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Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Divorce -- Impossible

1/24/2010 7:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad PittBrad Pitt and Angeline Jolie are not pulling the plug on their relationship, multiple people directly connected with the couple tell TMZ.

There's a report out that Brad and Angie are calling it quits. One source -- who should know -- says, "It's B.S."

BTW -- it's a guarantee the two won't be getting a divorce, because the two are not married.

It is now safe to step back from the ledge.


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44. Here's something for all you MARRIAGE purists to think about - if you live with someone for an extended length of time, and establish a life together, and have a family (read: children) with someone, even if you are not 'married' in your small, pea-brained, middle America sense of the word, you are still 'married' in that, if you decide to separate your lives from one another, there are things that need to be decided, legally.

Posted at 4:48PM on Jan 24th 2010 by Jane


Oh, so you're a slut,too,huh?? Carry on.

1669 days ago

katie lady    

who cares????????????????? neither have talent as actors! and.. who cares what they do?????? feel stupid just writing a comment as it feeds the furies!

1669 days ago


Brad needs to check himself into a mental institution if he is letting go of ANGIE.

But.....even if God himself said they are separating, I wouldn't believe it. Angie is a total package. Brad is a good man. They are good together. I do NOT believe or wouldn't want them to be separated.

I love you Angelina, I am in love with your personality.
I am so proud of you.


1669 days ago


I won't beleive it until I see.....but if it turns out to be true then I'll be singing a little song in my head.

"Ding, dong the witch is dead! The witch is dead. The wicked witch is dead!"


1669 days ago


I hope they stay together. There are six kids who's lives hang in the balance. People need to realize how tough it is on kids when their parents split. Messes them up! From what I read, they are both pretty cool people. Give millions to charity and I saw first hand what Brad has done in New Orleans rebuilding the housing projects taken out by Katrina. So keep it together, guys. We're pulling for all of you!

1669 days ago


The Pitt Jolies contribute to causes,are fine actors and should quite frankly be left alone. We need to start wishing people well in their endeavours in life. I shall continue liking the Pitt Jolies for all of their philanthropy, and trust that this day and the next meets them well.

1669 days ago


I hope Ang and Brad stay together. Ang has got so much more going on.
Anyone who thinks Brad could get back with JA has got straw in their head.
JA proved how dumb, and self-obsessed, she is by saying 'No' to having a baby with her husband and for what? her career.

1669 days ago


As long as the SIX!!!!!! kids are OK, who cares!

1669 days ago


47. no one comments on their acting anymore..... which, once in a while, a long time ago, prior to 'brangelina', some decent roles came out.... now it is all about 'their lives'...... who cares? when is the last time either one of them did a great role and were not nominated because of 'brangelina'? (she did not deserve a nom. for that movie, (?) 'HE IS NOT MY SON!!!) last year and thankfully did not win.... They have become a 'press piece', somewhat like paris hilton. Not d class like her, but if you see a pic of them, they are sell something, normally themselves.

Posted at 5:08PM on Jan 24th 2010 by bmhurts

Read more:

The only smart comment in this thread.

1669 days ago


I think everybody knows that this split is true, but I appreciate the way TMZ checks their facts before making stories public, even if they're wrong sometimes:)
This is a little worrying. Angelina has never been the most stable person in the world, I just hope she is getting some help for her sake and her childrens.
She definetly has a deep need for attention and now things have fallen apart, well. I hope she will be okay.
For years Brad and Ange have been overexposed and its made a lot of people including me (for sure!) so bored with them.
But here are two people having a crap time, no matter how rich and successful they are.

PS: first time I've posted on TMZ and probably the last, coz some posters are just plain scary on here:)
Love your show and it makes me laugh every night, Thanks very much for the entertainment!

1669 days ago


And furthermore...
Okay, its now my second post, What can I say, TMZ is addictive.
Its not like they are blameless in being overexposed, but still there are limits to what a person can take, and it can't have been easy to be hounded by the media like that. Although both are partly responsive for that.
In a perfect world, everyone would give them a break. I hope they don't read anything about themselves and take this whole fame thing as the big fake joke it is.
Like George Clooney does.
Ah, George Clooney:) Deep sigh of happiness...

1669 days ago


You know that something is going on becuz Angelina cant stay faithful to anyone, including herself. And, she just reconciled with her Dad for the umpteenth time. Whenever she reconciles with her Dad you know there is trouble in her relationship as it happened with her last two. And poor Billy Bob on that one. I feel sorry for him because he really loved her. What goes around, comes around Brandulena. I still feel bad for Jen for Angelina breaking that marriage. Now Brad is having to pay for his actions, KARMA. Just because you do all that good does not wipe you away with the evils you have done or hurt you have caused. It just doesnt work that way. Angelina needs to grow up and realize she cant have just anyone she wants then throw them away when shes done. I really wonder how hands on she is with her real n adopted children. All I can say is karma and they both have a lot coming to them for the hurt they have caused others out of their unfaithful lust. Its all really sad. I feel so terrible for those children.

1669 days ago


No, they are not married. Hello! This is the year 2010! BTW, it's fine with me if he loses the chinney chin chin hair for GOOD. Live well and prosper. Sooz

1668 days ago


Brad is not looking nice these days. I compared pictures of him before his relationship with Angie and throughout the relationship. Brad, look at yourself and how this has creeped and morphed you into something very aged and discontented looking. Angie has not been good for you no matter how you try to make it appear that she is good for you and it shows on your face and body and you've lost your spark and the playful mischieveous sparkley you always had in your eyes before Angie. While I won't go so far as to say Angie is evilness and skeleton and looks and acts like one of Satan's wifes, I will say that she has not been a 'good fit' for you and that you fell into her trap and just because you ahve children with her, get it together, take the kids that came from you and run to wherever Angie is NOT. If I were your mother, this is the advice I'd give you; sorry Angie, I'm not really for or against you, but you're just not the right woman for Brad. While you try to donate money and adopt children from everywhere, there is something fundamental missing and your behavior is truly abnormal and you set yourself and those around you up for failure. Unfortunately, you have set your relationship up with Brad in such a way that he looks like a prisoner instead of a husband or lover. Angie has worked hard to take away Brad's opportunities of ever RE-gaining his freedom of her, but even children and animals won't hold Brad when he finally takes a look in the mirror and evaluates life with you now and how much worse it will be in the future as Angie ages and inevitably ends up in a mental ward. Angie's life has been chaotic and it is only a matter of time before the drugs are needed to help her cope. RUN BRAD, RUN while you can and right now you won't look bad but if you wait until she's in the mental ward, well, then that makes you look bad to call it quits then. Just take your children or whatever 'custody' you can get for yourself and your children and do the best you can until your children can make a decision to be with you permanetly. If they have too much of Angie's chaotic genes, then you'll have to deal with that. To get away may allow you life again; to stay is sure death.

1668 days ago

Vix aka Team Aniston    

Brad is running, and he can't run fast enough from the CRAZY NUTCASE Angelina.

I suggest that some of you view a clip where Angelina is wearing a
black strapless dress with those huge emerald earrings and watch how she deliberately bumps into Brad. Those few seconds of body language and unspoken eye contact speaks volumes. I saw this clip on E's entertainment show. I'm telling you, I think that idiot Brad finally
woke up and now realizes he made a huge mistake dating that crazy nut - Angelina.

Run, Brad, Run!

1668 days ago
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