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Bradley Cooper -- A Piece of the Pacific

1/26/2010 8:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bradley Cooper took alleged GF Renee Zellweger for a look-see at his alleged new home near the beach in L.A.


The photo was snapped near Bradley's 3335 square foot, 3 bedroom home in Pacific Palisades -- where Tom Hanks, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many other stars hang their shingle. It was listed at $4.7 mil.

Renee -- cleverly disguised as the Unabomber -- shadowed B.C.


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1696 days ago


who cares. seriously. let them be. if they have to hide out in the woods dressing in a ted kaczynski cross tom hanks man with one red shoe in the wilderness deal, well then ... they won. why bother following them. obviously there is nothing interesting there. ... I just built a tree house while wearing a "santa knows" t-shirt... where the hell were you?

this story blows.

1696 days ago


Renee looks like a fool. What does she have to hide, like anyone cares about her, and even so, what's with the stupid looking getup and mannerisms? If I were Bradly, I'll tell her to stop acting like an idiot, hiding all the time, not wanting to be seen. She makes herself MORE noticable dressing like this with this behavior. What is wrong with her? Dress decently Renee and put a smile on your face. It won't kill you and you won't look like such a foolish idiot anymore, and MAYBE Bradly will continue to want to see you. They way you look and are acting here, if I were him, I'd leave you at the curb!

1696 days ago


Arnold better get his nazi a ss in a studio apartment. Maybe he didn't get the memo but the state is completely broke!!

1696 days ago


People who waste their whole life wanting to be first on a site like this are the lowest forms of human life possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They aren't even human!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1696 days ago

South Beach    

He's great looking, she's just irritating. Ever hear her speak? Like fingernails on a chalkboard. Well, to each their own.

1696 days ago


I think their relationship is fake. There is absolutely nothing about them that screams 'real couple' to me. And why in the hell is she always dressing like a boy? I understand comfort, but she always looks like she's going, or coming from a workout. For crying out loud lady you're 40 years old. Dress like it.

1696 days ago


Why don't these two just go public and stop this childish hiding!They're not as great as they think they are!

1696 days ago


This picture tells me that Zellweger is so full of herself that she let Cooper be exposed to picture-takers when she covered up so she wouldn't be recognized, she is so famous and popular. NOT. Idiot woman. I can't stand her!

1696 days ago

I can't believe it    

He is gorgeous and she looks like a fool dressed in those clothes. He could do so much better. Like me, for example.

1696 days ago
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