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Conan O'Brien, NBC Reach $45Mil Settlement

1/21/2010 9:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'brien reaches settlementConan O'Brien and NBC worked out their final conflict hours ago and have reached a $45 million settlement ... and we've learned it's a sweeter deal for Conan than anyone thought.

Network sources tell TMZ the "mitigation" clause was taken off the table. Translation -- Conan will get a severance of $32.5 million, regardless of whether he gets another hosting gig. Not bad for seven months work.

As we first reported, NBC will pay $7.5 million to Conan's "Tonight Show" staff -- and our sources believe the network added several thousand more to the pot at the last minute.

In addition, NBC will pay a whopping $4.5 million to the executive producer.

Conan has agreed he will not take another hosting gig 'till September at the earliest.

Conan's last show is Friday. We're told NBC hasn't decided who will replace Conan for the period between Monday and the Winter Olympics.

remembering Conan O'Brien


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Bigg Hatchet    


1734 days ago

Bobo Frog    

My Uncle has a crush on Justin Bieber....he has Bieber Fever.

1734 days ago



1734 days ago


I tried but never really liked Conan. I loved Leno at 11:30m. Conan just isn't warm, his dark blue cold set and his "i'm in on a joke and you're too dumb to figure it out" attitude wasn't worth it for me. Leno shouldn't have retired, but he's not the first one to come back out of retirement. As far as poor Conan? How many shows get canceled? It happens all the time.

1734 days ago


well isnt that just special!!!! sue

1734 days ago


Another thing for all the people that are running Conan down, non of this should even be an issue if Leno RETIRED like he said he was going to do. All of this lies only on the lap of Leno. He shouldn't even be an equation in this mess. He said he would retire, then he flip floped because of his huge ego and decided he didn't want to. You know he was putting the bug in the bosses ear the whole time to try and back door Conan. If Conan wasn't cutting it then the thing to do was find a completly new host. What is Leno even doing THINKING about going back. He RETIRED people. Done, finished..see ya..but oh no whaaa I want my job back (feet stomping like a little b1tch) No, don't blame Conan for anything on this, blame that big chinned LOSER lying Sh!tbag Leno that started this whole mess.

1734 days ago


Jimmy Fallon may turn out to be the big winner here

Leno will regain his audience and top the ratings again once the dust all settles over this fiasco

and Fallon can work at his comedy and interviewing style so that when Jay decides he wants to retire, he could be the logical successor for the Tonight Show

and Craig Ferguson got a boost here also I think
he joked about the whole thing on his show but didn't hammer it to death bitterly like Letterman and O'Brien did

too bad that Letterman's company owns Ferguson's Late Late Show- hope it doesn't limit him as to choices for his future because he definitely has a future in late night
he can sing/play instruments/act/wrote a novel/wrote his biography/writes movies/does stand-up comedy
a real Renaissance man for the 2000's
you name it he does it
catch Saving Grace (the movie) just one of the ones he wrote and starred in with Brenda Blethyn I think

google his movie bio and you'll be surprised how many he's written and how good they are

1734 days ago


I wonder if Conan is going to retire to Irleand and buy a potatoe farm and raise potatoes he's hot 45 mil he could grow enough potatoes to feed Irleand. Happy Trails to you Coan we won't be seeing you again.

1734 days ago


Susie: conan is giving some of his money to his staff . TMZ is being biased and completely left that part of the news off here is a link to the full thing.

So besides what nbc is paying them conan is taking some of his 32 million and giving it to his staff also .

1734 days ago


All I can say about this is... KOOLSHYT.COM

1734 days ago


people need to get the facts right... to simplify

1) when NBC decided to go with Jay over Letterman to succeed Carson
when he chose to retire, Letterman was already a fixture on TV airing
after Carson.

Leno was a stand-up comic who sometimes substituted for Johnny's
nights off-so did Joan Rivers and a few others
so it naturally took a while for Leno to establish himself and get
good ratings

Conan came with a built in audience to the Tonight Show hour but
sadly didn't keep the ratings

2) in 2004 when Conan was negotiating with NBC he let it be known
that if he wasn't going to host the Tonght Show he'd jump networks.

So NBC renewed his contract agreeing to 2009 as being when he'd get
it. That meant that Jay had to agree to step aside (so he didn't
decide out of thin air that he just wanted to retire at such a young
age with a large following)

Leno graciously went on air discussing how he would "retire" from the
show and hand it over to his deserving friend Conan- even had Conan on
showing him support and great loyalty to the network that was pushing
him out

He purposely did that so that when Conan took over he wouldn't have
all negative press and controversy that he experienced years prior.

3) fast forward to 2009 and Leno is consistently beating Letterman in
the ratings so NBC, so knowing that Leno would have a great offer from
another network and become competition, it dawned on NBC that they had
better figure out a way to to keep him and still honor what they
negotiated with Conan years before

4) that's when they came up with the idea of Leno in Primetime.
NBC wasn't winning those ratings so they thought it was a worthwhile

Leno's ratings were great when you compared them to the other late
night audiences-so he held his own very well in that regard
But when you compared his ratings to the dramas on opposite him on
the other networks at 10, they weren't as high naturally

Conan's ratings did not live up to hopes and expectations- he kept
losing to Letterman

5) it's all about the $$$$
because of NBC trying to keep Conan from leaving in 2004, they sadly
created their own domino effect downfall and ensuing disaster and

6) with the Leno "experiment" in prime time not being what they hoped and with Conan bombing in the ratings against Letterman, NBC's solution was to try Jay at 11:35 for half an hour followed by Conan to keep both on and boost the Tonight Show ratings with Jays loyal fans as a direct lead-in

Jay agreed- a dent to his ego to be reduced to the half hour-but kept his crew employed

sadly O'Brien's ego said no to the deal-causing even more of a fiasco and throwing all of his crew into a panic having uprooted their lives for him & the show


MY OPINION- very short sighted for Conan
it probably wouldn't have lasted more than 2 years until Jay's contract was over and if Conan had good ratings then Jay probably would have just allowed himself to be phased out of the equation

1734 days ago


im glad NBC popped conans ballon... conan get on "sesami street" the diaper crowd awaits you

1734 days ago


Hey Sloane...You're obviously an NBC shill out for a little damage control. That's the biggest spin job I've read...Tell your NBC masters you failed! By the way I'd never watch Jay in a million years and I hope he tanks! FU

1734 days ago


@juniper your obviously a miserable old c**t angry at the popularity Conan has gotten cos yur not a part of it. Why is Obrien juvenile? Jay with his stupid inappropriate (and 10x more juvenile than anything Obrien has done) comments during interviews are disgusting. Obrien has clever humour that may be silly, but neva juvenile. Anyway that doesn't matter cos everything he does is incredibly funny. Have some taste u old slut.

1734 days ago

Bobo Frog    

juniper has the spelling and grammar skills of an 8 year old...and has anal with her Uncle.

1734 days ago
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