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Tila Tequila

Baby For Sale

1/26/2010 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tila Tequila -- Baby For SaleTila Tequila says she's pregnant and she's willing to confirm it -- for a price.

We've learned Tila is shopping an ultrasound around she says proves she's having a baby.

As for who the father is ... God only knows.

UPDATE: Tila tells TMZ, "I hope it's a boy but I'm not gonna find out 'cause I don't wanna know. But if it's a boy the name is Jayden. A girl - it's Violet."

She says the baby daddy is "a Swedish man - gorgeous."

Tila Tequila pictures.


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It's very easy to get an ultrasound picture and photoshop a name and date in on the side, isn't it?

Again, we the public ALL have so many saved pages of her lies which she posted on Twitter and then in her Blogs, and quickly erased again... If we can figure it out withsuch ease - Why can't the police. This loser should have been arrested already. It makes our justice system look very bad. No one could know exactly what happened in the room, but Tila was most definitely there when Casey passed away - and she's is solely to blame for making it look so obvious.

Also, you gotta love how Tila is trying desperately now to make Courtenay Semel look like a real monster in contrast to herself, following Courtenay's interview. Courtenay's interview doesn't even compare to the wretched manner which Tila has treated Casey Johnson's death between her posting the half naked photos and videos, and the interviews etc - doesn't even compare to Courtenay simply mentioning a sex tape... Doesn't even compare to what Tila has done in the last two months-she tarnished a woman's life and is leaving the daughter a legacy that no one would ever be proud of. It's beyond disgusting. But you gotta love how Tila is trying desperately to place blame on Courtenay and putting it out there like she is so much worse the human being... It's clear the main reason Courtenay mentioned her and Casey's sex tape was to continue to try and say that the only reason Casey and Tila were together was because they both would make something like that for fame and money. Wake up people.

Tila you are the dirtiest person ever.

1731 days ago


who cares... ugly lesbo.

1731 days ago


I NO LONGER watch shows like Entertainment Tonight, Extra and for sure TMZ! I use to like these shows but now they are all about NOTHING AND NOBODIES!!!! When they begin reporting on NOBODIES like JON AND KATE, OCTOMOM AND GARBAGE IT IS NO LONGER INTERESTING. HOPEFULLY ALL THE RATINGS ON THESE PROGRAMS WILL DROP AND THE WORLD WILL TAKE A NEW DIRECTION!!!!

1731 days ago


i actually think she is hot looking and a really very good actress in reality shows..she just seems misunderstood and im never quick to judge a person,,

Posted at 12:53PM on Jan 26th 2010 by cheeta

Are you FU**ING kidding me? A good actress on reality shows? That does not even make sence. How can you be a good actress on a reality show? This must be tila making the comment. I must have no life because I just read every comment about this girl and not 1 person, NOT EVEN 1 put something nice to say about this whore. She is a waste of human trash and the air that she breathes. Please stop giving her a platform to keep her 15 minutes going. IF she is prego ( which I highly doubt ) Someone needs to push her down a flight of stairs and do the baby and every american a huge favore. This girl is the biggest attention whore that ive ever seen. I cant believe im saying this but, please tmz, if its between Speidy and this piece of crap that your going to post stuff about. I choose spiedy.

1731 days ago


The real question is: WHO CARES !!!!

1731 days ago


OK OK...I guess they didn't like what I tried to post earlier, so I'll change it a little.


I am the father of Tila's baby. Thanks to what I had to do do become the father, my wee-wee just fell off. The motto careful where you put your wee-wee. It might fall off after.

1731 days ago


Regarding: "I NO LONGER watch shows like Entertainment Tonight, Extra and for sure TMZ! I use to like these shows but now they are all about NOTHING AND NOBODIES!!!! When they begin reporting on NOBODIES like JON AND KATE, OCTOMOM AND GARBAGE IT IS NO LONGER INTERESTING. HOPEFULLY ALL THE RATINGS ON THESE PROGRAMS WILL DROP AND THE WORLD WILL TAKE A NEW DIRECTION!!!!"

