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Conan O'Brien, NBC Reach $45Mil Settlement

1/21/2010 9:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'brien reaches settlementConan O'Brien and NBC worked out their final conflict hours ago and have reached a $45 million settlement ... and we've learned it's a sweeter deal for Conan than anyone thought.

Network sources tell TMZ the "mitigation" clause was taken off the table. Translation -- Conan will get a severance of $32.5 million, regardless of whether he gets another hosting gig. Not bad for seven months work.

As we first reported, NBC will pay $7.5 million to Conan's "Tonight Show" staff -- and our sources believe the network added several thousand more to the pot at the last minute.

In addition, NBC will pay a whopping $4.5 million to the executive producer.

Conan has agreed he will not take another hosting gig 'till September at the earliest.

Conan's last show is Friday. We're told NBC hasn't decided who will replace Conan for the period between Monday and the Winter Olympics.

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w00t lol btw conon gave some money to his workers so stfu plz

1714 days ago


When are Conan fans going to quit misrepresenting the facts? Leno was forced out as Tonight Show host because Conan wanted his job. What's wrong? Can't you accept that O'Brien would step on someone's neck to get the Tonight Show?

Also it was okay with Jeff Ross, Conan's producer, if Leno when to 10:00. He said he was relieved Conan wouldn't have to compete with him if Jay had gone to another network.

"O'Brien got the Tonight Show, but Leno is still at the network and in many ways his lead-in. How does that impact your show?

It doesn't. If Jay's the lead-in or if Law and Order is the lead-in or if Knight Rider is the lead-in ... We're not going to change it. We don't change our thought process based on the lead-in.

Does the new arrangement diminish Conan's turn on the Tonight Show?

No, I don’t think it has. Years ago, the decision was [that you can] go to another network or you can have the Tonight Show in five years, and that's the choice we made because of the value of the franchise.

What was your reaction when you heard Leno was staying at NBC?

I was kind of relieved he wouldn't be up against us at 11:30."


I'll be glad when it's Saturday and all this crap is over with.

1714 days ago

Reggie in Atlanta    

Stop all of this rich envy. Virtually all rich people, from entertainers to CEOs, have some kind of golden parachute. Most people in America (us common folks) can get fired or laid off at any time for any reason without a dime of severance. We have trouble comprehending that some people can demand this sort of parachute going into the deal.

Don't get mad at the amount now. This is old news. If Jay had failed in 2006, they would have still had to pay him $60m for the remaining 3 years of his $100m contract.

1714 days ago

Laine Zane    

I'm glad he will go somewhere else where he will be appreciated. I hate Jay Leno. Won't watch NBC anymore. Conan will survive. Like Conan I think NBC has a bunch of morons running it.

1714 days ago


...and there you have it. In the day in age where America is dirt poor and in a recession the rich get CRAZY richer.
Leave it to Hollywood that's putting out the most horrible programming in it's history, every flip of the channel is non-reality disguised as reality, to toss money around like it's Hershey's kisses.
Shame on Hollywood and shame on the people that actually are watching the TV crap. Learn a lesson stop watching TV junk.
The Bachelor anyone ? please...

1714 days ago


Another pathetic example of celebrities making exhorbitant amounts of money. Let's hope he shares some of it with Haiti.

1714 days ago


Good ridance to Conan. Sick of him at this point. He is "NOT" funny. His comic is too frantic.

Can't wait until Jay get's the full hour. Jay is funny and he knows how to hold/attract all age levels.

My son and his wife are 30 and they can't stand Conan's humor. They watch Jay Leno when they are up.

1714 days ago

Outside Observer    

Cash for Clunkers- Conan and his manager get wads of cash for a clunker of a show. Sounds like another government bailout to me.

1714 days ago


Its like he worked for a failed bank or something,nice bonus for failing

1714 days ago


@ Wellington: This is the second time I've read your claim that Conan forced Jay out. Even Leno himself said that the decision to award Conan "The Tonight Show" was NBC's, whose executives were afraid that Conan would jump networks. NBC anticipated that Leno's ratings would decline by the time Conan took over "The Tonight Show".

Either you or Jay is muddying the facts. Which of you two earned a degree in Revisionist History?

1714 days ago


Its amazing how a guy with such little talent can make 35+ million dollars for 5 hours of work a week for 6 months. He's a lucky bastard to make it that far. He should be VERY thankful.

1714 days ago


so coco, how much will you and nbc donate to haiti?

1714 days ago


For THAT kind of money I will definitely say yes when they call me.

1714 days ago

Trooper Tom    

I don't know what all the fuss is about, I never found this guy amusing or entertaining and when he took over the show I thought some one has lost their mind and now it looks like a bunch of money

1714 days ago


1714 days ago
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