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'Jersey Shore' -- MTV Tries to Divide and Conquer

1/25/2010 10:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The stars of "Jersey Shore" have been negotiating with MTV like "Friends"... but the network could be turning them into enemies with some serious brinkmanship.

Jersey Shore
Sources tell TMZ the network has told the cast if they don't accept MTV's deal by the end of business Monday, they will be replaced. And, MTV has told them it does not have to be a package deal -- the cast members who accept the offer will stay ... those who do not can have a nice life.

As we first reported, MTV offered each cast member a $10,000 signing bonus and $5,000 per episode. We're told the cast rejected the offer and made it clear they would all stand together and hold out for their price, though they didn't say what it was.

MTV made a new offer of $10,000 an episode -- there are 12 episodes in the new season -- but so far the cast hasn't responded.

We're told MTV already has replacements if Snooki, Pauly D, The Situation and the others don't accept the offer on Monday. But, we're told, MTV is happy to mix and match if some of the cast accepts the offer and others don't.

As for who's being the most hard-headed in the negotiations -- The Situation and Pauly D.


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They're not worth a free pizza, let alone $10K an episode. Uggggggh I can't stand these little hobgoblins.

1641 days ago

Need Publicity?    

I bet if MTV threw in free hair gel, tanning sessions, liposuction, and trips to the STD clinic, the kids would cave.

1641 days ago

um, no thanks    

MTV is full of shi-. They are bluffing a bunch of kids they think will fold like a pup tent.
MTV is a business run by business people and there is no way, none, whatsoever they are going to risk loosing the ratings they have with the unknown factor of a complete new cast, no way, no how. They are bluffing!!!!
If the entire cast sticks together, cuts off communication except through one and only one source they have no choice but to pay them more money.

What happens if they tried to recast and it did not sell? Here is what happens, they would be the laughing stock of television and people would be fired, laid off, job hunting with being stupid on their resume.

Call their stinking bluff. NBC just spent 50 million dollars on a studio they have to scrap and another 42 on Conan, because they could not get numbers to sell advertising. Tell them to save their bully games for some west coast chumps.
Tell them you want 25,000.00 a show, a tanning bed and some hot chick to pick up and drop off the laundry every day and some one to clean the house a couple of times a week.
Let them go explain how they trashed a ratings gold mine that fell in their lap because of an Italian group calling for it to be canned and TMZ making it news and giving them the best free publicity money can buy.
Laugh hard at the bs hard ball they are trying to play.
Who cares if the cast are total tools, they lucked into a gig that has numbers and the MTV brass does not have the balls to do what they say they will do, call their bluff and let them recast and work on their resumes if they are that bad with knowing what to do with ratings.

1641 days ago


No it would not be the same and I don't think alot of people would watch without the cast as it is right now.I think it's cool that there doing this as a group ,it shows some sort of banding together.The only person that would be okay on there on is Snookie.

1641 days ago


number 17 and those alike

u are comparing apples with oranges

mtv knows that even if they loose this cast,ANY reality show is basically a hit,coz the crowd loves it
so jersey show can be replaced by something better without them having to pay the casts a fortune

now the tonight show or something like Friends,is not a dime a dozen like reality shows,these kind of shows are hard to duplicate and thats why networks fight to get the actors or hosts pleased

so these kids from jersey have a future i believe,but its too early for them to play hardball becoz seriously MTV did get high ratings for them but they will again with any reality show

so take the 10 grand an episode and start spreading ur wings beyond MTV,guys
it wont last long at that network
Name one star from MTV in the past that is still there....none
all replaced......

name one star from NBC that is still there,plenty

1641 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

Actually I'd rather watch Jersey Shore than Friends. But the kids need to accept the offer now. And I hope the girl that walked off is back for season 2 also.

1641 days ago


To TMZ: Why can't I use this word in my comments?

Main Entry: she·nan·i·gan
Pronunciation: shə-ˈna-ni-gən
Function: noun
Etymology: origin unknown
Date: 1855
1 : a devious trick used especially for an underhand purpose
2 a : tricky or questionable practices or conduct —usually used in plural b : high-spirited or mischievous activity —usually used in plural

1641 days ago

um, no thanks    

Number 18, you do not know what your talking about. Reality television shows fall flat on their face all the time. Do you know how many reality shows are on the air? In the works, on the back burner? Do you understand ratings, rate cards, advertising sales.
An extra million dollars for an entire season of programs is nothing at all for the numbers they are getting.
It's about advertising and what they can sell it for, it's about bringing in more viewers into the MTV family of shows, it's about putting a serious dent in the pie of television viewers.

It's chicken feed, 50,000.00 would be chicken feed if they understood the actual value of viewers.
This is the deal, When you loose viewers your rarely get them back and you can't afford to loose what you have.
You're out of your element and talking about a business I know frontward and backwards.

I won't tell you who makes the best ketchup if you don't tell me about television.

1641 days ago


They should totally hold out.

If effing no-talent Heidi Montag is worth $100K an episode and her handler no-talent Spence is worth $65K an episode then the entire jersey crew is worth a minimum of $250K a show.

The situation, Pauly, and Snooki are the core. If MTV can't see that they are blind. Kick the rest to the curb and the show would be just as good.

1641 days ago


Situation, Snookie, Pauly D, JWOWW, and Ronnie deserve to be back and be paid the amount they want. They are pretty entertaining, and goos to laugh at, which is essentially what the show is about. Those crazy hoes from the Hills get paid over 100 grand each per episode and they have lower ratings.

I dont know why angelina is in talks to be back she contributes nothing, and she doesnt bring anything to the table, shes not even hot, they should bring in a new person to replace her and Sammie. Sammie just bitched and moaned the entire time- she has got to go.

1641 days ago


$10,000 an episode as oppoed to $10 hr working at a T-shirt shack?
Send these uneducated douchebags packing.

1641 days ago


I think the fame is already getting to their heads, I understand that the show is a hit i really enjoy watching it but its kinda rude that they except this amount of money for just season 2, As for, Pauly,Mike,Snooki&JWOWW & maybe Ronnie i understand where they are coming from they are the cast in my opinion, bring them back and leave out the other two that didnt do anything but just bitch!

Im also thinking, how long before everyone is starting to get tired of it? Tanning,Sleeping,Eating,Partying? do we really want to see that lets say 3 seasons long?

1641 days ago


$130k to vacation? Dumbass people. I don't know how the idiots on the Hills get over 100k per episode.

1641 days ago


I don't understand all you people who are getting so deep and technical about this... These kids are novelties - not talent.

The fact that sponsors pull away from the show will hurt it in the long run as the novelties of GTL & bar fights wear off & the next big 'thing' comes along - that's probably way they don't want to shell out the cash (unlike The Hills, which was sponsor friendly & those kids were willing to WORK w/ MTV & become scripted).

Real World puts a new cast in place every season & that show is still going (somehow). The same can happen with Jersey Shore.

And what sucks for these kids is that they honestly THINK that they're true celebrities w/ staying power & not the pop culture joke that they really are & the 15 mins IS ticking down. Take the $10K signing, make a reasonable offer to up the per show, and move on with it.

1641 days ago


No wonder the country is in such a mess! Good solid, educated people are losing their jobs while these ignorant, UNEDUCATED, slobs are getting $5-10K/week to display their ignorance and stupidity.

1641 days ago
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