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Gerard Butler -- Intro to Makeout in 60 Seconds

1/25/2010 12:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gerard Butler's tongue will not be denied -- and last night, it penetrated yet another oral cavity ... in record time.

Gerard Butler: Click to watch
With rumors swirling that he's dating his "Bounty Hunters" co-star Jennifer Aniston, Butler hit the streets of Venice Beach yesterday and exercised his legendary chick-pulling-skills on someone who clearly wasn't Jennifer ... someone with a violin.

Mere moments after he stopped to chat to her -- Butler was in full-on makeout mode.

Then, like a Barry Sanders touchdown celebration, dude simply turned and walked away ... like he's been there a thousand times before.


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Perro Loco    

He is nasty! A big walking STD petri dish. Just imagine the funk growing in his underwear!!!

1733 days ago


did u see that mofo feel her up when he was kissing her?? LOL

it looks like she was wearing white socks..not keds..

1733 days ago


Ah, the great, real, authentic Jennifer Anison/Gerard Butler romance bites the dust!

1733 days ago



I don'[t care what all you people say, the world is ending, have some damn fun!

I would have dragged that man behind that bush and showed him some "69", instead of "300"

1733 days ago


Is that the same girl that TMZ caught him on tape sucking face with at the carnival a few months ago?

1733 days ago


Not surprised; I knew he was trash!

1733 days ago


This guy is just plain DIRTY!
PDA's really how old is he anyway?

1733 days ago


Jen is going to be furious...Gerard is ruining her publicity hoax. Well, she can console herself with one of her girlfriends (read this anyway you want)..and make anyone one of her crappy rom-coms to try again next time with another fake off-screen romance!!! Oh Jen, Jen, when will you learn to act you age.

1733 days ago


I've read that Jen use to date him but is not dating him currently. I've also read she is dating him currently. It just makes you wonder who has it straight.

1733 days ago


Lucky bitch. I'm jealous.

1733 days ago

South Beach    

Hey, if he can play it, more power to him, whatever.

I've always been ok with Jennifer Aniston, but this "5 Years After Brad" thing, damn girl, how embarrassing, get over it already. Jesus. Ancient history. Now people are just laughing or listening politely thinking "Who the hell cares?".

1733 days ago


Jennifer really knows how to pick the guys, doesn't she? Personally, I think she's a player - just in it for the sex.

1733 days ago


There's a videoclip of the whole kiss on another site and I think this is blown out of proportion.

She's not a new girlfriend. She's a fan and I think she asked for a kiss and he went for it but nothing serious came out of it.

If there was more to it, why is Ariel Vromen and some of Gerry's other friends watch and even one of them at least take some pictures?

At some point, Gerry is waving his arm over his head and it looks like she wanted more and he's blowing her off. She doesn't look too sure of what just happened when she goes inside the house and it's not a look of somebody pleased but in shock of what is to come. It's more the look of somebody who just got used for a moment and is being blown off.

At least, all you obsessed people thinking he only does black chicks, now you see, he even does white chicks with some curves. Btw, if he's so into black chicks, why was he keeping hidden his black girlfriend in 2008 and going to parties with a beautiful blond woman he was introducing as his girlfriend. I'm not talking of Red Carpet parties but private parties with friends. You could see him dancing and making out with the blond and he didn't care who saw them. For some reason, when it was his black girlfriend, he wouldn't even be seen with her on a NYC street in August 2008. He was acting like she wasn't with him. Could it be that one black chick really hurt him so bad in 2006 that he's still bitter!

1733 days ago

andrea HOWARD    

basically it looks like a couple of ho-ees exchanging herpes orally in the street where the female ho wants more because heeeeee's gerrrard butt-lerrrrr and male ho knows when to quit. That is all.

1733 days ago


I was his huge fan... Until now. It's just simply disgusting.

1732 days ago
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