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Brittany Murphy's Family: She Never Did Drugs

1/21/2010 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany Murphy's mother and husband just appeared on "Today" -- one month after her death -- to slam rumors the actress used drugs and had an eating disorder.

Simon Monjack & Sharon Murphy: Click to watch
Simon Monjack says his wife wasn't taking anything "for her mood, anorexia, mental illness" -- adding she only used prescriptions for her "menstrual time."

The two also took aim at Warner Bros. and anyone involved in "Happy Feet 2" -- a sequel offered to Brittany and then taken off the table after rumors of her being fired from another movie started circulating -- saying that anyone who takes the role intended for her is "horrible."


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#27, hahaha Dr. Gonzo filled your holes. That's rad.

1738 days ago


Whoops, I meant #28. I need to lay off the ether.

1738 days ago


I agree with too kwel as well.

I just hope that you are some kind of drug dude and the on drugs dude!

Just kidding, it takes some brain work to retain that much info.

I'll never get this whole taking others people's scripts or wanting to pop a pill to get off. In my day one was reckless when they blew a doob and drank a six pack!

And......I'm only 42! Yikes, I guess being scared to take pills wondering what they do is out the window today.

Man, folks, calm down!

1738 days ago


First; Britney's mom looks so much like her and is a very nice looking woman. I know her mom is still very much in shock, and still very much in pain. And I send my deepest condolences to her. I have read that they were very, very close, so losing her daughter who was also her best friend is the absolute ultimate in having ones heart ripped. I hope that she will soon begin to heal and have some peace in her life. Also, I hope that she will talk to an attorney that will protect what her daughter wanted her to have.
Second: I try not to make snap judgments... As far as Simon..he was Britney's choice.
There is no need for speculation. Just wait for the toxicology reports. For whatever the reason for her untimely death, she was still very much loved, admired, and respected in the eyes of so many. Her memory no matter what will always live on in the most high of thoughts.
I hope peace will come to Britney's mom though. And I hope that maybe she can reach out for comfort from some of Britney's friends, and those that can help her through some difficult time.

1738 days ago

J Byrd    

Ahhh hello? Oxycodone, clonazepam, Sarafem and Vicoprofin are drugs morons. What a bunch of BS! People wake the FU!! Anyone who says they take these pills but then say "Oh I don't do drugs." Well WTF do you think those are, candies? Jeeeez, we're not stupid.

1738 days ago


I always thought hydrocodone was tylenol 3....It has codein in it.
The dentists give it for pain, after getting a tooth pulled.

Most people are sensitive to it, because it makes you feel sick to your stomach, and makes you throw up.

It is not very strong at all.

1738 days ago


Brittany was a darling..IM sure she wasnt a Junkie..All 3 of them were into MEDS it seems and Him alcohol plus meds..I believe stories about Brittany were written by Jealous Women nothing new there..Her Mom isnt crazy..Shes in terrible GRIEF losing her only beautiful child..Brittany was Pretty, cute, sweet, great voice, cute figure, kind, decent and a loving person...I think she had pnemonia and other things and a bad mix of drugs not necessarily an OverD..Shes gone and her MOM hates the bull shi** gossip..IT might not be DRUGS people..She was losing weight becuz she was sick maybe..WHO KNOWS?? The All Powerful ONE

1738 days ago


This may be far fetched but I get the feeling both the mom and the husband have something if not everything to do with her death. And I find it a little strange that they are now living together in the house she died in. If I were to suddenly pass I doubt my fiance would not be sharing the house I died in with my mother...

1738 days ago


HS Thompson..I have gone thru withdwrawl 4 times..I NEVER Threw UP EVER.. To others..I have eaten 4 plates of food when I was 115 pounds..I never threw up food after eating either..ISH..So why do You believe rumors when You really do not know the people personally?? The hubbie is very bloated and overweight..BOOZE and pills.Mom is a combination. She is not crazy.She has gone thru breast cancel 2 TIMES and lost her child..Give Sharon M a break..I really think Brittany was sick with walking pneumonia and who knows what else..The tests MIGHT tell the truth..She was really Beautiful in a natural way..I realize she had a few helps done

1738 days ago

The Jackson twenty five    

Prescriptions for menstrual time?? How about good ole fashioned ibuprophen.... please.

1738 days ago

H.S. Thompson    

You've been through withdrawal from what, Anna? Opiates? I've seen people detox a few times now and every time they were hurling like Curt Schilling in the World Series.

Also, I'm not making up or spreading "rumours" about anyone. Everything I said is based on what was said on television this morning. Her husband and mother said she wasn't under treatment or on drugs, then listed specific medications she was taking. I listed a specific set of facts about those medications she was taking and pointed out the improbable number of coincidences that tie the meds listed to the things of which she's been accused. You're free to believe it or not. I posted nothing but facts.

1738 days ago


These people were living off Brittany's earnings. This is why they are bringing up Happy Feet, which is not relevant and had nothing to do with why she died. Like Ledger, D.J. AM and Jackson, this is a death due to drugs, and in her case, lack of nutrition. Wonder what these two will do now that they're cash cow is onto greener pastures?

1738 days ago


That's her husband????? OMG, I thought it was her Grandfather.

1738 days ago

Keepin' It REAL    

What's the point of this interview? In a couple more weeks we will have the toxicology reports and know what really happened so...........................

1738 days ago


so, hollywood has blood on its hands for a death that was 'natural.' for a death from a heart problem.

hollywood is to *blame* for her NEVER using drugs. these people don't realize what they're saying from one minute to the next.

i think brittany was a great talent, will be missed, and deserved better all around.

1738 days ago
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