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Brittany Murphy's Family: She Never Did Drugs

1/21/2010 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany Murphy's mother and husband just appeared on "Today" -- one month after her death -- to slam rumors the actress used drugs and had an eating disorder.

Simon Monjack & Sharon Murphy: Click to watch
Simon Monjack says his wife wasn't taking anything "for her mood, anorexia, mental illness" -- adding she only used prescriptions for her "menstrual time."

The two also took aim at Warner Bros. and anyone involved in "Happy Feet 2" -- a sequel offered to Brittany and then taken off the table after rumors of her being fired from another movie started circulating -- saying that anyone who takes the role intended for her is "horrible."


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Ragtime drugs? Totally possible. I hear that sleazy Canadian research psychiatrists were commissioned by Glaxo Smith Kline to research the possibility of expanding the use of SSRI drugs like Paxil to treat PMS, cramps, etc. The thing is, however, that it's been listed by the World health Org. as one of the most addictive drugs out there - pharma or otherwise. It's also got a chance of making 1 in 10 people suicidal, or worse, so yeah, it's quite possible that's what messed her up from the beginning.

1646 days ago


just saw the today show segment with her mom and husband here in southern california 8:21am

her mom looks high!

like she is on medication or something

her husband kept butting in

matt lauer would ask the mother something

and he would talk for her

wouldn't even let her have a word in


1646 days ago

Maniacal Zebra    

I don't see why someone would be "horrible" for taking a job that was taken away from her. Guess what, guys? That's showbiz.

1646 days ago


I laughed when he talked about when his heart "stopped" on a plane a few months ago but TMZ showed him and Murphy coming out of the hospital only a few hours later and going to In n Out.
I don't think a person whose heart stopped would even being coming out of the hospital after such a short time.

1646 days ago

H.S. Thompson    

TMZ seems to have eaten my other post, so here's the condensed version:

1. Monjack said Brittany was on no drugs or being treated "for her mood, anorexia, (or) mental illness."
2. Her mother said Brittany took Serafem and Vicoprofin for severe menstrual cramps that came like clockwork.
3. Serafem is rebadged Prozac and also used to treat eating disorders, panic attacks, OCD, and bipolar disorders.
4. Vicoprofin contains hydrocodone (oxycontin), one of the most abusable painkillers there is.
5. Brittany, eating disorder or not, was a tiny *tiny* girl, and tiny *tiny* girls rarely have regular or heavy periods.
6. The only other medication mentioned was for "seizure medications."
7. The seizure medication went curiously unnamed, even though you have to take seizure meds every day for them to work.
8. Seizure medications are rarely abused due to a lack of euphoric effects.
9. The notable exceptions to #8 are phenobarbital, clonazepam, and gabapentin.
10. Phenobarbital is a powerful sedative, and clonazepam & gabapentin are also used to treat... bipolar symptoms and eating disorders.
11. Brittany and the studio came to a "mutual decision" that she should skip the sequel to a worldwide smash film, even though you can do voice work in your PJs and knock out an entire feature-length film in about a week.


1646 days ago


To H.S. Thompson, get your facts straight. Hydrocodone is NOT oxycodone two completely different drugs. Hydrocodone is much less potent than oxycodone (also known as oxycontin).

1646 days ago

H.S. Thompson    

Oh, and I forgot one last little thing.

10.5) Withdrawal from gabapentin is particularly severe in people who have a history of alcohol or cocaine abuse, and one of the first symptoms of that withdrawal is persistent, violent vomiting.

I'll ask again. Coincidence?

1646 days ago


The toxicology results will tell......

1646 days ago


Everything will come out in the autopsy report. If drugs were the cause of her death these people are going to look like TOTAL BAFFOONS!!!!!!!!!!

1646 days ago


they need to posture themselves for any death benefits from insurance policies by insisting she was not a drug user. This is all about money.

1646 days ago

H.S. Thompson    

Whoops. I'm busted. I confused oxy- and hydro-. Hydrocodone is a powerful, frequently abused, and highly addictive semi-synthetic opioid, while oxycodone is a *very* powerful, frequently abused, and highly addictive semi-synthetic opioid. Like Spikey said, two completely different drugs. Thanks for the correction.

1646 days ago


1. Both seem HIGHLY medicated medicated during interview.
2. They are setting this up to look innocent by saying she took those meds ONLY during her menstral cycle so when the autopsy comes back and says she was highly medicated they can say she was on her period THAT WEEK and accidently ODd.
3. Funny many of these posters are referring to him as the father and parent. That's her husband folks.

Does anyone know if after the autospy they can confirm if drug abuse was over a prolonged period of time?

1646 days ago


I agree they cant just stop a movie from filming because of this..look at heath ledger didnt they finish a movie that he had already started? and to post #15 the mother may be on medication a lot of times when parents lose their children they cant take it so doctors will prescribe them something to "calm their nerves".

1646 days ago


H.S.Thompson, your post was very thoughtful in the sense of giving us more of a deeper understanding.
Further, to belt out a post like that and then to have it enter TMZ's black hole ( because one of their reject words must have been in there somewhere , so they reject the entire post)and to have to start from scratch , condensed version or not , that still took some work and valuable time.
Thank you for doing that, it filled a lot of holes for me!

1646 days ago

um, no thanks    

You all are not seeing the forest through the trees. Wake up, the lady had an eating disorder. Her husband said she would often eat three plates of food (called binging) and we can see she was very, very thin.

Listen up, binging and purging is extremely dangerous, can make your hair fall out, cause severe tooth decay, depression and other serious health risk not the least of which is a HEART ATTACK.
Quit waiting for the toxicology reports to say she had drugs in her system.
What does that prove? We know she was on medication but that proves nothing.
She had an eating disorder, tiny thin people do not regularly eat three plates of food!

1646 days ago
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