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Bristol Palin to Levi Johnston -- Pay Up Deadbeat

1/22/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bristol Palin has gone to court, demanding that Levi Johnston step up as a dad and pay her some of the money he's raked in from his naked media blitz.

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston Child Support Documents: Click to view!

Court documents were filed by Bristol's lawyer late Thursday afternoon in Alaska, demanding $1,750 a month in child support from Levi, retroactive to the birth of son Tripp on December 27, 2008.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Bristol believes Levi has pulled in "in excess of $105,000 in 2009 through various media interviews and modeling related activities." The $105,000 figure is significant, because under Alaska law a non-custodial parent must pay 20% of income up to $105,000 a year -- which comes to $1,750 a month.

Bristol says in her sworn statement, "I have received limited and sporadic financial assistance from Levi." Bristol says Levi has forked over only $4,400 over the 13 months of Tripp's life -- $3,000 on September 9, 2009, $1,400 on December 19.

Bristol's request is for temporary support, pending a permanent child support order.

UPDATE: Levi Johnston's manager, Tank Jones, tells TMZ Levi has paid Bristol more than $10,000 since Tripp was born. Jones also says Levi does not make money off of every interview he does, though he did not say exactly how much Levi has made.


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"Welcome to teenage pregnancies statistics"...there's a luxurious option for modern women that women prior to the 60's didn't have available to themselves, i.e. (1) responsibile birth control and by that I don't mean "abstinence" AND (2) safe abortion. No girl or woman should have a child they are not 150 percent capable of nurturing and financially supporting on their own should the sperm donor not be capable of participating in their life; however, in this case the Palins have made it impossible for the biological father to assist in the day-to-day nurturence of that child.

Child conceived out-of-wedlock...get a safe abortion and (then) be responsible with your sexuality so as not to conceive, again, until you find your own self-identity and are mature enough to be a 150% responsible parent of a child until (at least) the age of 18 years and, preferably, throughout the college years.

"Parenting" should be taken very seriously and, due to the fact that it no longer is in this country by a growing sector of America, we are now beginning to witness the "rotten fruit" of our society in the 21st Century.

Abortion, abortion, abortion....

1700 days ago


Another dead beat dad.

1700 days ago


Awww Poor Baby! 4k one month....3k another....I haven't seen any support at all in 10 years...what is she crying over?

1700 days ago


Well I find it amazing that they haven't eaten that child yet.

1700 days ago


Why is everyone hating on her? He is a father and fathers have to help support their children. She is not a rich B-her parents have money but why should they have to take care of his child? You all must not have children to understand that when you have sex and make a baby both parents are responsible regardless how much it costs. He is a loser and I hope she learned her lesson. And all of you take a clue.

1700 days ago


He is a talentless POS who let his 5 minutes of fame go to his head. He wouldn't even be known if it wasn't for Palin. He needs to take responsibility and pay child support on HIS kid.

1700 days ago


as long as bristol takes the high road with her lawyer the fact remains she picked him and just seems she is a gold digger like her mom

1700 days ago


They are both responsible and should both be contributing to his support. Sarah Palin should stay the F out of it and let Bristol's attorney handle it. From what's been written the Palin family has done everything they can to keep Levi away from his child. And for those of you bashing Levi...he did not choose to be thrust into the spotlight...the GOP and Palin's team did. He was forced into it, so if he's making some money good for him. BTW, Bristol has zero credentials to open up a PR firm. Get an education, that's the best example you can set for you son.

1700 days ago


I read that Bristol was promiscuous. Maybe it's true maybe it isn't but Levi should think about what that type of behavior from Bristol might mean. DNA testing Levi. The life you save maybe your own.

1700 days ago


That is soooo out of whack, too much money for her & her bitch mother!!

1700 days ago


Can you spell GREEDY Bristol - Get out and get your own job and co support that child yourself

1700 days ago


Read the docs - Alaska law says child support is at least 20% of the parental income, up to 105k - she's following the law.

Another consideration - his 15 minutes of fame are being provided because of his relationship with the Palin family.

Say what you want, $4400 in a year may be more child support than many have received, but what was your baby-daddy's income?

The child support request is "temporary" - once the money tree dries up, his CS should be reduced to a % of his current income.

1700 days ago


Maybe Bristol can walk out into her backyard and yell to her neighbors in "Russia" to see if they can help her out.

1700 days ago


about 25 years ago my neighbor received $600 an month child support for each of her daughters- so she got $1200 a month in other words

her husband worked in a GM auto manufacturing plant and must have been making about 40 grand a year at the time for his position

and he also carried the girls on his medical/drug/dental work coverage

that is what the court ordered

the mom was a retail pet store manager-the kids were early teens so she had no baby related costs like daycare, diapers etc. at that time

so when you look at the costs of the mortgage or rent for 3 bedroom apartment, utilities, clothing, transportation, laundry, toiletries, haircuts, school activities & lunches & trips, entertainment (like the kids going to the show & having popcorn), activities (swimming lessons, soccer team, dance , piano-whatever will be best for your child) and there are always other unexpected things that crop up-like their friends birthday parties where you need to buy gifts for them to take etc.

the list is endless
never mind putting money out of that aside for their college fund or wedding expenses some day

you see whey the court has to look at the big picture when calculating and ordering support payments

LEVI NEEDS TO MAN UP and get with the program!

1700 days ago


Since he makes his Money by trashing her family I think
she should get the money. He is a jerk.

1700 days ago
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