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Driver Sues NASCAR -- I'm No KKK Poster Boy

1/21/2010 8:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Driver Sues NASCAR -- I'm No KKK Poster BoyNASCAR is at the center of a heated race issue -- after a driver claims he was banned from a Drive for Diversity event for looking too damn white.

In fact, the driver claims NASCAR officials labeled him "the poster boy for the Ku Klux Klan" ... even though he's part Puerto Rican.

According to a federal lawsuit filed by Michael Rodriguez, dude claims his impressive resume got him accepted into the elite D for D program back in 2005 -- a program designed to "provide opportunities for female and minority drivers."

But in the docs, filed in Pennsylvania, Rodriguez claims when he actually showed up to the combine -- people made him feel "unwelcome" because he happens to have fair skin and light blue eyes.

During the combine, Rodriguez claims he suffered a head injury 20 minutes before his first race -- and although he was cleared by doctors, he suspiciously wasn't allowed to drive ... and shortly after he was banned from the track, the driver claims he heard race officials comparing him to members of the KKK.

We called NASCAR for comment ... we're supposed to get a statement soon.

The next year, Rodriguez claims he once again applied for the D for D event -- but during the selection meeting, his photo was placed on an overhead projector and an official said "he is the poster boy for the Ku Klux Klan and we can't have him at the combine."

Rodriguez says he wasn't accepted into the combine that year ... and then denied in 2007 as well.

He's suing NASCAR and a marketing company for an undisclosed amount. For more sports stories, check out tmzsports.com!

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1700 days ago

dirty diana    

this is a joke right?

1700 days ago


January 21, 2010

Your skills at negotiation are much needed today -- though you may be one of the parties who needs to reconcile! It's a great day to offer up a compromise and see who goes for it.

1700 days ago

dirty diana    


1700 days ago


well? hahah is is the poster boy for the kkk, i saw him at a late night georigan klan meeting the other night, when he took off the hood said,, i need the moeny and nascar has a some, heeee hawwwwww! pass the whiskey boys! and where are all the white women at? yup it was him,id swear to it on 2 fifths of moonshine, well make it 4 takes a while for it to kick in

1700 days ago


So, TMZ, why no picture of Mr. RODRIGUEZ, "the poster boy for the Ku Klux Klan"?

While you're at it, let's see a picture of "Rufus Washington, CTO for the KKK", and don't forget "Odom Goldberg, CFO for the KKK"!


1700 days ago


Well, here we go again: " I was born a poor black child... "

1700 days ago


a portarock labeled the poster boy of the "KKK"??? i just peed my pants...hahahahaha

1700 days ago


11. a portarock labeled the poster boy of the "KKK"??? i just peed my pants...hahahahaha

Posted at 1:24PM on Jan 21st 2010 by BrookLynn

Hey BrookLynn,

Can I watch next time?


1700 days ago

boo boo    

That's not cool! My husband's family is Puerto Rican and they are very fair-skinned and sometimes face criticism for it - "You can't be a REAL Puerto Rican because you're white". I hope this guy does some major damage if that's how it really went down. IT'S COMPLETELY DISGUSTING TO COMPARE A PERSON TO THE KKK BECAUSE THEY HAVE FAIR SKIN. Do they only allow Danika to race because she sluts it up on TV? If she was a butch, would they let her race?

1700 days ago


OK,I'm black, and I understand the meaning of the word "diversity" - *whites* are part of the human diversity thing as well. This is so ridiculous that whomever did this to that man should be fired! "Too white"?! That's the same crap they were saying about Obama - he wasn't "black enough"


1700 days ago


# 13 and anyone else that has not picked up a history book before yapping their uneducated mouths... Puerto Rico is sovereign U.S. territory; hey wait, I'll use the little word so I do not confuse you here... that means Puerto Rican's are ALREADY AMERICAN CITIZENS... whether they live on the U.S. mainland or remain in Puerto Rico!!!!

1700 days ago


B - Thank you! Joker may want to hit the books, especially since there is also a high # of Puerto Ricans in the US Army! Sometimes people just need to be quiet and since when is NASCAR taking an American job away anyway? LMAO! So are foreign basketball players taking jobs away in the NBA too? GEESH!

1700 days ago


#13 what is your IQ?

1699 days ago


This merely demondtrates that the "Celebrate Diversity"
stuff is really an anti-White hate movement.

1699 days ago
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