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Conan O'Brien in Presidential Cover Up

1/23/2010 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien is cloaking himself in scandal -- dude has been rocking the same exact jacket that landed President Barack Obama in the middle of a controversy back in 2009.

Conan O'Brien in Presidential Cover Up
During Conan's rain-soaked anti-NBC protest, he wore a black jacket made by the Weatherproof clothing company -- the very same jacket Obama was wearing during a recent trip to China.

The clothing company ended up ripping off a photo of Obama in the jacket and using his image -- without permission -- on a billboard in Times Square late last year, which is still up.

The White House is now forcing Weatherproof to take it down ... and the company says they aim to have it removed by the end of the month.

So for an item that claims to be weather resistant -- the jacket certainly seems to be drenched in celebrity scandal.


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Now would be a good time to buy stocks in this company.

1712 days ago



1712 days ago

J C    

Looks like they're selling the office of the president as celebrity.

1712 days ago

Thomas Xavier Z    

Does the T in TMZ stand for tools? I always laugh so hard when TMZ tries to be hip and say things like "dude" this or that. TMZ, you're like a bunch of 50 year olds. You know how when you were kids (if you can remember that far back) when we all had a friend (well maybe none of you did lmao) who had a parent that tried so hard to be hip, but really was just pathetic?

You're the parent

1712 days ago


Really TMZ?

Wow, what a waste of bandwidth.

1712 days ago


I don't care about the coat but WTF was Conan thinking last night when he had that depraved has-been Pee-Wee Herman on the show? I about puked.

1712 days ago


Wow TMZ, sometimes I think you are alright with events such as the live "i'm with coco" rally. But geezus this article is pitiful and BS.

1712 days ago

J C    

This guy can't improve the economy by taking over the private sector.
Oh ,and attacking Wall Street while propping up union thugs and handing over GM to them courtesy of the US taxpayer and buying off senators doesn't help either.

1712 days ago

J C    

Conan is like the US voter ,who put their faith in Obama,only to be duped and played in a giant power grab.
Same as Conan was with NBC.
Conan is close to the heart of the disillusioned US voter.
That's why His story has legs.
The whole country has been played and treated with contempt.

1712 days ago

J C    

Conan...We sympathize.

1712 days ago

J C    

Don't put your faith in politicians.
Put your faith in God.
politicians aren't leaders and leaders are servants.

1712 days ago


Wait a minute,
why is the white house mad that this is up yet every day I see at least 20 commercials with obama's previous speeches pushing scam cell phones and credit debt relief scams. Why arent they going after them?

1712 days ago


I don't think they should have to take down the one with Obama on it, he is a public figure & probably is mad because he is not getting any money out of it. Look at all the other stuff he is used in, like the chia Obama, is he shutting that down or getting a cut of the profits? He should be happy to help an Ameircan business out & bring in tax revenue formt heir sales as well as jobs.

1712 days ago


1712 days ago


TMZ, does it occur to you that maybe Mr. O knew of the ad but is now selling out the company. With all the publicity that he and his wife have gotten and desire, maybe this was staged by the ego maniac.

1711 days ago
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