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Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Divorce -- Impossible

1/24/2010 7:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad PittBrad Pitt and Angeline Jolie are not pulling the plug on their relationship, multiple people directly connected with the couple tell TMZ.

There's a report out that Brad and Angie are calling it quits. One source -- who should know -- says, "It's B.S."

BTW -- it's a guarantee the two won't be getting a divorce, because the two are not married.

It is now safe to step back from the ledge.


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1699 days ago


It doesn't matter if they never got married. They still need to legally provide for the children as well as decided where the children will live. Of course, a divorce attorney would be who they would see. I am actually smiling right now. They screwed someone over. Actually, A.J. has screwed people over more than once. Didn't Billy Bob cheat with her as well? She ended up leaving him. Never leave someone for someone you cheated with. You'll just get cheated on yourself. I wonder who the next guy (or girl) is going to be.

1699 days ago


I've always thought this was an ill-fated union no matter how passionate they seemed. But I kinda like the theory a few above mine in regards that perhaps they were making pre-nuptials and they're actually getting married! Interesting. Guess time will tell.

1699 days ago


They started a family before they even knew each other. He has nothing in common with her, he was so desperate to have kids he jumped in with both feet without thinking first.

He is a level headed guy. She is a whack job. She recently said she tears his shirt when he won't admit he is wrong. Other words she thinks she is always right. She also recently said there is nothing wrong with cheating. I wonder if he agrees with that?

They haven't been seen together in 3 weeks. There is no doubt these two are already separated.

1699 days ago


Trust and believe Jennifer does not want Brad back. He has 6 kids with a woman that stole her husband. He is damaged goods.

1699 days ago


Suck on that... F*ck*ng haters and loosers!!! Get a life and move on already!!!!!

1699 days ago


Is no one old enough to remember Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere taking out a full page ad to deny a split, only to, what was it again....oh, that's right, SPLIT!

1699 days ago

The man is out to get Tiger    

Its well know in Hollywood, they're both gay and are just living together to boost their careers. Their Kids were conceived artificially. A.J. will probably go back to her former lover, Jenny Shimizu. Hard to say what Brad is going to do as I don't ever see him coming out, it would make him less marketable.

1699 days ago


Brad is not gay. Just got lost in AJ world. He's snapping out of it just like all the rest. Feel bad for his family, average family that lost a great daughter-in-law because of AJ's spell.

1699 days ago


For the people making the marriage comments...No were in that small article is there anything said about them being married. It said "their relationship".

1699 days ago


Together. Not together. WHO CARES.

1699 days ago


So just for kicks and to see what people have to say about this story, I entered the "live chat room" you have here. Alot of chat but not about Jolie/ Pitt...More like a bunch of horny 13 year olds asking people if they want to lick their balls...I asked some one to boot the idiot who was looking for help to cream his pj's and then I see I am being "warned" not once but twice...Nice TMZ...

1699 days ago


thank u #155 for the info. i was first time user and now last time.

1699 days ago

you just don't get it    

Jan 25th 2010 by summer

So the chat room really isn't that much different than this site.

1699 days ago


Courtenay Cox(Arquette) is that U?

Why do people blame Angie for Brad leaving Jennifer? People do fall out of love, and for no damn reason sometimes. If he hadn't got with Angie do you still think Brad & Jen would be together? I doubt it. Look at who they are now. He seems more humanitarian and she, more self absorbed. And as the rumor goes, she put babies on the backburner while he was ready to be a father. No one was wrong or right in that instance, just not on the same page. Same with Angie. We spend most of our life looking for the most compatible mate and we don't stop until we think we've found it, married or not.

Even if Angie did seduce Brad, he went willingly. They are all adults. In a perfect world, yeah maybe it wouldn't have happened, but welcome to reality. She saw something she wanted and went after it as most of us self-serving, instant gratification loving creatures do.

LOL@implying Jen wouldn't "do" Brad after he's been with Angie. She was screwing John Mayer for crissakes...He's a walking, talking chancre

1699 days ago
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