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Angelina Jolie & Bro Make Video Tribute to Mom

1/26/2010 6:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina Jolie and her brother James Haven have joined forces to release a video tribute to their late mother Marcheline Bertrand -- featuring home movies from 1981 ... when Angie was just 6-years-old.

Marcheline Bertrand: Click to watch
The video, which shows the family messin' around during a trip to Hawaii, ends with a message that reads, "We Miss You Mom ... With Love, Angelina and James."

Wednesday marks the 3-year anniversary of Marcheline's death.

TMZ has confirmed that Angelina and James were behind the posting of the video.


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Bye the way #22 and #81...there is no conspiracy theory, "timing" issue,or big plan just b/c she did this for her Mom's 3 year anniversary...I lost my Dad about 3 years ago-I can say I wouldn't be able to put something like this together until about now...It takes a few years to recover from a huge loss. So, in your judgmental minds it may make more "sense" to put a tribute out after a year or 2, but that's not how the heart works...not on a schedule. It takes some distance from a loss to be able to watch videos, look at letters...Some people take longer than others. You people obviously have never lost someone precious to you, or you have but are just judgmental a-holes. Either way, come on...have some heart. This woman did nothing to you and this family was simply trying to honor their Mom.

1696 days ago


The only thing sad about the video is that Angelina is so desperate for attention that she'll exploit her own dead mom. Doesn't she usually buy another baby when she gets bored? I give Madonna a few months before she releases a "private" tribute onto Youtube of her dead mom too.

1696 days ago

Deb Harper    

Great off of it. You lose your mom and then you can be more insightful. I think it was a lovely way to show the world how much they loved their mom. Angie haters need to back off. You are way out of line. Look in the mirror more.

1696 days ago


James & Angelina, what a great tribute, so beautiful. My heart aches for both of you, there is no greater loss than that of a parent. Angelina you are a very kind, generous and special person. I'm so proud of all the good work you and Brad are doing.
Ignore previous ugly comments.

1696 days ago


of course she did, there is negative press to distract from

1696 days ago


It was very touching. Very nice.
I wish I could call my mom.

1696 days ago

Sing Sing    

as much as i despise some of angelina's actions with brad at the beginning of the relationship and as much as i think karma will bite her in the butt for that one day, i do honestly think they made this video and made it public in order to grieve. apparently, she is still really messed up over her mom's death. i think this is going to help her somehow. the least we could do is assume the best of her intentions regarding this video and say nice things.

1696 days ago


It's really nice, I like it! :)

1696 days ago


In response to a comment made by feldmans enemy; it is not odd to make a public tribute for a dead parent. I remember my father, every year on his birthday, with a memorial in our local newspaper. It feels like a respectful thing to do, even if the person has passed away. Since the person is no longer here for you to celebrate holidays, or even everyday events with you, it feels appropriate to recognize them in some way. The video was very sweet.

1696 days ago


That video made me cry. It made me appreciate my parents and loved ones. It made me FEEL.

...and maybe that was the point. As human beings we have a universal appreciation for Love, Loss, and happy memories. To people who are cynical and who ask 'why did they have to make this public', I that others can experience their human feelings and appreciate each other.

I am so proud to be a fan of Angelina....and my heart ACHES for her that she doesn't have her wonderful mother with her anymore. The video really conveyed what an AWESOME mother marcheline was. God rest her soul. I love Angelina, and I will support her always. Thank you for posting this. I am so glad she has Brad and the kids.

1696 days ago

Woo Hoo!!!!    

Why did she need to make the video public? Is nothing private with her?

1696 days ago


I am seriously at a loss for words here when the news broke that her and brad broke up and her mother passed away 3 yrs ago, Angelina was not even beside her mom when she passed....the story is long here.

Miss master of manipulation is up to something...

Rest In Peace Marcheline!

1696 days ago


1696 days ago


That's too bad that Mom died.
Her daughter Always was a sleaze ball in one way or another. WHO does she think she was trying to kid? Her and Pitt deserved each other. EACH has quite the slimy background, probably both have every STD in the book!

1696 days ago


Does no one look under the surface with this woman? Everyone seems to take what she says and does at face value. Interesting this video surfaces at the time the splitsville and cheating rumors surface. If you decide to commemorate the anniversary of your mother's death with a video, then circulate it among family and friends, NOT the general public.

1696 days ago
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