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Khloe to Barack Obama -- I'm a Big, Big Fan

1/25/2010 5:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dateline Washington, D.C. Time: 3:08 PM. Subject: Decline of Western Civilization. Khloe Kardashian gets face time with President Barack Obama.

Khloe Kardashian and Barack Obama
We kid. Khloe is there because her husband, Lamar Odom, is there with his L.A. Lakers teammates to celebrate their 2009 NBA championship.

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Have you guys seen the Death photos of All the celebrities that died? Check them out they are sick. http://www.Celebrity-Autopsies.com

1700 days ago


Get over Bill Ayres' youth as he is now a 66-year-old college instructor and is entitled to have changed his views in life and to have found balance within his own psyche.

On the other hand, this photo op with one of the disturbed Kardashians does not help President Obama's decreasing ratings at the moment. He truly was the right man for the job, however he permitted himself to be sold out by attempting to appease everyone and bring a divided country together when the extreme right-wing and left-wing are (both) dysfunctional families. There is no resolution to our problems in this beautiful country until everyone begins to swallow their ego and come from the absolute center.

An Independent who voted for Barack Obama....

1700 days ago


These 2 people are photo ops waiting to happen.And theyhave just about that much substance.

1700 days ago


lol.....her sister kim just tweeted this TMZ pg bragging.no,I don't follow her, it was on Huff.post site.

1700 days ago


you know..if this man healed world hunger, cured sickness and everyone lived happily everafter, you jackasses would find something, anything negative to say about him, his wife and children. this just shows the true nature of alot of people. it is a very sad situation. you cannot make something right in a short amount of time. he is human and can and will make mistakes. every president has done that. that man is not the sole person making decisions, there are alot of people in the background doing things aswell. he's not perfect and we are not perfect. we learn and try to correct our mistakes. PRESIDENTS MAKE MISTAKES!! NOT ONE WAS PERFECT! BTW I have voted Republican and Democrate at differnet times and all have F'd something up in their term.

1700 days ago


She is such a slut, but SHE thinks she is great. She looks horrible and sounds just as bad. The world is getting desperate if they think she is special.

1700 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

Get over Bill Ayers' "youth?" First off, he was/is a murdering terrorists along with his whore of a wife. Only reason why he, his wife, and the rest of the terrorist organization, Weather Underground, are not rotting in prison right now is because of a technicality during the criminal proceedings. The same wife that applauded the Manson murders. Your ignorance and disinterest in savage, anti-American domestic terrorists is frightening.

1700 days ago


Check out this video. Nice!

Strong message here from the TEA PARTY movement. This really is non
political, but a strong message to congress, senate and

Hope you enjoy this. America Rising:

1700 days ago

sly ebbie    

omg khole u look so scared and happy at the same time am happy for you if that was me face to face with barack i think i would of fall out love ya peace !!!!!!!!!!!!

1700 days ago


is that her hand or a hoof?

1700 days ago


Hopefully , there is only 3 more years left of this POS. Where is this so called change that he promised through out his campaign? In a time , where our economy is in the shape that it is , we need a president not a wanna-be celebrity! He is a disgrace to this country!

1700 days ago


This is AWESOME!!!!

1700 days ago


71. Bruce, such a shame your step-daughters are whores designed by your wife-their mother as you cruise on into your geritol years. You people finally got a chance to get it right and your tranny step-daughter acted like the total trailer trash she was inbred to be. The people of Armenia must be absolutely horrified and the Kardashian father i'm sure, has dug himself into another graveyard in another country out of shame & embarassment. That same shame & embarassment came during the OJ Simpson trial, but nothing & no one ever thought these three little pigs would bring even more shame, disease, disrespect, filth and a "stench" out of this world to an already dispicable, dysfunctional family. So, which one of the three little pigs is taking care of OJ's conjugal visits, do they take turns? Oh wait, I got it....Kris is rocking the ole penitentiary trailer, could explain why she's slipping you viagra. As much as her and the skankettes talk about big black schlongs, it's so sad she hasn't figured out that there is a difference between a white one and a black one. P A T H E T I C, and making you look every bit the old fool any chance they get. Example: Your stepdaughter walking into the white house wearing her knee pads locked & loaded, stiletto stripper pumps, dirty hair, bathroom stall make-up job and a wrinkled ghetto fab dress. Clearly, a shower or bath wasn't a priority.

1700 days ago


Chloe has a beautiful shape and u people are nasty haters...i know u are all so angry that this woman wont start vomiting or taking dope to satisfy your sick need to watch people live for others...her weight is perfect...and many of you would sell ur mamas to have a shape like hers...you liars...any one of u who deny...CONGRATS Chloe, and to ur family...u did it girl and they are just hatin cause youve got that hourglass working...my grandma would have called it your mansnatcher)...u married that tall drink of coffee, and now u get to chillax with yet another sexy brotha...the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT OF THE USA!...haters...all of you...

1700 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

78. Hopefully , there is only 3 more years left of this POS. Where is this so called change that he promised through out his campaign? In a time , where our economy is in the shape that it is , we need a president not a wanna-be celebrity! He is a disgrace to this country!

Posted at 5:19PM on Jan 25th 2010 by Joe


In Obama's defense, he didn't really say that the "change" would be better or worse for the country, he just said "change!!" LOL!!!

1700 days ago
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