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Tim Tebow Aborts His Shirt

1/26/2010 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Florida Gators QB Tim Tebow exercised his right to choose to show off his smooth and supple buff chest during a weigh-in for the Senior Bowl in Alabama on Monday.


The 22-year-old evangelical Christian will probably keep his man-nips covered when he stars in a very expensive pro-life commercial during the Super Bowl -- a spot that's creating all sorts of controversy.

Rocking bodies gallery: Click to view!What's not controversial -- Tebow is ripped.

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Yesssssssssssssssssss! That's what I'm talking about !!

1678 days ago


"55,ooo,ooo ,Yes 55 million lives aborted since Roe V Wade."

That's also 55 million fewer unwanted, orphaned babies.

If you despise the thought of so many abortions how about directing your energy to beefing up adoption programs? While you're at it, how about real, effective pregnancy prevention and not white-bread "Ozzie and Harriett" abstinence crap?

1678 days ago

haiku you    

there should be no "choice" when it comes to life. life is life.

1678 days ago


That is what I call YUM-ME !!! Damn, so, so sexy...

1678 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

where's the John Edwards story???

1678 days ago


tim tebow is an amazing person and all those anti-christians out there trashing him is not right. when the day comes and they are mangled in a car crash or there child is mangled in a car crash then they start praying.

1678 days ago


But there's something wrong with CBS's definition of "controversial
It is controversial to be against killing babies but putting on
Erectile dysfunction ads every day at times kids can see it is
no problem...

1678 days ago

Bash a Pap    

Christians are the most judgmental, cruel, hateful people on this website. All they do is bash others with such vitriol and hate. Maybe if they stayed true to the words of Jesus they would not be that way. But they don't TRULY follow God, they follow their own warped, right wing fascists agenda.... which is destroy anyone who is not just like them. Sounds more like the Taliban everyday.

1678 days ago


Teen pregnancy rate has increased in the past year due to these very vocal nutjobs who are advocating abstinence and pro-life positions. This guy is doing HARM, and any network that runs that ad is contributing to the problem.

1678 days ago


Where are your morals:

Right back at ya, babe! Liberals do the exact same thing...equal opportunity bashing from both sides.

1678 days ago


#58 JC - You put it EXACTLY as it IS. And while my faith in God is strong I am not even close to a "Bible Thumper" and I am NOT a Republican (Actually I have decided I am not a Democrate either, BOTH sides are lying dirtbags) but I am prolife and if that is not politcally or Celebrity wise correct I could give a SH#T less. A baby in the womb is NOT part of a women's body. It is a separate life that choose's to LIVE. And yes, I am a women.

1678 days ago


I have so much respect for him for standing up for what he believes in. He has an amazing body and handsome face. Wish more shots were of him shirtless.

1678 days ago


This guy just does whatever his creepy parents tell him to do. I feel sorry for him. Have you ever seen his mother? She looks like a witch. I have never seen a guy who is as obviously in the closet, as Tebow is. Guaranteed that within the next ten years, he either comes out or blows his brains out. There's something slightly off about him. Tebow and his bipolar lover, Urban Meyer, need to move to Fire Island together.

1678 days ago


wow, thats what iam talking about, hey the rest of you haters, you know the ones sitting there with you pot belly and smoking a cig, you could only wish you looked that good :)

1678 days ago


Dear Pro-Choice Commenters ~

So, you object to anyone, including and especially the government, telling you what you can and can't do with your body? I bet many, if not most, of you are members or support the Democratic Party.

Well, your official "My Body, My Choice" party called to say hello.

Oh, and they wanted me to remind you: They also want to make all of you -- under penalty of a fine and/or jail -- purchase health insurance.

You know... for your body.

So all of your "My Body, My Choice" proselytizing is (oooh, dare I call it what you so love to call Christians???), ummm...pure hypocrisy.


Intelligent Observers Everywhere

Footnote: 50 % of all aborted fetuses are female. Not that you care, my oh-so-enlightened sisters.

1678 days ago
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