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Bristol Palin to Levi Johnston -- Pay Up Deadbeat

1/22/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bristol Palin has gone to court, demanding that Levi Johnston step up as a dad and pay her some of the money he's raked in from his naked media blitz.

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston Child Support Documents: Click to view!

Court documents were filed by Bristol's lawyer late Thursday afternoon in Alaska, demanding $1,750 a month in child support from Levi, retroactive to the birth of son Tripp on December 27, 2008.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Bristol believes Levi has pulled in "in excess of $105,000 in 2009 through various media interviews and modeling related activities." The $105,000 figure is significant, because under Alaska law a non-custodial parent must pay 20% of income up to $105,000 a year -- which comes to $1,750 a month.

Bristol says in her sworn statement, "I have received limited and sporadic financial assistance from Levi." Bristol says Levi has forked over only $4,400 over the 13 months of Tripp's life -- $3,000 on September 9, 2009, $1,400 on December 19.

Bristol's request is for temporary support, pending a permanent child support order.

UPDATE: Levi Johnston's manager, Tank Jones, tells TMZ Levi has paid Bristol more than $10,000 since Tripp was born. Jones also says Levi does not make money off of every interview he does, though he did not say exactly how much Levi has made.


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mark and some of you others do realize that he has been paying child support right. She just wants more, a lot more because he has run into a little money that will probably run out soon. She is being a bitch.

1706 days ago


This is one time where I think Levi should file for custody. She is doing Sarah Palin's bidding and there is a baby in the middle.

1706 days ago


This greedy broad is a prime example of why some men do not pay at all. You will take his money, but you will not actually allow this man to parent his child. Then once the child is out of control the excuse will be "His father was never around"

1706 days ago


pay up BEIOCH !

1706 days ago


Nobody wants to see Levi naked to hear him talk, he needs to climb under a rock!!!!!!!!!!!! He's a poor excuse for a human being!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the idiot who stole my first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! post is a loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1706 days ago


to be honest, they're both young and dumb. He is nothing special, but i just find it funny that the palins are all against pre marital sex and abortions and now her teenage daughter had an out of wed lock kid with a douche who is running around making money by talking crap about the palins and making them look bad. I find it funny Sarah talks like someone who wants to judge everyone, but she's got her own jerry springer trash show going on in her own home.

1706 days ago

Chuck D    

Levi Johnston is the biggest dirt bag on are the morons who wrote "don't pay a dime in chld support." What kind of warped thinking is that?

1706 days ago


The Palins are just whores on so many levels.

Get a job, Bristol, and pay for your own out-of-wedlock baby.

Should Levi pay something? Maybe. Give him fully-shared custody then. But the Palins are clearly only interested in money and they're using the political system, the media and their wombs to make it.

1706 days ago

working it will go much lower just cause he made a little money dosnt mean he will again she is a jealous idot

Read more:

1706 days ago

stinky mcgee    

Man up and pay up. I don't know too many women who get rich off of having babies. Oh, yeah - Kate G and Nadia S.

1706 days ago


Those of you trashing Bristol for daring to expect her child's father to support his baby are genuine hypocrites. The only reason you're dumping on her is because of the media generated hatred that you've swallowed for her mother; otherwise you'd all be after him to support the child he fathered. Supporting one's baby is the responsibility of all fathers whether he's got a job or not. Ever read of court decisions demanding other deadbeat dads fork over what they owe? Do you trash those mothers, too? Bristol is the one raising the child and behaving responsibly; Levi, unfortunately, has demonstrated by his actions that he's still an immature kid himself. Well, it's time for him to grow up and meet the real world. You don't walk out on the kids you create. Even if the kid happens to be the grandchild of a political figure the left-wing media can't stand. The rule of law still applies in this country; and dads still must support their offspring. Case closed. Pay up, Levi.

1706 days ago


Good luck with getting money from this loser.

1706 days ago

Need Publicity?    

Levi is about to learn the hard way, why condoms are good things.

1706 days ago


Is this the daughter of that woman from Alaska who ran for V.P.? The one who lectured us all on premarital sex (obviously the family not big believers); family values (they have values $$$$$); told everybody she a pitbull with lipstick on (can't control own family, but yet felt she capable of second in command - lol)!! Now, real test - when does next book deal arrive, in which she tells us, once again, everything we doing wrong - and everything she doing right. What I call "The Please Vote For Me Book" or don't matter cause made millions up front off book. Now I haven't seen much of that money being spread around - like she ain't building any new hospital wings, bet she not writing checks for $500,000 to give to the neediest of the neediest of all. Bet she not even doing this -

1706 days ago

Dan Fausett    

He is A DEADBEAT dad. He is Know Man. A MAN IS NOT A MAN THAT DON't TAKE CARE OF WHAT HE MAKE. He is a little BOY with a little boy thing.Pay you DEADBEAT you make the baby. Act like A real Man.Yoy little little baby boy.

1706 days ago
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