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Conan O'Brien, NBC Reach $45Mil Settlement

1/21/2010 9:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'brien reaches settlementConan O'Brien and NBC worked out their final conflict hours ago and have reached a $45 million settlement ... and we've learned it's a sweeter deal for Conan than anyone thought.

Network sources tell TMZ the "mitigation" clause was taken off the table. Translation -- Conan will get a severance of $32.5 million, regardless of whether he gets another hosting gig. Not bad for seven months work.

As we first reported, NBC will pay $7.5 million to Conan's "Tonight Show" staff -- and our sources believe the network added several thousand more to the pot at the last minute.

In addition, NBC will pay a whopping $4.5 million to the executive producer.

Conan has agreed he will not take another hosting gig 'till September at the earliest.

Conan's last show is Friday. We're told NBC hasn't decided who will replace Conan for the period between Monday and the Winter Olympics.

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I wish I could get 45 mil for being fired, crybaby and insluting the main boss. I hope you are happy coco people. You made the rich get richer. Go away already.

1714 days ago


@ everyone
There are foolish people on here that need to learn that Conan is nowhere near greedy for getting this sum of money. Are you ppl aware that Leno makes this a year as host of the tonight show? And even worse he has said plenty of times that he doesn't even spend that money, rather he keeps it all in a 'vault' somewhere. That is the greediest most selfish human being ever.

Conan is simply receiving the penalty owed to him for NBC trying to screw him over.

1714 days ago


LOL at susie whos anotha old slut that thinks Leno is a generous blue collar guy. And thinks that successful talk show/comedian with critically revered comedy is an embarrassment to Harvard.

1714 days ago

Bobo Frog    

The Conan haters seem to have organized their talking points and key words: Cry baby, greedy, creepy, weird....

When a person getting screwed over by a corporation is called a greedy crybaby for wanting justice and know those people are corporate shills and morons.

1714 days ago


@ Bobo Frog
It also highlights the age of the haters cos anyone who thinks conan is weird or creepy is obviously 45 or older and is scared by his actual talent and originality rather than Leno's outdated cornball, attempt at edginess.

1714 days ago


@hahaha you then must be a miserable young panocha that looks like a prune on conanas face

1714 days ago


wat does that even mean u old slutbag. Do you find it hard to adjust to a tv personality whose face isn't deformed with an overly large jaw?

1714 days ago

Pharmer Ted    

Conan's doing voting for what his next gig will be and it's down to him being in a porn movie called "Conan The Bangbarian" or cohosting a radio morning show in Fargo. And the radio station is winning by 4% of the vote right now.

1714 days ago


45 million for 8 months ... that comes to $250,0000 A DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As someone wrote now I know for sure why my cable bill is so high. I so do not feel sorry for any of them.

1714 days ago


The salaries and "severance" packages these people get for just shooting off their mouths is obscene. I'd like a little of it. My husband was laid off last year and neither of us has found work. Perhaps I'm a bit biased right now in my opinions. ;)

1714 days ago


Perhaps you need to get laid and get off from yur husband ohhhhhhhhhhh

1714 days ago


TMZ *for shame* You guys have been very biased during this whole late night mess. Either NBC is paying you or Harvey is friends with unfunny/stale Leno… or even worse Zucker.

NBC/their lousy PR team/their minion interns need to quit lurking TMZ and leaving these transparent Leno comments. The one by Sloane is so obvious and pathetic. Besides, you guys are a little late trying to improve Leno's tainted reputation.

And this: "so he didn't decide out of thin air that he just wanted to retire at such a young age with a large following"

Um, Leno had 6 yrs to consider OTHER employment opportunities if he didn’t want to retire. PLEASE.

And btw, where was this large following you speak of at 10pm? I mean, it was still Leno. Leno, his chin, his crappy jokes/chatting with celebrities. Funny how his large audience didn’t follow him to 10pm. Hello, People didn't give flying fig… He was CANCELLED!

The fact is: People tune into Leno on the Tonight Show out of habit. It’s not because he’s witty, charming, interesting, funny or even attractive. Leno appeals to people over 50, grandparents in nursing homes and the odd person obsessed with denim. Leno is safe, unfunny, and boring. But keep on working that transparent PR ploy NBC… it’s rather amusing.

P.S. When Leno comes back I’ll be watching David Letterman. I’d rather tune in to a sarcastic, grumpy man-whore (Letterman) than an unfunny, conniving douche (Leno). You execs at NBC/#4 network have a nice day making bad decisions and turning down critically acclaimed shows like Mad Men, among others. You remember how you passed on Mad Men? LOL Your network is a colossal joke.

1714 days ago


Sont let tmz fool you with their conan bashing. They are showing their bias by leaving out the part that staes conan is donating part of his 32 million to his staff. Also That 45 million is not all his thats including the money for the staff and his own 32 million. Then coinan is giving some of that 32 million to his staff.

So conan is not greedy . TMZ is just BIAS against him by not posting the WHOLE SETTLEMENT.

1714 days ago


Just air some Best of Tonight Show shows. Oh, wait. NBC didn't really think Conan's show was all that great. Guess not then.

1714 days ago


Disgusting! He went after Jay's job and FAILED! He could not be humble enough to take another time slot. He has been acting like a SPOILED BRAT! I can't stand the guy now!!!

1714 days ago
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