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Nancy Grace - Not Camera Ready for Deposition

1/26/2010 12:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nancy GraceIt's classic. Nancy Grace does not want her deposition taken because she's afraid someone will manipulate the videotape and take her out of context.

Grace is being sued by the parents of Melinda Duckett, who killed herself -- allegedly after Grace went on the air and suggested the woman might be responsible for the disappearance of her child.

Grace's deposition is scheduled to be taken this Thursday in Atlanta. Grace and CNN have objected to the videotaping of the depo.

In her legal papers, Grace's lawyer says, "The risks associated with releasing deposition videotapes prior to trial are high due to video's unique ability to be abused as they can be cut and splice and used as 'sound bites' and taken wholly out of context."

The papers go on to say there have been threats against Grace and a videotaped deposition "would serve no purpose but to further harass, embarrass and intimidate Ms. Grace and corrupt the jury pool."


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What military are you in, #15?    

I hope this POS loses that lawsuit, and also that KARMA runs over her DOGMA.
She is a biased, self-promoting ahole that acts like a rabid know it all dog.

I knew her big mouth would get her in trouble one day.

1667 days ago


sometimes as i channel surf i land on her show and i wait to see if when is it going to be that i will be one of the faithfuls. to me it seems as though she is nothing but a holier than thou - looking down her nose judgmental snob. it seems as though she walked into a room that smells like crap with her frown, or could it be her make-up? she and hannity should have hooked up and given the title as shanncy.

1667 days ago

Bobo Frog    

76. So apparently she doesn't want to be treated the same way she treats others ???Imagine that ???What Irony ...LOL

Posted at 11:45AM on Jan 26th 2010 by huh


1667 days ago


You CANNOT call someone's death a "suicide", then turn around and accuse SOMEONE ELSE of "causing it"!

Nancy Grace DIDN'T kill this lady and questioning her parents about it didn't lead to her KILLING HERSELF! She was a grown adult who was competent enough to make her own decisions, and noone but HER is responsibe for her own death!

But people are IDIOTS, and they're always looking for a scapegate to blame in a "suicide" case. Noone wants to hold the person who killed THEMSELVES responsible for their own death because that means there's no "bad guy" to go after. The responsibility and blame for that person's actions falls completely and totally on THEM, and THAT rubs people's "humanitarian compassion" the wrong way.

1667 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

As usual, the unemployed viscious show up at TMZ to trash someone who is smarter and more accomplished then they'll ever be. I watched the interview that supposedly was the catalyst for the mom to commit suicide. I am fairly sure the most hateful of you here did not. Because if you had, you would have heard Nancy Grace asking the mom: "You have a national audience, please just tell us which J.C. Penney you were at, so they can pull video tape and perhaps see if you were being followed." Up to the point of this interview, all the mom would say was that her kid was taken out of a window while she was in the living room.

And that they'd been shopping that day, and one stop was Penney's.

Nancy Grace did not attack her. She was giving the mom a national platform to say where she'd been and when, in case they were being followed and the kidnapper followed them home (and snatched the kid). Nancy Grace can be very in your face, but she was asking the mom to tell her national audience where they'd been and when and perhaps someone in her audience had seen something. But Melinda went mute.

She was cagey, weird, suspicious and would say NOTHING. She committed suicide in my opinion because she had the national platform and failed to be convincing. She looked somehow involved IF YOU SAW THE INTERVIEW. Melinda had something to do with her kid's disappearance, or so it certainly looked. She didn't have to go on Nancy Grace. Most despondant parents would have been pleading for her. Not Melinda. Nancy Grace was very direct but I felt she was as shocked as I was that the mom was completely silent. So where's your freaking kid today, Melinda? No body ever found.

1667 days ago


you are a complete and utter f*cking moron. Learn the facts before
you run your mouth off, Trenton WAS NEVER FOUND His dna
was found on a pillow case that was thrown in the garbage along with his toys (you know cause she was heart broken). Nancy Grace deserves an award for pushing this bitch off the edge. Less tax payers dollars going to keep her alive.

since you know nothing like a moron there is a thing called google I suggest you use it and search the term helpfindtrenton, or if you are feeling really smart put a dot com after it. I understand that may confuse you but maybe just maybe you can learn how to use the
internet before you run your mouth off.

