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Farrah Fawcett's Estate Sues Documentarian

1/22/2010 10:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Farrah FawcettThe estate of the late Farrah Fawcett is suing the guy behind the Farrah documentary -- claiming the dude sold Farrah out to the paparazzi and embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars.

According to a lawsuit filed today, in L.A. County Superior Court, Fawcett hired a guy named Craig Nevius to put together "Farrah's Story." Farrah's lawyers claim Farrah gave Nevius "access to private and personal information, film footage" and other materials.

When Nevius turned in his cut of the film, Farrah's lawyers say it was "amateurish and sensationalized, and looked like tabloid journalism, which was not at all what Ms. Fawcett wanted."

Upon hearing of Farrah's rejection, the lawsuit claims Nevius sought out "misplaced revenge" by (among other things) intentionally revealed private, personal information about Fawcett, gave out footage without her consent and embezzled tons of money from the trust she set up to manage the film.

Nevius tells TMZ, "These accusations are nothing more than a fabricated press release disguised as a lawsuit. As much as I would like to answer the allegations and disprove them right here and right now in the court of public opinion, I will wait to do so in a court of law."

The estate is seeking unspecified damages.


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two cents    

Why does every death turn into a lawsuit nowadays? Nothing but vultures and sleezeball attorneys.

1733 days ago


How sad; no one is safe even if you're dead from these vultures.

The lawyers in the U.S. are totally out if control and need to be "outed" by the media on a weekly basis.

So sad but so typical.

1733 days ago

Arty Ziff    

All I have to say is... ANAL CANCER.

1733 days ago


1733 days ago


That deadbeat that married her should be sued.

1733 days ago


I guess Ryan O'neal is out of money! and I heard her son Redmond never got his act together...sad

1733 days ago


People are strange

1733 days ago


For those that loved Farrah, I only wish you would have gotten the chance to meet her. She was the real deal. A true star. Gorgeous, genuine and very talented. We lost a great one with her death.

1733 days ago


She fought so hard for her life and in death this chicken took advantage of her. Redmond gave her so much grief and is also dirtying her memory. Shame on both of them!!!

1733 days ago


ass cancer, it doesn't get any more personal than that.

1733 days ago


Check out Craig Nevius' side of the story. Compelling stuff:

1733 days ago


Redmond will never be right-once again,BAD genetics.All of Ryan O'neil's children are alcoholics and drug addicts.Unfortunate that Farrah didn't factor that in when deciding to bear one of his offspring.Hard to overcome genetics--Poor Ryan looks dreadful-so cute
in his youth and talented.Now a wastrel.

1732 days ago


80% of the world is filled with a bunch of illiterate phonies. People will kiss your ass while you're alive, then turn on you when you're dead.

1732 days ago


I watched Farrah's Story and I thought some parts were intense. The parts I think Farrah would not have wanted were the scenes about her career, and she son in chains. Farrah tried to keep her sons trouble private and I don't she ever would of wanted to show her son on film in chains. That was Alana and Ryan..both who are disgusting people.
The sad thing is that Redmond will most likely never get his money or control his mothers image. He's got serious demons that trouble him. The issue is distrubing and really sad.

1732 days ago


The fact that she had anal cancer is is a cancer ANYONE could get. The people who feel a comment is necessary about the type of cancer, with it's unsaid implications, are showing their true ignorance.
I am just wondering though how good of friends Farrah was with Alanna....she and her daughter Kimberly seem to attach themselves to celebrities for the publicity maybe? or maybe in Alanna's case, maybe some of the unaccounted for money is now with her.

1578 days ago

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