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David Beckham Sexually Violated by Reporter

1/21/2010 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Beckham grabbed headlines in Milan after a woman from an Italian prank show grabbed his crotch -- carrying out a full-on sexual assault for what she thought would be a funny TV segment.

The video shows a "reporter" sneaking through a crowd and reaching down at an unsuspecting David Beckham. The woman then gropes his crotch -- in an attempt to see if he measured up to the Armani underwear ads.

Beckham was furious -- and security instantly swooped to forcibly remove the woman from the area. Still, she chased after the soccer star screaming about how she wanted to see his manhood.

The woman was not arrested and her footage eventually ran on her Italian TV show -- she thought the whole thing was a big joke.

But if the roles were reversed -- and it was a man grabbing a woman ... would the reporter have gotten away with it?


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Easy people, this is Europe, not "America: Land of the hypocrites". I live in Italy and I assure you that nothing would have happened to the woman if it was the other way around. She is a famous jounalist/comedian and it was just a joke- she barely touched him. Take it easy people, and take SERIOUS problems seriously.

1739 days ago

Post and Send    

Where is security in all this. One of the richest celebrities on this planet and thats the best security he has? Time to find a new security company who knows how to control the situation...

These guys obviously failed on many levels. He could have gotten killed, poisoned, mammed etc..

He got lucky this time...

Can you image if it happened to Posh??

1739 days ago

rafael T    

Le Iene is a massively popular, and HILARIOUS program in Italy. The bit is Extremely funny.

We, as Americans are just too uptight to understand. We are all too PC. We have forgotten how to have fun, that's all.

Where's the harm?

1739 days ago


Disturbing. What a bunch of double-standard BS.

1739 days ago


Yeah if the roles where reversed, Beckham would have been in jail for sexual misconduct! I remember some time ago an actor pinch a woman's behind (will not name names!) and she pressed charges! If an actor grabbed my booty I'd be flattered!!!

1739 days ago


she should have been arrested !!!...any guy would have been arrested for gabbing a i guess the message is men cant be victims of a sexual battery

1739 days ago


He loved it!

1739 days ago


What a nut job.

1739 days ago


Well first of all: i'm in italy and i saw the video, and it was actually funny... this is a prank show... but not only that if u ever watched the all show u can see that a lot of issue of our current community the get it... and more the even help people with proplems that instituion dont care about... so before judgin try to know something about the show... then maybe its not appropriate that the girl grab mr bechkam "package" and of course other way around it wasnt going to be acepted for the crowd but com on mr beckham it was trying to fool all women with Armani publicity... in the world the are more mans than him...

1739 days ago


I am a young woman and I am disgusted by women who think this is okay.
First the woman at the concert who reached up and grabbed Tim Mcgraw's crotch, now this.
It's too bad it's the 21st century and we still live in a world where people think only women can be victims.
It is sexual assault and needs to be treated as such.
If this woman feels this is funny, then I say men in Italy need to grab her breasts and crotch everytime she walks past them. Let's see how long she laughs then.

1739 days ago


Charges need to be brought against this crazy lunatic for assault.
I can't imagine what Italian TV Station would support this kind of behavior and not refuse to run the garbage. Curious why didn't David's security call the policia? If a male reporter had done the same to Victoria, no one would be laughing at this and the policia would definitely been called by security. If it had been a man, security would have swung on him. She played the gender card and got away with it. This female is a disgrace to her gender and certainly no lady.

1739 days ago

South Beach    

I'm a woman, would have been 180 degrees different if the roles had been reversed, this is crap, and the bitch should have gotten punched in the face. Celebs need to have at least 1 female bodyguard in the bunch, so when females get this out of line, it's a female putting her back in line and no one is pointing fingers.

1739 days ago

stinky mcgee    

She should have been arrested.

1739 days ago

what's the problem?    

You ppl. seriously need to calm down. Who cares if David Beckham got his b**** squeezed- as someone mentioned earlier- he probably liked it, especially since his fugly wife hasn't seen him in 2-weeks time, but then again everyone knows that DB has girls in every city and in every country. And to the poster who said what if something similiar happened to his fugly wife... she should be so Lucky! NO one would want to touch anything on that plastic waste of a human being. I thought that was Hilarious! These high & mighty celebs need to be brought down every now and again and reminded that they are not "God's" here on earth. That video was Priceless!

1739 days ago


Ummm u forgot to mention the fact that she is chasing him to tell him that it is small n implying he stuffed lol

btw lighten up ppl he didnt look mad AT all..i'd take those rubber gloves over Posh's skeletor hands ne day if I were him lol

1738 days ago
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