1667 days ago


I may not always agree with Nancy Grace but I 100% believe that Melinda Duckett knew what happened to little Trenton. Melinda did not commit suicide because of Nancy Grace she killed herself either out of guilt or fear she was going to get busted. I could give you so many instances where Melinda was shady. She had filed several false reports with Children/Family Services about Trenton's dad which were proven to be completely false. She refused to take a lie detector test or co-operate with law enforcement. She threw away Trenton's baby clothes and toys a few days after reporting him missing. Threw away pictures of Trenton...even the ultrasound pictures. In her interviews she would never give a straight answer to anything. Lied about her whereabouts and when the police caught her in the lie by triangulating her cell phone usage with the cell towers continued to lie about everything. She was not some sweet, innocent, naive little girl...she knew her way around the system and how to manipulate it. I don't think she killed Trenton but I do think it was either an accident she was covering up or she sold the baby to someone. She seemed to be very vindictive towards Trenton's dad.
It's not like Nancy Grace changed her M.O. She treated Melinda the same way she treats everyone on her show. It is the Nancy Grace show after all. If you don't like her then don't watch it...if you have something to hide or are guilty of something...then you don't bloody hell go on as a guest of her show.

Bottom line is if (God forbid) something happened to my little boy and Nancy Grace wanted to a segment about him...I would be thanking my lucky stars. I would answer any damn question she asked me...hell, I would invite her to my house so she could check through my dirty laundry if it would help. I would take 1 million lie detector tests, be hypnotized, be given truth serum...anything and everything to help the police find my child. If Nancy wanted to call me a bad parent because I smoked pot in high school and once had sex with a a complete stranger who picked me up in a bar then by all means let her. Because 5 minutes of publicity on the Nancy Grace show might mean that one person who saw something suspicious would report it to the police.

This has really got me het up. Any parent out there has got to agree with me. You don't think Mark Klass (Polly's dad) and John Walsh (Adam's dad) agrees with me? Instead of everyone being so worried about poor little Melinda (Boo Hoo) being so traumatized by Nancy that she killed herself...let's start thinking about how traumatized little Trenton may have been. Let's put all the little children Caley, Halliegh, Gabriel, Sandra, Neveah, Hassani, Jaycee and Elizabeth Smart to just name a few.

And in closing...a parent who's child is missing would not give up hope after only 2 weeks and kill themselves. That (to me) is the biggest neon sign of Melinda's guilt over Trenton's disappearance.
I would never give up looking for my child. Of doing whatever I could to bring him back safe and sound. Never.

1667 days ago


3. I'll bet the Nancy Grace endorsement was one Barack Obama could've refused...

She did so much campaigning for Obama with Michael Moore in her home state that people were starting to get tired of her.


She campaigned for Obama with Michael Moore? I don't think I like her anymore.

1667 days ago


If you ever want to see what Nancy Grace is all about then watch her interview with Elizabeth Smart. This young lady calls her out as only an innocent could. Nancy couldn't bully her.

1667 days ago

Crissy Angela    

Yeah, I saw that episode of "Jeopardy" where this southern-fried dumbass answered with "Flamingo Dance." She is not intelligent, just a bitch.

1667 days ago


Any of you Nancy Grace haters have any idea why a 21 year old woman who ..."wasn't" ... responsible.... for the disappearance of her own son, ..... would KILL HERSELF???????

Maybe because she WAS RESPONSIBLE??!!! Or THOUGHT she was???? And the agony of realizing it was her own fault was too much for her to bear????!!!!

You people need to sit down and shut up, because your 2nd grade temper tantrums and finger pointing illustrate your incompetence!

1667 days ago


She always has this facial expression of someone took a nasty crap, and it waasn't me.
Nancy, look down, that floater that didn't flush?
That's you pig...

1667 days ago


she is mean sprite bitch. nothing but big mouth.cnn, you should find someone better anchor,america is full of smart and talented people. you dont need that whore.

1667 days ago


I got tired of watching her promote her "twins" and talk in such a sweet sappy voice only to turn around and start yelling and her panel when trying to answer a question for which she ask. Hardly do they get more than 3 words before her over acting starts in. It is then I have to change the channel and it's to bad because I like the content I'm just sorry I can't watch because she brings my dinner back up! She does not promote the story only her opinion which is usually a JUDGE JUDY screaming manner.

1667 days ago

Best Mom    

Schoen1: When Michael was falsely accused of molestation, she relentlessly pursued the "guilt" factor -- it was terrible! Michael deserved a fair, impartial audience -- just like she wants right now -- I personally will never forgive her for what she did to Michael on the air. Beyond shameful!

1667 days ago
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