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Levi Johnston to Bristol Palin - Go Blame Yourself

1/22/2010 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Levi Johnston is baffled at Bristol Palin's demand for child support, because he's offered her money in the past but she hasn't taken it -- this, according to Levi's lawyer.

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston

Attorney Rex Butler tells TMZ, Levi has told Bristol on several occasions he wanted her to come to his house to pick up checks for Tripp's support. Butler says Levi also told her "it would be nice" if she brought Tripp along when she picked up the checks, because Levi wanted to spend time with his son. Butler says on each occasion Bristol was a no-show.

Butler says Bristol is partly to blame for the fact that she hasn't gotten the support she wants. Butler tells TMZ on one occasion Levi was prepared to hand over $3,000 ... but Bristol never showed.

As for why Levi didn't just put the check in the mail ... Butler says, "Why should he have to do that. He's not dangerous to her."

As we first reported, Bristol filed legal docs late Thursday asking for $1,750 a month in child support from Levi, claiming he's only paid $4,400 since Tripp was born. Levi's manager says the Playgirl model has forked over more than $10K.

Butler would not tell us how much Levi made in 2009, but says it's significantly less than $250,000.

And, Butler says, Bristol's been driving around in a $60,000 Cadillac Escalade that he believes Sarah Palin bought ... and he thinks Sarah is controlling Bristol and is behind the latest legal move.

UPDATE: Bristol's lawyer tells TMZ, "Bristol has set forth the facts regarding child support in her affidavit filed in court. The law in Alaska is clear: a parent is obligated to support his or her child. It is unfortunate Bristol has to seek court intervention in this regard."


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just sayin    

hahaha isn't it cheques and not checks?!?!?! just sayin!!!

1712 days ago


this guy should get his own reality show called BIGGEST F-ING NO LIFE LOSER...his 0.5 seconds of fame is long done....BTW what kind of car does lover boy levi drive? a smart-car? no wait...he drives a dumass-car right?

1712 days ago


I don't know what the truth is. Heard what he say's and I heard what she say's but in most cases the truth usually is somewhere in the middle. Your anger is way out of proportion. I'm sorry that Air America went under but please calm down before you stroke out.

1712 days ago


I think I am the only person that thinks Bristol is crazy hot. Kid or not, she is really good looking.

1712 days ago


GREAT father isn't he..."Why should he have to" I hope they nail his ass; he's fowl with a flabby ass.

1712 days ago

Truth Hurts    

Young ladies, this is why you wait to get married before sex. You have sex with boys before you get to really know them and after you are trapped, you find out they are egomaniacal crack heads. I'm sure Levi was "really cool" in high school but you're in the real world now missy. Bristol just take him to court. If this is all his "adult" lawyer has to say you have got this case on lock! The U.S. Postal service doesn't work in Alaska or something. What a foolish boy, wanna be man!

1712 days ago

My Gosh ! ! !    

Trailer Trash never support their kids, and he will go on to "father" many more and not support them either.
Bristol seems like a good young Mom, keeping and taking care of her baby, which a good Mother does. A STAY AT HOME MOM is good for a baby and is probably what Levis Mom forgot to do, or maybe couldn't since she was drugged up....and could care less about Levi.
I bet the Palins were much better to him than his own Mother was.
He is probably going to be sorry he left the Palin Family to inherit the World like he thinks he is doing and will most probably fail at, and then what. Should have stayed close to the Palins and had a good family behind you Levi.

1712 days ago


What a control freak. Expecting his son's mother to come to HIM to PICK UP a support check. Get a stamp and put it in the mail, fool...hopefully on the first of every month.

1712 days ago


Ha. I'm educated, and I actually read books, which is the reason for the vocabulary I use. I would use "little words", but I still don't think most of you would even begin to understand. I've also been married for 15 years to an actual man, and I've worked to help provide for our family, and am now a stay-at-home-mom (which initially resulted in a lot of cutbacks and belt-tightening...and we still live modestly).

