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Michael Jackson's Brother Wants Estate To Pay

1/21/2010 11:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's brother, Randy Jackson, is in the middle of a creditor's claim filed against the estate and according to legal docs ... Randy is on the side of the creditor.

Stabler & Associates, a company that claims it was hired to handle Michael Jackson's business matters -- in particular, a humongous Bank of America loan and the funding of his 2004 child molestation trial -- claims the estate owes the company $275,446.08.

Here's the problem. The statute of limitations has run on the debt. But Perry Wander, lawyer for Stabler & Associates, tells TMZ the company relied on Michael and Randy's repeated promises that the debt would be paid, so the estate should not be able to raise the technical, statute of limitations defense.

Howard Weitzman, lawyer for Michael Jackson's estate, is unmoved, telling TMZ, "The claim needs to be investigated and it appears to be barred by the statute of limitations."

And this is interesting ... included in the $275,446.08 -- a late penalty of $81,946.08.

And you thought credit card interest was high.


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Who Cares reads a wonder    

Randy run!! WHY Michael!!well it's deep Randy just get out of town.They will break your leg and put a fish in your bed.

1736 days ago


You got some nerves.
Don't you have some dignity,they kicked your sorry off a here and you sneak back.

Posted at 8:51PM on Jan 21st 2010 by Don has no dignity

Ok, now I'm hurt and crying! I've got 'some nerve'...lmao!! Does this look like I'm KICKED OFF, diaper boy? Seriously, grow your sorry ass up and while you're at it...KISS MINE!!!

1736 days ago


LOL at most of the comments tonight. Only a few intelligent posters (you know who you are -- and ironically enough, you're not all folks who perpetually agree with me). I can tell I won't be staying too long. Just can't stoop that low. ;) ;)

1736 days ago


To those making nasty negative comments referring to MJ being a freak,molester, and twisting the quotes he has said while alive, don't be so ignorant as to jump to judgment before doing the research! I am talking about the entire life of MJ from the beginning. Then maybe , just maybe , you would understand and little something about human compassion!
The media/boys were paid to say things to that were false to destroy his reputation. He was beyond rich, and everyone was willing to sell their souls to gain from it! The thing is you mouthy saps out here joining the linch mob, and acting like media sheep, are doing for free! You know nothing if you don't learn.

1736 days ago

scum bag TMZ    

by WhoCares

I agree, i'm sick of this BS. it's either Mike is alive or the family is trying to make us believe he may still be to ride on his coat tails as long as possible, or just feeding everyone BS, with the aide of TMZ.

If MJ has passed, TMZ has made a mockery and total disgusting joke of the passing of the most loved and popular entertainers on the planet.

sick, total sick, the disrespect and BS posted about him.

1736 days ago

Random Angel    

I see that I have to illustrate my point, LOL

1489. 1484. Michael Jackson: 'Hitler was a genius'

Posted at 6:49PM on Jan 21st 2010 by mj was a mental case

Read more:

As always, something taken out of context. Fact check before you post, idiot.

In the tapes, Jackson can be heard saying, "Hitler was a genius orator. To make that many people turn and change and hate, he had to be a showman and he was."

The Rabbi is then heard asking Jackson, "You believe that if you had an hour with Hitler you could somehow touch something inside of him?"

The superstar replies, "Absolutely. I know I could. You have to help them, give them therapy, teach them that somewhere, something in their life went wrong."

Posted at 7:08PM on Jan 21st 2010 by Random Angel

Read more:

1736 days ago


And to Cathy - NO most of these claims are bogus, look up the Probate Summary. If they indeed are legitimate, they'll be paid, the total debt is very small compared to what's been reported. There are people listed in the claimant creditor list that are so bogus, it's just a f@ckin joke!

Posted at 8:53PM on Jan 21st 2010 by research


As I said before, I hope all the legit claimants (and there are some) are paid. They deserve it! :)

1736 days ago


If TMZ were to start using IntenseDebate for their comments, it would eliminate a lot of the problems with cloning, etc.

1736 days ago

Big Mouth Joe will TELL ALL    

I thought those people from Bahrain paid his legal fees for the trial?

1736 days ago

Random Angel    

84. Randy run!! WHY Michael!!well it's deep Randy just get out of town.They will break your leg and put a fish in your bed.

Posted at 8:58PM on Jan 21st 2010 by PAY YOUR BILLS

Read more:

Um,no. That would be a horse's head in your bed.

Now a horse's head would scare me....a fish? Not so much

1736 days ago


oh my God...again?

1736 days ago

Random Angel    

Hi Cath

1736 days ago


cathy..randy did call the mezz to defend mj..i agree it saved his life..but the mezz wanted to take la county to court to pay for mj legal fees due to malicious prosecution but mj just didnt have the will to be put through more garbage..too bad they still cant go after tom sneddon and company for the money...also randy was with mj when geraldo did his interview with mj..he did stand by his brother..thank heavens

1736 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Randy grab the pills not the bills,sh*t the're at the front gate.Slip out the back to Tom's Ranch.He will get you out of town fast.

1736 days ago


Hi RA! Good (or rather should I say -- SUCH A RELIEF) to see you here. Sanity is present. Whew. :)

I'd also like to say that Michael's comment about Hitler is truly udnerstandable to me. Obviously I don't support Hitler or anything he'd done. But unlike some, I do have the ability to use my intellect and step into another's shoes in order to attempt to understand that which seems beyond perplexing. My Dad (who fought in WWII for the U.S.A. Navy and is a SAINT in terms of being a religious person) has also made comments over the years that Hitler was a genius. Of course my father does not support what Hitler did (just as Michael surely didn't), but he does admire his skills to command and influence a people the way he did. Use you intellect folks. Recognize that there's more than one way of looking at something. Don't be so closed minded and live life with tunnel vision all the time. It might broaden your mind. God forbid.

1736 days ago
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