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'Jersey Shore' Guys Hit Vegas

1/23/2010 10:41 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After delivering huge ratings for the "Jersey Shore" finale, Mike "The Situation" and DJ Pauly D took their act to JET in Las Vegas on Friday night.

Jersey Shore photos

Judging by the bevy of women by their side all night -- and the 276 photos we got to prove it -- it appeared to have gone well.


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He looks like Pauly Shore big time!

1559 days ago


he does look exactly ike pauley shore ive been thinking the same thing forever

1484 days ago


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1450 days ago


On this subject I am sure I'm going to get differing opinions and I'm definately going to piss more than a few of you off, so sorry in advance but I just have to get this off my chest (a.k.a. I'm bored and feel the need to bitch).
Jersey Shore....Reality TV....Really people???? Point1- I'm pretty sure reality is probably one of the last words in the english language that should be used to describe a show such as this. In reality the average person doesn't have a camera, an entire camera crew, lighting and a production team as a part of their everyday life. If you had a camera crew filming you 24/7, I doubt you would make the same decisions you would make in a room alone or with just a few people as you would infront of millions of people. I'm sure somewhere in their tiny, little minds these people have got to say to themselves...What would my mother think if I did that??? My Grandmother?? My boyfriend??? They know full well these people will see this thus possibly changing their decision from "if no one would ever know I would do it" to "everyone will see this so I won't do that". get that possible bad decision + camera= NOT REALITY!!! Point 2- Who in the blue hell lives with 7 other people around the same age as them?? Only frat boys, soroity girls and freakishly large families with octuplets!!!! There is no reality in that!!! Point 3- If you really want a dose of reality, go into Providence around 4 am and check out under the overpasses for the growing number of homeless people who are going to freeze to death over the winter...that's reality slapping you in the face...a person who can call out of work for broken fingernails and not get fired it not!!!
Now I can't say that I myself have never jumped onto the reality show bandwagon, I have definately had a few chuckles at the expense of some "average, hand picked person" on a reality show. For me it started out with what I believe was the very begining "The Real World". I didn't catch it everyday or wait by the television with popcorn and remote in hand but I watched if it was on. That I believe was the dawn of the era of reality TV. What I believe to be the Pandora's box of reality TV is "Survivor". What a gather together a bunch of people on a secluded island, strip them of the essentials, give them challenges , pit them against each other, tell them the last one standing gets a million dollars and just watch them betray each other!!! Must see TV...but not for me...I never did much get into survivor. Then that evolved into the "love reality sows". Now, I may be old school but I come from the opinion that falling in love is a natural process. You meet someone you feel is cut from the same cloth, you hang out together alot, they become your best friend, you think about them all the time when they are not around, and then one day as you are looking at them, dumbfounded, with a smile on your face for no apparent reason, you realize "Hey self, you are in love with this person" and that is that. Love isn't being forced to choose from twentysomething surgically enhanced, catty, morally deprived, drooling moron, dullards piled into skin tight clothing and paraded before you like cattle at a farmhouse auction.
Then from these "love reality" shows stemmed the "love reality" shows of the endearing losers of the first show that everybody thinks should have won :( One such travisty was a spin off show called "Megan wants a millionaire"...well Meg don't we all. However we are not all willing to sell our bodies or souls for one. What kind of social or mental half wit do you have to be to sign up for this one??? Allowing your finacial wealth to determine your worth as a desirable person to some plastic, mediocre looking, cologen enhanced, shrew of a dish rag whore to judge you based upon gifts bestowed upon her...have you no dignity??? That is when I consciencely stopped watching reality television. I felt that stupidity could possibly be contagious and surely it is because we now have a STD ridden sesspool of a show named Jersey Shore (my friend Dina recently taped my eyelids open and forced me to watch this circus of absolute depravity...I will never be the same again!!) Where do I begin?? Did the casting people say "Hey...I have an idea, let's take the slutiest, nastiest, dirtiest club whores we can find and set them up in a house with the most egotistical, self important, steroid abusing, concieded douches we can find and tape the whole thing as it unfolds. These fist pumping, vitamin water swigging, testosterone ridden, gel junkies have become the center of many people's attention, become their idols even, catching on like a festering disease such as the ones above said junkies are surely carrying. This is a free country and with that comes your freedom to choose what you will for entertainment but please people, don't take this as reality, do not take a page from their book and if you do, take it with a shot of pennicillin. Thank you for listening to me bitch...I love you all, but do yourselves a favor, and pick up a friggin book.
:) Valarie

P.S. I fully concur with the Pauly Shore, The Situation thing!!!

1373 days ago
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