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Jackson Estate to Joe -- Off the Money Train!

1/22/2010 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Estate won't pay Joe JacksonMichael Jackson's estate does not want to pay Joe Jackson an allowance, because Michael Jackson did not want his dad to be a beneficiary under the will and Joe wants to use the money for lavish expenses -- not maintenance.

According to legal docs just filed, estate lawyers say Joe was never legally dependent on Michael Jackson during his life.

And, according to estate lawyers, the so-called "maintenance expenses" Joe wants include vacations, air travel, hotels, assistants and legal fees.

And Joe Jackson says the allowance will include money so he can "support his children or grandchildren."


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Think About It... You Be the Judge    

Mr. Joe Jackson,
You're a little too late to claim any of Michael's Money.
If you need finanical help... you have other children to help you out of your rough time, if you call spendning moeny the way you do rough times. All I can say, senior's are getting jobs now because they can't afford to live and you have all those grown children.. especially Jarmaine.. Hit him up for a loan.. lol
Your children have money, they have been profiting off Michael's death, so let them take care of you. It's custom for the children to take of their parents when they get old. Michael doesn't count in this situation. He's gone...
It's time for the family to set up and take care of you. You mean to tell me, Catherine isn't kicking you down some money?
If all else fails... get a job and stop hanging out at all the hot spots in Vegas. Women cost money and you can't afford that...

My Opinion Only...

1700 days ago

Big Mouth Joe will TELL ALL    

Posted at 3:44PM on Jan 22nd 2010 by MiMi

No problem Mimi...

1700 days ago

Joe Jackson is illiterate    

Joe Jackson was, is, and continues to be a greedy,shameless vulture, and child-abusing, tormentor. Yhis piece of sh*t along with his wife who pretends to be innocent did nothing to help MIchael when he was under their control, and they were all feeding off himm - this man/child showed that he had problems early on, as a child. They didn't even seek help for his chronic insomnia. They can all burn in hell for all I care. He shouldn't get a dime more than he got in the past. He is a shameless piece a shi* with no sense of remorse for how he abused his kids; and no grief over MJ's death. NOTHING FOR JOE J but some kicks!! AND YES! MJ would have 'made it' without heavy-hand Joe!

1700 days ago

Candi B.    

Does Joe deserve anything?? Heck No! Joe does not deserve a darn dime. He got what he was owed when they were the Jackson 5. When MJ went solo he was not being managed by Joe Jackson any longer.
So Joe stop trying to get in on whats left of MJ's fortune, and start worrying about that daughter of yours you had out of Wed Lock!!!

1700 days ago


sue from tampa - well if Michael IS in those top 3 floors, I hope he locked those service elevators up so Jermaine couldn't get to him to beg for money!

1700 days ago


Do you think Joe will divorce Katherine and request alimony? -or-
Will Joe inherit what Katherine has earned from the estate if he should survive her?

1700 days ago


Joe doesn't deserve even one penny of Michael's estate but since he is the squeaky wheel he needs a little grease so he will ease on down that proverbial road and shush up. An allowance would be a cheap price to pay for Joe not to be a disraction. He is a huge thorn in the side of the Jackson family and it would serve the family well to keep Joe occupied and quiet so that the Jackson family can be focused on future, more lucrative projects. Joe is not good publicity.

1700 days ago


The 4% of voting idiots who want Joe to have money are insane. Just over the top insane. Hey idiots, what part of "Joe wasn't in the will" do you NOT understand? Hmmmm? How would you like it if someone you cared about made a will explicitly leaving someone out, and then that certain someone made a money grab after your loved one died? Idiots.

1700 days ago


the kids should say to joe. if we can do to you what we claim you did to use that will earn your pay. joe looks pretty tough. he looks like a guy with a git er done attitude. how about joe write his story that would be a good read if done right.

1700 days ago


Guilty by association. He's part of the reason MJ is dead.....

1700 days ago


i mean no disrespect to the jackson family but why is mj the only one that is supposed to be a responsible person.the jackson parents have other children they have a responsibility to care for the seems once mj came along everybody else just sat back waiting for him to figure everything out including keeping them on top of the charts..mj did not put his father in the doesnt mean he didnt love him..perhaps he just knew something about his spending habits.mj knew darn well k would be taking care of the whole crew with the cash.there should be enough for joe to live comfortably..dont need to be a high roller

1700 days ago


why dont all his children pitch in to help care for come everybody else gets off the hook.mikey paying for everybody at moms house .cant the others pick up the slack..this is why the lawyers are in charge of the estate..they would all be driving rolls and shopping for mansions

1700 days ago


do you think joe just slipped his mind when he was thinking who he wanted to give his money to????..joe and his brothers got paychecks from j5 days ..not mj fault if they blew through it.they should respect his wishes..lord knows he earned it .up to him who he left it too

1700 days ago


Posted at 3:24PM on Jan 22nd 2010 by MiMi

I just watched the video of the first part of Jermaine's interview from the link that you provided, and in it, even Jermaine said that Michael never grew up and that he loved children.

1700 days ago


Give him a couple thousand a month and send him on his way.

1700 days ago
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