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Chris Brown -- Silence Is Golden

1/24/2010 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown could have easily explained himself yesterday for that eerie photo he took with a battered-looking Jean Paul Gaultier last week ... but he didn't.

Chris Brown


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Um, what is there to explain? He was invited to his show which had a warrior theme, which was why the guy was covered in FAKE blood and bruises and he took a picture with him. The guy was the one who had invited Chris to the show anyways. TMZ, you guys really making such a big deal out of nothing. So I guess to you guys this means that he takes domestic violence as a joke huh?

1699 days ago


He sure "beat" it out of there.
He didn't even talk "smack."
He just "hit" the bricks.

Is this a haiku?

1699 days ago


Don't tell me he already completed community service? Maybe he should go to Haiti to help those unfortunate victims.
Jail or Haiti chris brown. Whats your pleasure.

1699 days ago


Who is Chris Brown?!?!?

1699 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

To #1, "making such a big deal out of nothing", The picture speaks for it self... Chris Brown is nothing but a low life wife beater and should just GO AWAY!!! .. Boycott

1699 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Chris Brown still needs anger management!!! ...

1699 days ago


To all the dumb asses that think celebrities need to explain every damn thing they do tto the public needs to go get a life! He was invited to the show, so what dont take a freakin picture with the person that invited you! Tmz why is it that he made a bad choice. How about the guy he took the picture with knows what happened with chris and rihanna, so how about maybe he made a bad choice!

1699 days ago


Good job Chris.I would not talk to these sleezy people either. They do not have your best interest at heart. That is not how they make money. There is nothing to say anyway it was a fashion show with a boxing theme. You were invited and are not in charge of the "artitistic" flavor of the show. TMZ needs to move on! Keep the faith!

1699 days ago

what dah f    

tmz is so 2009....

1699 days ago


You can boycott him if you want to. This picture doesn't explain that he is a woman beater because there is a bloodied MAN in the picture, the MAN that invited him to the show in the first place.

1699 days ago


Chris Brown took a picture with a designer so what? Seriously TMZ stop attacking this boy..

to (QUOTE: Don't tell me he already completed community service? Maybe he should go to Haiti to help those unfortunate victims.
Jail or Haiti chris brown. Whats your pleasure.
BY at 11:08AM on Jan 24th 2010 by CHRIS BROWN STILL NEEDS ANGER MANAGEMENT)--- #3 Chris is scheduled to do a telethon on February 5th to raise money for charity idiot. As far as anger management goes he is still doing this as scheduled people really need to STFU

1699 days ago


Keesha, what it says is that he is stupid. He really did beat up a woman and he really did get off lightly. Any retard would have to know that people are going to make a big deal out of a photo like that and they therefore have to avoid anything even remotely questionable like this. He is a celebrity and can't afford to say "I'll do what I want, when I want and I don't care what any of you think or say about it" just does not work like that.

It would be like Harrison Ford getting into a car accident that was not his fault but causes the death of a kid in the other car, and then being photographed the next night at the demolition derby sitting with his son. Image is everything for a celebrity, and making dumb moves like this is not going to help his image whether or not it was innocent.

1699 days ago



He did NOT get off lightly. MOST first offenders do NOT get a felony, but rather they get a misdemeanor and anger management. And they don't get five years probation, either. Please do your research before commenting. You are wrong.

1699 days ago



Also, while it's true that he needs to avoid anything questionable like you said, just imagine what the report would be if Chris Brown refused to take the picture with the DESIGNER who invited him and dressed him for the show.

1. Chris Brown embarrasses Jean Paul Gaultier by refusing to take pic with him.
2. Chris Brown is arrogant and ungrateful for the invite.
3. Chris Brown "snubs" designer who INVITED him and DRESSED him.
4. Chris Brown was being self-centered and made it all about him.
5. Chris Brown was being rude and should have just taken the picture because it was obvious that it was just a boxing theme and he blew it out of proportion.

Now tell me that TMZ and others wouldn't have said any of the above. You all KNOW they would. He can't win.

1699 days ago


LaToyaJackson,wombat and the rest of you haters, i can say the same thing about you, i wonder how many mistakes you made, you probably much older than Chris, and made many mistakes, what about your love ones , it may be worst than Chris. worry about your people. God forgave him, He will be ok.

1698 days ago
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