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Levi Johnston to Bristol Palin - Go Blame Yourself

1/22/2010 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Levi Johnston is baffled at Bristol Palin's demand for child support, because he's offered her money in the past but she hasn't taken it -- this, according to Levi's lawyer.

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston

Attorney Rex Butler tells TMZ, Levi has told Bristol on several occasions he wanted her to come to his house to pick up checks for Tripp's support. Butler says Levi also told her "it would be nice" if she brought Tripp along when she picked up the checks, because Levi wanted to spend time with his son. Butler says on each occasion Bristol was a no-show.

Butler says Bristol is partly to blame for the fact that she hasn't gotten the support she wants. Butler tells TMZ on one occasion Levi was prepared to hand over $3,000 ... but Bristol never showed.

As for why Levi didn't just put the check in the mail ... Butler says, "Why should he have to do that. He's not dangerous to her."

As we first reported, Bristol filed legal docs late Thursday asking for $1,750 a month in child support from Levi, claiming he's only paid $4,400 since Tripp was born. Levi's manager says the Playgirl model has forked over more than $10K.

Butler would not tell us how much Levi made in 2009, but says it's significantly less than $250,000.

And, Butler says, Bristol's been driving around in a $60,000 Cadillac Escalade that he believes Sarah Palin bought ... and he thinks Sarah is controlling Bristol and is behind the latest legal move.

UPDATE: Bristol's lawyer tells TMZ, "Bristol has set forth the facts regarding child support in her affidavit filed in court. The law in Alaska is clear: a parent is obligated to support his or her child. It is unfortunate Bristol has to seek court intervention in this regard."


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I think Bristol is carrying on with her life as best she can. She even stated in a recent interview that she knows how lucky she is that she has a large family to support her; she realizes that many single moms are living in tiny apartments having to scrape by, etc. She works in a doctor's office and goes to a community college and takes business classes. And I am sure her parents wanted more for her. I DO wish that she might try to go a little step further and try to be the bigger person with regards to visitation with the boy's father.

If he (Levi) doesn't show up then at least you can say you offered. I think Levi sounds like he needs a little help (doesn't sound like he has any sound parent at home). I realize Palin-haters don't consider Sarah to be smart or whatnot (and yes, she sounds like she was one-sided on the abstinence only approach) but at least she supports her family, more than Levi's parents have from the look of it.

1644 days ago


Why does what she drives matter?It has nothing to do with YOUR OBLIGATION!so just bcause she can afford a nice ride you shouldn't have to help support YOUR child?It's not like you didn't benefit from fathering Sarahs grandchild.You'd still be skinning frozen beaver if not for that fact dumba**.

1643 days ago


You both make me sick and your a total waste of air time. Think about your child instead of showing your ass to the world moron.

1642 days ago

D. Advocate    

She is not in financial need of child support. The pregnancy was unplanned; abortions are legal. She CHOSE to have the child; the child is her responsibility unless dual custody is desired.

1642 days ago


First off, it is not for Bristow to run around and pick up a cheque for her child. He needs to courier a certified cheque or money order..I am very sure he has the same cheque my ex had for me and my child. The one that accidentally got deposited in a non existant bank account. So no matter who this girl is or who her parents is (for all I care, she could be the daughter of Bill Gates), this deadbeat dad needs to pay for his child. In Canada or at least my part of Canada, non payment of child support is totally separate of visitation. To bad, because I am not only dealing with a deadbeat but a sociopath. Putting everything aside, if not for the Palins, this 15 minuter would not have had the opportunity to make more money in one day than he probably will for the rest of his life. He is not an actor, politician and intellectually, well, he seems stupid. One other thing he keeps chirping is his "inside knowledge of the Palins and how his secret knowledge will bring them down." Really!!! Put up or shut up. Although it is not like I would believe anything that comes out of the mouth of a deadbeat user..Good luck with the 3 or 4 minutes you have left of fame, moran.

1641 days ago


Number 37 I hope you are pulling a prank with those comments and not an actual person.

1635 days ago

Sam Barber    

HAHA! The White Trash Wasilla Hillbillies saga continues! Palin supporters: I hope you love this, 'cause this is a small sample of what the press will dish up every day once Sarah(!) announces that God has chosen her to be the next President of the United States (minus Alaska and Texas, of course).

1619 days ago


Wow-This family is such white trash, why in the world does this uneducated delusional Palin think she can even be a ****tail
server? Palin is a mess and so are her kids, they all have flunked out of HS and been in jail, what a family.

1369 days ago
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