in the face on the MTV show -- and tells TMZ, "I love my daughter."


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Give this guy some credit, people. At least he is being honest. Poor guy!

1706 days ago



As for his daughter's other reported injuries -- 2 broken arms, broken leg, 3 broken ribs, broken collarbone and bruising --- Moore claims the damage was not caused under his watch

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DAMN, who did this to this baby, if he is the culprit throw his ass thru the jail bars.


1706 days ago


@ 3 and 15...The FIRST thing I'll say is, why do you assuming that I'm racing to leave a comment? Just happened that I wanted to comment on the story and no one had yet so take a chill pill, the same way you can say what you want, so can I. A little something to think about before you try and cyber bash a stanger, I'm an EMT and very proud of it. So the next time your mother, father, child, significant other, uncle, aunt, cousin or whoever calls 911 remember it could be me that saves their life. Go f*uck yourselves.

1706 days ago


I agree...MTV REALLY does put out quality programing doesn't it.
I think the world would be alot better off with alot less MTV.

1706 days ago


If he is innocent, as he claims, and from what I've read the mother

is not a person of interest, so why has he been in hiding?

What "things" does he need to get in order that does not take

precedence over finding out who brutalized his daughter? If

someone had done this to my child, instead of hiding out, I would

be spending every minute of my day looking for the person who did


minute of my day trying to find out

1706 days ago


GREAT !! A over worked EMT with anger issues that spends idle time on TMZ...I've seen news specials about your type.

1706 days ago


OMG!!! This child has been through enough! So many broken bones...
Why hasn't this child been removed from the home and placed into protective custody?? This is just awful. Doesn't anyone care about this child's welfare??

1706 days ago


OMG that poor little girl. how awful.

1706 days ago


This child does not belong in the mothers or fauthers care if she has that many broken bones....that is not a result of an accident but abuse! We need better laws set to protect these poor children/babies that are defensless. People who beat kids/babies have no soul or heart you are a disgrace to society.

1706 days ago


This infant needs to be taken away from BOTH parents. It's clear neither is watching out for her and next time she will end up dead. Where is child protective services in all of this. My GOD!

1706 days ago


Unless this child has a medical condition with her bones breaking easily and it can happen...BOTH the mother and father ought to do A LOT of explaining. How all these injuries can happen to a 1 year old and people not add it up? Doctor/hospital shopping? Charge one parent for the abuse/the other for covering it up. Let a responsible grandparent raise the child or a loving adult who doesn't believe in abusing children.

1706 days ago


In this case...I bet even the grandparents were getting a clue.

1706 days ago


he was also in the movie ATL with T.I. and Big Boi

1706 days ago


probably as pathetic as your ghetto mama and her abusive are on hell of a stupid jerk......go drown yourself too.

Posted at 1:59PM on Jan 20th 2010 by TMZboy sucks little ones


It’s funny how all racists are rocket scientists as well.

1706 days ago


If this guy is guilty of the crime then he deserves prison and worse. However, I have to wonder if perhaps there may be more at play here in terms of the childs health.
For a child to have that much damage/bone breakage at such a young age if perhaps she may suffer from a genetic disorder/disease. Perhaps a brittle bone disease which would make something as simple as a hug, crack her ribs. Often these tend to go undiagnosed and child abuse is often declared instead. I had this happen to a neighbor of mine. Both she and her husband were arrested, their kids were taken away until a doctor decided to run a few more tests. It was only that that is rare abnormality was discovered.

I'm not saying that is the case here. I'm just curious if these tests been done. If they have been ruled out then I hope they put this guy away for life!

This is a repost of message I already attempted to leave. I entered the wrong email address. OOps.

1706 days ago
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