I don't have dreadlocks, I do shave both armpits and my legs, and I'm not a Commie-pinko-socialist-whatever because I dared to suggest young Bristol get off her lazy, protected, spoiled young butt and take some responsibility for her AND her child's situation. If you all want to drink the "women are all victims" kool-aid, and blame the entire pregnancy on Levi, be my guest, but I've never heard that he fed her roofies for months and screwed her senseless, then fled into the setting sun. He broke off the "engagement" after constant exposure to the Palins, but has stayed in the same town. He has not refused to pay child support, and as yet there has been no official judgment in this matter. He wants to see his child. This 2010...women are supposed to be EQUAL to men...that means in responsibility as well as rights. I'm supposed to be impressed that she kept the baby? I'm not...she has ample resources for health care and aftercare...and was "engaged" at the time, and prominently displayed on her mother's campaign trail as "exhibit A: underage, unwed, pregnant daughter with attached underage fiance". Big deal. And don't get all righteous about how staying home with baby is GOOD for the the is food, and shelter, and healthcare, and a lot of single mothers have to worry about these things and, therefore, have to work. I suppose we should pity all of them because "everybody makes 'mistakes'", correct? Bad things do happen, divorce, death, and deadbeats...but I do not consider it a "mistake" when a single woman in an uncertain relationship fails to use birth control, gets pregnant, and says "Whoops! I made a 'mistake'". That's being a careless, irresponsible moron...and golly gosh, Bristol qualifies (remember, her uterus, her responsibility). Should Levi have used a condom? Absolutely. And should darling Bristol have made him...or said "No way"? Yep, you betcha! He didn't force her, and if he's an idiot, she's an even bigger idiot.

What if she were my daughter? I'd hope that I'd raise my daughter to trust me enough to come to me when she became active sexually (I DO believe in birth control), to not only go on the Pill and use it correctly and regularly, but to always carry condoms and tell the guy "Use one or the answer is 'No'". That's what I did, and I never had any mistakes, nor did my younger sisters, who learned from me. A baby is NOT a mistake. And if she did decide to be totally irresponsible, and became pregnant, I'd consider her just as culpable as the boy. And I'd try to talk to both of them rationally, especially if the guy stuck around and admitted he was the father and took an interest in the baby. I wouldn't try to force a marriage, or alienate the father, or treat him like he was totally to blame.

So typical of the troglodytes inhabiting the TMZ zone that I get jumped for rational, fair, gender equal (21st century?) thinking...not to mention a post too long for their attention deficit minds. O, and also typical, I am accused of "hating" Bristol Palin (I intensely dislike certain entities and organizations...but Bristol doesn't qualify) because I disagree with the mindless stance that "men are ALWAYS the douche-bag losers and women the victims". I've raised my sons to be respectful, responsible, knowledgeable (my 12 year old already knows about condoms and sexual responsibility and mutual respect...and no, he's still not active and, in fact, pretty naive) and good people, and I hope they never run across ANY of your daughters.

1712 days ago

homeschoolmom Joy Andal    

There are procedures to follow like filling out the paperwork required by the state you live in. She's just following protocol sounds like. Fathers in this state pay into a government child support clearning house and then send it to the mothers if that is the one that pays and receives. Attorneys don't get any of the kids money. How crazy. They charge the fee to the one sending the child support as an additional fee. You don't exchange money like this unless ordered by the court. Mine was court ordered garnishment first step. Didn't even offer either of us the option of mailing, going to each others house and diffanently wasn't tied to visitation. Most people not together know it is to contensous to not have an inbetween person to help keep up with all the paperwork. Miss one payment and go straight to jail. All parents go to parenting class while paperwork is being taken care of. Sounds like Levi and his attorney don't want to follow protocol for their state.

1712 days ago


" . . but I do not consider it a "mistake" when a single woman in an uncertain relationship fails to use birth control, gets pregnant . . . "

There you go again, Briana. How do you know they weren't using birth control?? Condoms aren't 100% effective, and teenagers are probably more likely to use them incorrectly, espcially ones that aren't too bright, which seems to be a good description of Levi.

Your dislike for Bristol is obviously political. You don't like Sarah Palin, so you are transferring your hatred to her children.

I can think of many custody situations where the woman is at fault, but this isn't one. He wanted the child support hearings public, his attorney is the one issuing all the press releases, he's the one who is using his 15 minutes of fame to get easy money by posing semi-nude, he's the one bad mouthing the other family.

1712 days ago


Will the entire Palin family puhleeze go away?????

1712 days ago


Money hungry, attention seeking brats.

1712 days ago


Actually, #176, Levi was the one who said that they occasionally used condoms, but NO other form of birth control. In order for condoms to be effective at all, they must be used EVERY time. If one does not use any other form of birth control (I am not talking about "church approved, natural" methods that are almost impossible to follow and are barely effective), and only occasionally uses condoms, the odds are that the woman will become pregnant. If she didn't want to become pregnant, it was as much her responsibility as his to NOT HAVE SEX without birth control. I don't care who she is, or who her family is. If Levi isn't "too bright", what does that make Bristol, who is "stuck" with the baby? I'd guess bibbling moron comes pretty close...and again, I'd say that about anyone in her ridiculous position.