I agree, but at the end of the day - there is not much else out there but channel flipping - Good tv has left the building - programs with good writing, acting etc... The fifteen minute fame whore has taken over the airwaves, and somehow that industry started really believing by about 2003 that we really wanted to see it - but really they just weren't bringing us good programming anymore, and again at the end of the day - it becomes entertaining to watch talentless nobody's who literally WILL do just about anything just to be famous for fifteen minutes. That becomes the entertainment piece that we need before retiring for the evening. Becasue there is nothing else on. I would take back good work anyday over this bs

1731 days ago

Politico Pablo    

An alien abduction is the only way we will be rid of this women. Let's just hope they don't decide to bring her back!

1731 days ago


To: Millions of Milkshakes
We, the undersigned, urge "Millions of Milkshakes" to reconsider their decision to invite ex-reality star Tila Tequila to appear at their place of business on Thursday, January 28th at 7:30pm to create a milkshake to be named after her.

Tila Tequila goes against the public image of "Millions of Milkshakes" in several ways. She's set out to personally attack MANY of their famous celebrity spokespeople, such as Miley Cyrus (a minor), Lindsay Lohan, Heidi and Spencer... Along with a tirade against many other celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne, Paris Hilton, Jasmine Lennard, Samantha Ronson, Adam Levine, Perez Hilton, Megan Fox and many others. She has threatened to kill or inflict bodily harm on many of these well-known celebrities.

Tila has been in the news lately for exploiting the death of her so-called "fiance" Casey Johnson for her own personal gain. Tila has not wasted any opportunity to profit from the attention she's gotten from Casey's death, and her appearance at Millions of Milkshakes is yet another attempt at attention and "fame" in whatever capacity she can get it.

Tila not only has exploited her dead fiance, but she tried to publicly ruin Shawne Merriman's career by falsely reporting domestic abuse and attacking him on her websites - after the LAPD deemed that she had made the whole thing up. She is an offensive figure to all domestic abuse survivors.

Tila has a pornographic website that has exploited small children on camera, and is being investigated currently. These children are the victims of Tila and her "Tila's Army", being put on camera with their mothers stripping with old pedophiles watching and masturbating on camera.

If "Millions of Milkshakes" goes ahead with its decision to let Tila create a milkshake and name it after herself, not only is "MoM" contributing to this pathetic and desperate attempt to get "attention" by a very sick woman - but they are associating the company and brand of "Millions of Milkshakes" with the exploitation of minors, pornography, pedophilia, slander and death or physical harm threats against some of your most well-known spokespeople, exploitation of domestic abuse victims and helping Tila Tequila further profit off the tragic death of Casey Johnson.

"Millions of Milkshakes", Please reconsider your decision to further promote Tila Tequila. There are many people who feel the same way, and the voices of your customers and fans MUST be heard. This will damage your reputation and your image possibly beyond repair as I am hearing talks of boycott and pickets/protests if you decide to go ahead with your decision to let Tila Tequila appear at Millions of Milkshakes.

Thank you for your swift attention and reconsideration of this decision.


The Undersigned

View Current Signatures


The Cancel Tila Tequila's appearance at Millions of Milkshakes Petition to Millions of Milkshakes was created by and written by Christie Stewart ( This petition is

1731 days ago


What part of "we don't give a rat's a ss" doesn't she understand. I would hope NO one would pay her a dime to confirm it. I mean, SO WHAT? Anyone can get pregnant. Can't we just move her out of any limelight?

1731 days ago

J to tha    

Wow. What a terrible excuse for a human being. She must spend all day thinking of ways to get attention. Go back to Vietnam, whore!

1731 days ago

Urha Khunt    

This whore a mother? I would not trust her with a dog, let alone a kid. Whores like this should be spayed.

1731 days ago


Swedish, exotic, beautiful eyes, and apparently famous... sounds like Alexander Skarsgard.

I think she just rummaged through a tabloid one day, picked him out, and decided he's her baby daddy.

1731 days ago

dr cyclops    

i would pay good money to be the father to her child,,she seems like a really nice and fun girl and loves animals...i want to marry her asap/////..why would any woman ever lie about being pregnant..choose me tigula choose me baby

1731 days ago


Why does this Whore get any press time - she's a nobody and a common tramp that can be found in every club in LA and Hollywood

1731 days ago
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