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Nancy Grace - Not Camera Ready for Deposition

1/26/2010 12:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nancy GraceIt's classic. Nancy Grace does not want her deposition taken because she's afraid someone will manipulate the videotape and take her out of context.

Grace is being sued by the parents of Melinda Duckett, who killed herself -- allegedly after Grace went on the air and suggested the woman might be responsible for the disappearance of her child.

Grace's deposition is scheduled to be taken this Thursday in Atlanta. Grace and CNN have objected to the videotaping of the depo.

In her legal papers, Grace's lawyer says, "The risks associated with releasing deposition videotapes prior to trial are high due to video's unique ability to be abused as they can be cut and splice and used as 'sound bites' and taken wholly out of context."

The papers go on to say there have been threats against Grace and a videotaped deposition "would serve no purpose but to further harass, embarrass and intimidate Ms. Grace and corrupt the jury pool."


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So Nancy Grace can speculate, throw out innuendos and participate in biased reporting but the practice doesn't apply to her? Give her a dose of her own medicine!

1733 days ago


So apparently she doesn't want to be treated the same way she treats others ???Imagine that ???What Irony ...LOL

1733 days ago


This baby, Trenton Duckett, was never found... his father is still heartbroken.

1733 days ago

jOhNNy bOttLeS    

She's so quick to put everyone else on blast, now when it comes to her she's like can we keep this quiet...for the twins. Nancy "chickenhead" Grace = HIPOCRIT. reap what you sew b*tch. I hope Casey Anthony gets aquitted and throws you in her trunk.

1733 days ago

lost in lalaland    

Pot, meet kettle.

1733 days ago


Nancy Grace is the worlds biggest heartless bitch anyways, this doesn't suprise me. If she was even half human instead of full fledged demon, she would at least express her sadness or remorse for this woman. There is a special place in hell for her.

1733 days ago


I didn't know that she accused Michael Jackson of crimes. That changes my view of her from positive to negative.

1733 days ago

um, no thanks    

She should know all about that, she is a master at taking things out of context and using them against other people.
Over the top obnoxious people like her always want to be treated differently than they treat other people and who can blame them.

She likes to bully people around on camera but is scared for people to see her tell the truth on camera because it might make her look bad.

How ironic, this is the exact same type of request networks usually fight tooth and nail strongly claiming the public has a right to know the truth.

1733 days ago


she has a big, forceful mouth; is rude to her guests if they don't agree with her over and over again; but if they agree, her tone of voice changes. she needs to change or undate her hairdo.
oh yeah, i stopped watching her one hour show, her format is awful, two minutes of recap from the beginning of the story, i.e., tiger woods, asks her guest some questions; don't give them time to answer, then it goes to break; and the exact format starts over again, recaping, recaping, recaping, recaping, it is called boring, boring, boring, boring. nope don't watch her show anymore.
love joy behar's new show!

1733 days ago


It's about time this b****es mouth caught up with her. I hope Ms. Duckett gets a huge settlement.

1733 days ago


People, go read the entire transcript on CNN. Even the interviewed psychologist said that Melinda's skirting around the issues was a concern, and that her reactions are not typical of a mother who has a missing child. Melinda herself said she wasn't crying her eyes out over it and gluing herself to the police station--something to that effect. In my opinion, her admission to her guilt was committing suicide.

1733 days ago


you are a complete and utter f*cking moron. Learn the facts before you run your mouth off, Trenton WAS NEVER FOUND and this dirty bitch killed herself to ease the pain of killing this poor child. His dna was found on a pillow case that was thrown in the garbage along with his toys (you know cause she was heart broken). Nancy Grace deserves a award for pushing this bitch off the edge. Less tax payers dollars going to keep her alive.

since you know nothing like a moron there is a thing called google I suggest you use it and search the term helpfindtrenton, or if you are feeling really smart put a dot com after it. I understand that may confuse you but maybe just maybe you can learn how to use the internet before you run your mouth off.

1733 days ago


My deAR Jeanne,
or whatever your poor wannabe lesbian name is;
My congregation and I pray for your poor lost soul and forgiveness for your false idol Nancy "the Pig" Grace".
You will probably burn in Hell for even envying her wig. There is no hope....Satan = Nancy
Burn in Hell for those you have acussed without fair trial.

Is it no wonder that witch rhymes with bitch?

1733 days ago


Obama is the best president in the history of mankind. I can't believe all the racist comments criticizing him on the other page. I wish they would remove term limits and let Obama be president indefinitely. He is a great leader.

1733 days ago


Cil, or whatever;
Stop sucking your Depends; you're suppossed to throw them away.
Recharge the batteries to your vibrator and go back to watching Conan. Never mind, he's dead; so watch Jimmy or whatever;
When your vajayjay dries up, that means you are suppossed to die;

so what's the hodup?

1733 days ago
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