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'Jersey Shore' Guys Hit Vegas

1/23/2010 10:41 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After delivering huge ratings for the "Jersey Shore" finale, Mike "The Situation" and DJ Pauly D took their act to JET in Las Vegas on Friday night.

Jersey Shore photos

Judging by the bevy of women by their side all night -- and the 276 photos we got to prove it -- it appeared to have gone well.


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Cousin Eddy    

Did I just spend 5 minutes of my life looking at 276 pictures of "The Situation" and "Pauly D"? -- It's like a train wreck.

A couple of observations: a) Girl in blue = GRENADE, b) Pauly D DJing looks like he has never seen a computer before, c) 10 bucks says Mike's 45 year-old brother starts booking paying gigs for himself at clubs back home as "The Situation's Brother", and d) Another 10 bucks says neither Mike nor Pauly D took any girl back to their room that night.

Now THAT'S the situation...

1673 days ago

Puerto Rican Diva

This is pualy d's stalkers personal facebook and below is her group facebook

she posted pic's of emails pauly has sent her and puts his email address out there for everyone to see.... she says the ronnie fight on the boardwalk was staged... she also claims shes not a stalker and that pualy was all over her when she drove 4 hours to see him... get the dirt!! (i still think shes a stalker..)

1673 days ago







Thankfully, THEIR time is almost up.

-It's THEIR time, not THERE or THEY'RE.
-A LOT is two words.
-YOUR is possessive. YOU'RE is the contraction of YOU ARE.
-Jealous is spelled J-E-A-L-O-U-S.
-Punctuation marks at the end of sentence go INSIDE the quotations, not outside.

How can any of you complain about the dumbing-down of the nation when you cannot even spell or punctuate a simple sentence? Let's not even start on the glaring grammatical errors.

E.S.L. Look into it. Quickly.

1673 days ago

CVS Whore    

Laugh all you want, these guys aren't paying off a big student loan,and trying to find a job.
Sucks,don't it?

1673 days ago


"Don't it?" Apparently, you aren't paying off any student loans, either.

1673 days ago


Ugh... Mike "The" supposedly "situation"... might have a six pack like whoa, but why does his nose remind me of squid-ward??

1672 days ago

fame ho    

Vegas, get your herpes meds soon and often after this crew comes in!

1672 days ago

"keepin it real"    

who are these dummies.. christ mtv can make a piece of bark famous i dont know if thats commendable or just frieghtening ... these drone 15 year olds can get attached to the stupidest things doesnt mtv feel the least bit guitly about any of this they cant possilby be proud of themselves for making the jersey shore and the hills famous those kids are nothing but vomits.. these shows could only influence and soak into the really shallow and simple minded but thats a given .. lets not drag this nightmare out any further then it has to please stop watching these god awful shows we dont need spin off after spin off of an already dreadful reality show putting money into these jerkoffs pockets because your bored and need 30 minutes to kill time think about it next time .. might be more benefiical for everyone to just turn the tv off.

1672 days ago

Double Team Paris    

How about the guy in the white shirt fanning all over the Situation. Azz-hat.

1672 days ago


"How about the guy in the white shirt fanning all over the Situation."

He's whispering sweet somethings in Mikes ear and Mikes sayin' "HELL YEAH !!!, put it in my mouth"

1672 days ago


ok that girl/dude or whatever that creature is in the blue VS PINK sweats hummm yea what were u thinking ... WOW...ur hair is diguesting ur make looks like a clowns makeup and who wears that to a club??? lost for words....can we say crackwhore!

1671 days ago

im just sayin    

What about the gernade with the black dress and bright lipstick on hanging all over Mike...Is it possible to look anymore desperate than she does!! I think not!

1671 days ago


haha i was there :D

1671 days ago

louis Ventino    

the girl in the blue jumpsuit is so sexy for pulling that off.marrryy mee!!!!

1669 days ago
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