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Kim Kardashian Gets Bodyguards Galore

1/23/2010 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian's boyfriend, Reggie Bush, is so worried about a fan who allegedly has made it his life's mission to hook up with Kim, he's hired a phalanx of bodyguards to protect her.

The New Orleans Saints star, we're told, has hired six bodyguards to accompany Kim everywhere she goes.

Kim got a restraining order earlier in the week against Dennis Shaun Bowman, who she says moved from Georgia to L.A. to be with her, even though she's never met him. According to legal docs, Bowman has shown up to Kim's appearances in Joker face paint and has even threatened Bush.

The restraining order requires Bowman to stay 500 yards clear of Kim.


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18. Can't they find treatment for this guy? I know from having a son with schizophrenia that all of it seems so real to them, and they hate their meds most of the time. They need to contact family that could be there and get him in a hospital.

If people would to pro active treatment at the start of this stuff, it wouldn't get so scarey. Stars need to protect themselves but they need to help get that person help some how, calling the cops is the first thing to do.

Most people with delusions would never hurt someone, they are scared and hate the voices or messages that scare them, but they also react.

I just feel for people with this kind of is a hard life for them.

Posted at 1:17PM on Jan 23rd 2010 by Lee

That would be a good thing.

1734 days ago


It doesn't matter that the stalker looks like a weezy white kid. It doesn't matter if he looked like PeeWee Herman. He could still be a psycho killer.

1734 days ago


Puppet Master Grandma Kris is "reaching" for publicity again. ~ Kris has the KKK's or the 3 Kardashian girls crying wolf every 10-seconds, no one believes anything they do!


Poor Bruce.

1734 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Oh please! this is a ho who spends every moment of her life courting publicity, has a sex vid "leaked", tweets where she will be going and what she is doing, will show up any where to pose and get her daily photo op no matter what the event is. We need body guards to protect us from her and her BS

1734 days ago


keep the skank at home, problem solved

1734 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Come on Reggie you can do better than this ho, don't end up like Odom

1734 days ago


Dont believe anything this lying lowlife freak family says.

I wonder how much money that old skank sold this story for.
If this guy was a threat to someone else's safety the police would have taken him for evaluation on a 5150 (Involuntary psychiatric hold)

1734 days ago


Kim, what did you expect? You did a vid with RJ pissing all over you. You walk around flapping those nasty ass cheeks of yours.

Reggie, how could you even go with a tramp like that. Sistas not good enough for you.

1734 days ago


People seek fame and look what it gets you... a bunch of nuts stalking you and TMZ (no offense TMZ) following you everywhere with cameras. As for the Kardashians... that family is a train wreck.

If you're ever offered fame and fortune take the fortune and tell them to shove the fame.

1734 days ago


wtf bring out the goons...Hey Reggie get one of your new orleans partners to just take care of this little fly for you... Nuff said!

1734 days ago


Reggie better get used to it. This is what life will be like with this attention seeking slore.

1734 days ago


people want to be famous .in this day and age it may not be so fun.whats the old saying be careful what you wish for.
people like this guy who are so nuts should be locked up for a long time .it is rare that these people stop bothering celebrities and it usually gets to a dangerous point before something is really done.court order to keep people like this way are worthless the guy should have an electronic monitor on him.

1734 days ago


its a PR move - a win win situation for both

she get's her name and face out there again *PUKE*

and he gets to say he sucked in the game because he was worried and thinking about her

1734 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Total media whore, this stupid ho tweets all about her self importance and where she is on any given day, every place she goes the paps are informed so she can get her daily photo op. The tramp has no talent even her sex vid is a laugh she lays around like a hefer while she gets pissed on. Vapid useless waste of time

1733 days ago
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