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Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Divorce -- Impossible

1/24/2010 7:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad PittBrad Pitt and Angeline Jolie are not pulling the plug on their relationship, multiple people directly connected with the couple tell TMZ.

There's a report out that Brad and Angie are calling it quits. One source -- who should know -- says, "It's B.S."

BTW -- it's a guarantee the two won't be getting a divorce, because the two are not married.

It is now safe to step back from the ledge.


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Angelina always has this fake smile, she is so akward and Brad always so serious, smug..If they are still together, they appear as though they shouldn't be. They just don't look happy.

1642 days ago


Whoreagina is just that. BRAD wake up. I know that the kids are obviously a concern, but jeeez, you made your bed. Get out now while the geting good. Its sad but do what you gotta do.

1642 days ago


How the h*ll do you know they aren't good parents, marie (#128)? It's fine if you don't like them but stop pretending you know anything about them. Have you been looking through their windows all day every day so you can say they never give attention to their bio kids, only to the adopted ones?

Stop judging from the distance. It makes you sound emotional and stupid!

1642 days ago


When rumors of Madonna and Guy's split started swirling, their publicists adamantly denied any trouble in paradise although all the rumors were quite true. A couple weeks later, when it was professionally and PR-wise convenient for Madonna, the divorce announcement was made. The same has occurred with many other celebrity couples. It is common to wait until after a movie has been promoted and opened, a concert tour began or a book released, as examples, to announce the end of a relationship. St. Morticia is gearing up to promote her movie Salt and it is not a convenient time for any negative press regarding her "storybook romance" with Billy Goat Pitt. It's not even up to her. She likely has a contract that prohibits announcing anything remotely negative before the movie opens, however, the announcement will come in due time. Just like Susan Sarandon had to wait for the end of her promotion commitments for The Lovely Bones to end, in order to announce her months old split from Tim Robbins, the holy couple will announce their split when their respective "people" tell them it is ok to do so. To believe otherwise is to be naive. Hollywood relationships do not operate the same way civilian relationships do. Hollywood couples are dictated to as to when they may be honest with the public regarding their personal lives. There currently are many "solid" relationships among actors and celebrities that are nothing more than business arrangements at this point. They may appear to be "fine" and united but remember, they are actors. If they can't fake a loving relationship convincingly, they are in the wrong business.

And why oh why must anyone involve Jennifer Aniston in this story and the comments. She has nothing to do with the rumors of these two breaking up nor has she been implicated by the press for any part of this story. Why do people insist on dragging her name into Brangie stories, 5 years later? It makes no sense to me. She's moved on and so should the rest of you drama queens that can't let the stupid love triangle rest. Some of you are so mean and off base regarding Aniston. Someone called her a "cokehead". Are you effin' serious? Cokeheads do not have athletic bodies, shiny healthy hair, clear skin, strong work ethics and reputations as being pleasant on set and down to earth. Use your brains and stop being such hyprocrits. Angie has admitted to heroin use in the past and you have the gall to call Aniston a cokehead? She who has never been photographed with evidence of coke use nor has anyone ever sold a reliable story about her being a substance abuser in any sense. All you Anga-loones have the right to be an Angie fan if you so wish and if you see goodness in her but lay off Jennifer. You act like Jennifer did something to purposely offend the world and you personally, by once being married to Brad. You seem to think that Brad is good enough for Angelina so, by that logic, wouldn't Jennifer be a good worthwhile person too? Otherwise, wouldn't that just put Angelina in Jennifer's class? The same man fell for both of them. Get a clue and stop being nasty asses regarding a woman who has nothing to do with anything "Brangelina".

1642 days ago


doesn't matter to me if Angelina and single or not..she is still a hot sexy women.

1642 days ago


I've allways been a Fan of Angelina Jolie, a good actress and a lovely hot say women.

1642 days ago


k so now that you've established what everyone already knew

why can't stupidity like this be removed?

1642 days ago

Mary Worth    

So did Brad finally get rid of that annoying beard? I mean the one on his chin!

1642 days ago


If these guys have got any sense of humanitarian about them that they claim, lets hope if it is true they have the decency not to announce it in the middle of the Haiti clean up!

1642 days ago


Do you dumb people even read the article before you post? It never says they are getting a divorce, it just says they are splitting up. Duh. Anyway, I"m glad A.J is a husband stealing skank who can't even keep a man because she's a frickn' biatch. Too bad for the kids, they never asked for it.

1642 days ago

Sing Sing    

i've been waiting for the other shoe to drop for a while now. and no, i'm not a hater. just a big fan of karma. you know what they say...karma's a bitch. and so is angelina jolie ;)

1642 days ago


No way, Pitt's outta there within a few months... he gets bored with his women after a coupla years, look at Paltrow and Aniston and the many before them. He would've left Jolie sooner but she kept getting preggers so he got trapped (oldest trick in the book, lol)

1642 days ago

London Girl    

@ #5 Charmaine. Where in the piece does it say divorce? It says split.

1642 days ago

you just don't get it    

Jan 25th 2010 by girl in London

The collective intelligence of this site makes one ashamed to be an earthling.

1642 days ago


Every time you mention this couple, you say they're married and they aren't. However, I'll be happy as a puppy with two peters when this couple splits up. He's a jerk for divorcing Jennifer Aniston for this piece of A** and she's a b*tch for announcing that they got together when Brad and Jen were married.

1642 days ago
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