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Jackson Estate to Joe -- Off the Money Train!

1/22/2010 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Estate won't pay Joe JacksonMichael Jackson's estate does not want to pay Joe Jackson an allowance, because Michael Jackson did not want his dad to be a beneficiary under the will and Joe wants to use the money for lavish expenses -- not maintenance.

According to legal docs just filed, estate lawyers say Joe was never legally dependent on Michael Jackson during his life.

And, according to estate lawyers, the so-called "maintenance expenses" Joe wants include vacations, air travel, hotels, assistants and legal fees.

And Joe Jackson says the allowance will include money so he can "support his children or grandchildren."


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They've been riding his coat tails since he was just a little boy. I watched some of the Jacksons Variety Show from the 70's on youtube, and Michael's talent was so far beyond his brothers...dancing, singing, acting, and speaking. He was basically the emcee and did a really good job. Michael's level of talent was unbelieveable. Some parts weren't very clear, but I could always tell which one was Michael. I know he was a perfectionist and worked very hard, but it all seemed so effortless for him. His dancing is timeless. and didn't seem dated at all even though the show was over 30 years ago. All of the Jackson's are talented, but without Michael, nobody would have ever known the rest of them.

Oh, and the only other one on the show that really stood out was guess who........ Janet...she was great.

1699 days ago


Do you think Joe will divorce Katherine and request alimony? -or-
Will Joe inherit what Katherine has earned from the estate if he should survive her?

Posted at 4:30PM on Jan 22nd 2010 by babette

I think it's a possibility that Joe will divorce Katherine and request alimony.

As far as Will Joe inherit what Katherine has earned from the estate if he should survive her?
That's a good question. I know that the will states that, upon Katherine's death, her full share of the money will go to Michael's three kids, so to me, that indicates no money to any of the Jacksons after Katherine's death. Before she dies, she can share her monthly share of the money with her husband Joe or Michael's brothers and sisters, but after her death, her share goes to MJ's three kids.

Now, for example, if she saves a big portion of her present share of MJ's money, then Joe, since he is still married to Katherine, may be legally entitled to that after Katherine's death.

1699 days ago


Sou do Brasil e fiquei revoltadíssima com uma atitude do pai do Michael, enquanto o mundo inteiro lamentava a morte, o pai simplesmente se aproveitando do momento de dor para fazer o seu marketing pessoal, agora ele tem o que merece.
Deveria ele não ser inteligente minimo é ficar quieto lamentando a morte de seu filho como todo mundo estava.
Não precisava ser da família pois foi muito triste como perder um talento do Michael, fiquei arrasada, caso ele tivesse outra postura os fãs do Michael iriam até esquecer o que ele passou com esse pai.
Cada um colhe aquilo que planta.

1699 days ago

a total fan    

Michael was not allowed to call him "Dad" or "Daddy" and now he want to claim that he deserves the money because he is. No !! The courts should honor Michael's wishes.

1699 days ago


He says he's going to use the money to "support his children and grandchildren"? His children are adults - let them support themselves AND their kids. And Michael's kids don't need any support - Grandma is getting $86K a month to take care of them. Maybe if Joe had put away some of the money he made as manager of the Jackson 5 and Janet, he wouldn't be in the shape he's in now. And maybe, just maybe, if he gave up all the extravagant things he wastes money on, he MIGHT be able to live on his Social Security.

1699 days ago


35. Regardless of what anyone thinks if not for Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson would have never been the person he was. Case Closed.

Well, that's exactly true. If not for Joe abusing Michael physically and emotionally, Michael might have grown up to be a normal person. So I guess you're right.

By the way, if anyone is going to get credit for the success of the Jackson 5, it should be Gladys Knight. Despite the made-up story that was circulated later, it was Gladys, and not Diana Ross, who brought the group to Motown's attention after they opened for her in Chicago.

1699 days ago


they say katherine is so nice. i dont know. if she was a woman working in a factory and came home to a man with 9 kids and no job and had to get them gigs and train them and discipline 60s style. how nice do you think she would be. its easy to sit back on your honkers and let daddy call all shots and then complain about how he did it. my dad was a mean derogatory grouch with no ambition. but we didnt go all over the world airing our dirty wash whining. kate should give the man an monthly livig fee and kids and grand kids should help out an 80 year old man into the 21 century. i just wonder if joe dies they will try to make money off his name.

1699 days ago

Glenda in Texas    

151. سوف يكون لي مزيد من المعلومات حول إذا كانت حقا مايكل جاكسون في غضون بضع ساعات.
Posted at 6:13PM on Jan 22nd 2010 by المجهول

The only real proof would be a photo but then sometimes that won't work with photoshop and all. I guess we will have to take your word for it if it is really him. Thank you anyway.:)

1699 days ago


Posted at 8:02PM on Jan 22nd 2010 by jill
Joe always had a job working at the steel mill back in those days, also operating heavy equipment(such as cranes).

1699 days ago


i am jill in answer to my last statement you cant judge anything by me because my dad sat on the couch drunk or passed out saying hes babysitting us while my mother worked to support 6 of us. i dont know how you should agree but give him money now.

1699 days ago


Geez - you hate to say it - but thank goodness Michael Jackson does not have to put up with these inept family members anymore.

It's time for you Jackson leeches (except Janet) to get a job.

1699 days ago

scum bag TMZ    

Ah, and this is our (the world's) business because? This is no one's business and no one on this board has any idea of the relationship Mike had with his family. period!

1699 days ago

scum bag TMZ    

i just looked on LKL's blog, MJ stories have up to 1,800 comments, just like here, compared to other celebs or even world event stories, average about 20 - 30 comments. I wonder how Mike would feel about that, good or bad?

1699 days ago

a total fan    

Someone mention that they thought the Will was outdated and that Joe should recieve some money. But from what I understand Michael's earlier Will stated the same thing. No money for Joe.

1699 days ago


This evil, violent old devil must NEVER get a penny. Is there a lower form of pond life than old Joe??

1698 days ago
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