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Taylor Momsen's Teen Mom

1/21/2010 4:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's no surprise "Gossip Girl" star Taylor Momsen is often dressed inappropriately for a 16-year-old ... because her mother dresses younger than she does.

Decked out in Miley Cyrus shades, a Selena Gomez jacket, a Demi Lovato t-shirt, Dakota Fanning pants and a pair of Mary-Kate Olsen boots, Taylor's adult mother Collette accompanied her more matronly-attired teen spawn to the NYC set of her TV series on Wednesday.

Remember when you were embarrassed by your mom in high school?


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ATTENTION PEOPLE! this is what a milf is. it's a woman who has a daughter who is legal age{or pretty close} and a man has to think about which one he'd rather have.

and for anyone who feels like calling me a sexist pig... my reply is a simple, loud, oink, oink, oink, snort!

thats always the first thought in a mans mind when he sees a woman... would i do her!

1675 days ago


What is wrong with you people? She's just wearing normal clothes. Maybe you're expecting us to look like The Beaver's tv mom in the 1950s, complete with dress and pearls? Normal women of every age wear jeans, t-shirts, and shirts and jackets just like this. I just would have suggested sneakers for better comfort, but that's just me. Honestly.

Of course she's not dressed to the nines and plastered with cosmetics, if that's your problem- she's going to work, where she'll be put into other clothes for the scenes and have whatever makeup needed for the scene applied.

1675 days ago

Grammar nazi    

Her mother looks like Patti LuPone.

1675 days ago

I have been there    

What are you talking about TMZ? Her mom looks great! What should she be wearing? I have no idea who Taylor Momsen is, but she doesn't look embarrassed by her mom, who is completely covered up. No cleavage, butt crack showing, or overly botoxed face. Should her mom gain 50 pounds and wear a mumu to make you happy?

1675 days ago


She looks fine. And, for all of you out there who have a complaint... you obliviously didn't see the picture posted a couple of days ago with Shauna Sands and her daughter. I'm still bother by that one.

1675 days ago


Swimming goggles and Fred Muster boots. Yea right, thats hot, real hot. What a joke. Trying to be your 16 year olds equal. Here comes the Hogans. >

1675 days ago


#27 Nicole:

Too funny...I think I (as well as the kid) am scarred for life by that photo of Shauna!

1675 days ago


I think she looks great and is dressed fashionably and age appropriately.

If you want to see an older woman dressed inappropriately, I can send you some photos of my best friend's mother-in-law, LOL. She's over 50 and the last time I saw her she was wearing skin tight jeans, a skin tight black tank top with "Harley Davidson" on it, a push up black bra with the straps showing, and sky high platform shoes. I am not joking.

1675 days ago


Sounds like TMZ is reaching! C'mon there is nothing wrong with what she is wearing (if anything it's a little frumpy) she is completely covered up. I think she loves good for a woman with kids that old. Bunch of haters at the TMZ staff!

1675 days ago


Which one is the mother?

1675 days ago


Como se...Cougar?!?!?!

1675 days ago

Jen O.    

And I thought my mom was bad...

1674 days ago


Mama afraid of getting old.

You're dried up, hun.

1673 days ago


I think Taylor's hot as ****. Just sayin.

1581 days ago

Yvonne Taylor    

I have known Colette Momsen since Taylor was born. She has exquisite taste and actually was a stylist on my team in St Louis when I worked there. She is a talented and beautiful woman and an artist in her own right. It would be helpful to stay on point. Her daughter is obviously struggling. Being a celebrity means not having well defined boundaries by it's very nature. Most parents have the reins on their children because they don't have money or power of their own. When managers and lawyers get involved for their own selfish gain and the child is going through their rebellious stage it's easy to drive a wedge and fuel the conflict. The parents love their daughter and they are a strong family. I believe in the end that love will define their future. Of course they made mistakes and we all do. They understand that and are earnestly doing their very best to understand and address the issues as best they can .

1348 days ago
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