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TMZ's Best Breast Contest!

1/20/2010 4:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With Heidi Montag's HUGE revamped boobs making their public debut, we were inspired to hold our first annual Best Breast Contest as an homage to the gal we love so dearly.

TMZ's Best Breast Contest!

Be sure and email in your photos early for a chance at the $250 prize and some super secret breast in show prizes from TMZ!

**CLICK HERE for contest rules and regulations!**


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you might want to change the rules - currently says 13 year olds can apply into the contest - just sayin

1734 days ago



1734 days ago


This is beyond inappropriate

1734 days ago


Do man boobs count?

1733 days ago

P Swell    

Miss Jaclyn (AKA #4) -

Go visit another website you prude. Enjoy life and smile...boobs are fun

1733 days ago


Harvey, Staff.... Come on... This is just tacky. Don't turn TMZ into some sort of smut posting place. I'm sure all the straight guys working at TMZ are excited, but this, is very very low. And I'm sorry, but I dare any staffer to view an image submitted by anyone under the age of 18. I dare you. Because, that's not only digusting, but very highly likely going to be considered Child Porn.
2. ELIGIBILITY: This Contest is open only to legal residents of the United States (excluding Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and other commonwealths, territories and possessions) 13 YEARS OR OLDER as of Date referenced below as the start date for the Contest ("Entrants").


1733 days ago


Good luck with that.

1733 days ago


This breast contest thing is just DISGUSTING.
What the hell is wrong with you people?

flipping women insulting pigs !!!

1733 days ago


I don't know if you guys want full nudity or not, but I just submitted a great shot of my GF's tits...TOTALLY NUDE AND EXPOSED!

Enjoy, Lord knows I do everyday ;-)

1733 days ago


Please note, this contest has been sent to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children as well as Perverted Justice, as by your rules, you will accept images from children(13-18).

Please note ALL reports made to The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children are investigated by the FBI.

Please govern yourself accordingly.

1733 days ago


I love this!! TMZ rocks. What's wrong with a woman showing off her sexy assets why'll she can? You girls love attention. C'mon. Don't hate! Appreciate!

All the women complaining likely have unattractive busts.

1733 days ago


You guys have a lot of lawyers so you should now better. Viewing the breast of anyone under 18 is illegal. And even if you change the age to 18 you really have no way of knowing. Don't know about everyone else but I don't want to see 13 year old boobs.

1733 days ago


Here is my observation on this whole thing:

Obviously, the rules listed are just the standard, default rules used for all of their contests (which, until now, have not displayed such poor taste, therefore, you have the "13 or older" disclaimer in tact). The rules were posted February 2009. The idiot who posted this to the website did not take the 3 required seconds to read those rules, therefore you have this very awkward situation. Most competent news agencies would have caught this immediately, but you must realize who (or what) we're dealing with here: TM-friggin-Z. This is what happens when you try to do the news, yet have never stepped foot inside a journalism school. Have you ever watched TMZ? Everyone on there seems either retarded or illiterate. The dork that posted this is in bed somewhere sound asleep, unaware of his or her stupid gaffe and probably not caring about it if they were aware of it.

$250? Damn, TMZ...times are tough but I don't think you'll get enough women to throw dognity out the window for that chump change...

1733 days ago


HaHaHA! Man, some people get offended easily. FBI! Im sure! Child exploitation! Clearly, some people have way to much time on thier hands. Get a job, or if you have one... GET BACK TO WORK! You are the reason halloween costumes come with labels like "WARNING! Cape does not enable child to fly". As far as the $250... they could just ask for submissions with no cash prize, I think they would still be inundated with em.

1732 days ago


Hey Harvey Levin.. yeah you ! The guy who owns TMZ and claims to be a lawyer..
did you not proof read your own contest rules? 13 and older?? seriously!!
You call people names like sicko and pervert and here you are promoting a titty contest where 13 yr olds can enter ( provided their sick disgusting TMZ loving parents sign a consent form ).

Just when I thought TMZ was low... turns out you really can get lower than a snake's ass in a wagon rut.

PS: Better go back to Law School and drop that stupid part at the end of the show... I'm a lawyer. Change that to Jack ass !


1732 days ago

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