I don't hate Bristol, or even Sarah Palin. I don't trust the Palin family, as they have shown a tendency to throw their "political" and dubious "celebrity" status around to gain the advantage in private affairs. Sarah Palin has also proven herself to be quite willing to prevaricate both through omission and commission, to use her family for political gain, and her politics for personal gain. Parents frequently teach their ethics and methods to their offspring, and are often reflected in the actions of said children. But hate them? I never said anything about hating anyone, and I've also made it clear that I find the situation loathsome because it is reflective of a societal attitude that is deeply, and unfairly, gender biased.

Sarah Palin is the one who has spent a great deal of time condemning Levi Johnston. She's the one who insisted on dragging him (unwillingly, I might add) along on the campaign trail for her own dubious political ends. She made him a household name. I don't care if he posed full frontal on a billboard, I find America somewhat disturbingly uptight about nudity anyway (and yes, I'm USA born and bred), and I think it's rather amusing that everyone is so huffy about NOT seeing Levi's johnson. So he made a bit of money out of naughty pictures, at least he's working (which is more than can be said for Bristol).

As for a demand for a public hearing regarding the child custody and support situation, I would want full disclosure on that as well, especially when dealing with a group of people that have been known to be unethical and deceptive with money and so-called "private legal matters" previously. If the Palins have nothing to hide, and no deception in mind, then they should not be disturbed by open court or press releases regarding child support, custody, and visitation. This will involve full disclosure of Levi's income, previous payments (which seems to be in dispute), and the levying of a FAIR monthly child support payment (not necessarily the maximum, o, boohoo Ms. Bristol) based not only on last year's earnings, but projected earnings. Many hearings of this nature are public, why shouldn't Bristol and Levi's hearing be the same? Why is her family protesting against it so vehemently? Makes one wonder, doesn't it?

sunnyroberto, I don't hate Sarah or Bristol, but I loathe a system, and the morons in it, that uses "power" to lie, cheat and double deal...and defends gender bias, especially when it suits them to do so. There really ought to be a comparable term to "dittoheads" for Sarah Palin supporters...but so far I haven't come across one that is adequate. And I'm not actually a Liberal, or a Democrat (I voted for George W....a sad error, but then we ALL make mistakes, right?), a feminist or a misogynist...I just believe in personal accountability, a true end to sexism, and integrity. I don't see much of it on this thread.

1712 days ago


FYI, Bristol Palin has a job and is also going to school and she is taking care of her child.

What is Levi Johnston doing, other than riding Sarah's coattails and trashing the Palin family?

Has Sarah Palin ever trashed Levi?

No, she hasn't.

Meanwhile, Levi is running around and telling lies about Sarah and the Palin family to anyone that will pay him to say anything negative about the Palin's, regardless of whether it is true or not.

Yet the psychotic Palin-haters will believe anything and everything that this demonstrable deadbeat dad says.

While Sarah Palin has always been a success and continues to be successful as evidenced by her best-selling book and her new job as an FNC commentator and as a possible future Presidential candidate, Levi Johnston is nothing but a bum trying to milk his 15 minutes, and the clock is at 14:58 and ticking...

Johnston's mother is a convicted felon, he is a High School dropout, a deadbeat dad and an all-around douchebag who makes his "living" by airing dirty laundry, talking about the intimate details of his relationship with Bristol Palin and making up lies about Sarah Palin and her family.

Of course, the psychotic Palin-haters lap it up, much like a dog that laps up it's own vomit.

Levi Johnston is a proven liar, a deadbeat dad and a douchebag, yet amazingly, some people side with him while calling the Palin's nasty names.

That speaks volumes about those that side with Johnston.

Levi is probably afraid to drop of the check in person because he can't face the Palin family after they took him into their home, treated him like family, and he then betrayed them and told lies about them to the media.

What an ingrate.

That and the fact that he has demonstrated to be the epitome of a douchebag and a low-life, deadbeat dad.

Would you want him anywhere near your home or your family after the way he back-stabbed the Palin family?

Because he would do the same to you and yours in a minute for a dollar.

Think about that the next time you "side" with this POS, deadbeat douchebag.

I don't think he was really a bad kid, but the media and the money either brought out his bad side, corrupted him, or both.

And the media will toss him aside much like they did Cindy Sheehan was he has served their purpose, which is to trash a conservative political figure.

1712 days ago
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