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Beauty Pageant Winners

Who'd You Rather?

1/27/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miss Teen USA Stormi Henley, 19 (left), Miss Universe Stefania Fernandez, 19 (center), and Miss USA Kristen Dalton, 23 (right), put their best seductive faces forward at the same photo shoot in NYC on Tuesday.

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Gross, look at the breasts on the middle one. What the heck is wrong with them? How sad that all of them look years older than their real age. I'll keep my soft body and real curves and real laugh lines if they are supposed to represent what "real" beauty is.

1700 days ago


I wonder why Ms. Teen USA is winning?!?! Shes pretty but I hope that she is at least 18 in a "who'd you rather F$%k" contest

1700 days ago


what happened to the chest of the girl in the center?? whoever taped her up didn't do a very good job. the left side is like 5 inches higher than the right haha

1700 days ago


You shouldn't name your child Stormi if you want her to be taken seriously.

1700 days ago


Where's the ALL three choice? Damn they're smokin' hot!!

1700 days ago


What happened to feminism? Why do young girls and women feel they have to be every man's fantasy to have any worth? Their boobs aren't good enough unless they are these huge, bloated things that, hey, gotta tell ya...they are going to look like crap when you get older. And do you really think guys like handling something they can hear slosh? Ewwwww! Girls, get some attitude. If they don't want you because you don't look like Kim K., then fact is, you don't want them! Tell 'em to go get a bigger penis and see how THAT flies!

1700 days ago


@ #1 thats nice but don't be a hater umm anyway these women are beautiful who probably work hard for their bodies and whatever they do with themselves and their life is their buisness so who are we to judge or make stupid little comments or compare. Jealousy is not a good look..we don't know them bso happy for them that they won.

1700 days ago

dr cyclops    

oh boy the fatties and thick women are going to raise hell about this,these huge women cant stand to look at hotties becuase it makes them wish they were still young and firm and that their husbands still desired them instead of being grossed out at their fatness..hee hee heee
10 excuses why a husband no longer wants to have sex with fatties
1.i had a hard day at work back hurts stressed out
4.traffic was really bad stomach hurts
6.i think i have the flu
7.pretends they are asleep
8.stays up late on the computor
9.i have a headache
10.i think my mom died

he he heee

1700 days ago


Samuel what are you talkin about kim k for? Do you even know her? So you like to use pretty good looking girls as examples because they keep up with themselves and show off their hard work and use it as an advantage? These girls take pride in how they look SO WHAT? That doesn't mean they don't have other good qualities you dont KNOW these women. A women like Kim K ( who owns a freakin buisness BY THE WAY and went to college) can't make themselves look appealing? Why is it that every appealing girl on here okay yeah maybe has a little work and looks like they take care of themselves we have to sit here and say this and that we don't know these women who are we to judge them on the way they look or if they won a beauty contest? How do you know their not doctors or mothers or doing things good in the world? I would want my daughter to look up to someone like that. Just because you see a girl with breast implants so what? That means they feel like they want bigger breast helps them feel better about themselves im not going to JUDGE someone based on that... So everyone needs to shut up. You want women walking around lookinf like scrubs on their hands and knees scrubbing the floor NO then we'd talk about how ugly women are and how they have no respect for themselves I appreciate and respect a women who takes care of themselves!!!

1700 days ago

Democrats are evil    

How to exploit teenagers and turn them into drug consuming adult whores 101. That's all the fashion industry really is these days, isn't it?

1700 days ago


#5 hit the nail on the head. You name your kid Stormi and she is headed for the pole!!!!

1700 days ago


Re: Post 5..."You shouldn't name your child Stormi if you want her to be taken seriously."

By the looks of her, I'd say she's been aptly named for a career in the adult entertainment industry. All she has to do is change her last name to "Skye" or "Weathers" and she's good to go.

1700 days ago


They look like Trannys. I swear I thought it was a joke. I figured when you got to the bottom of the story you were going to tell us they're boys. The guy on the left doesn't help with his pecs and all. Are you sure these are girls?

1700 days ago


Seriously, everyone wants to bang the TEEN??!!! Bunch of frikken pedophiles!!!

1700 days ago


LOL @ # 9

oh god the truth does hurt funny

Super trannys

its like fug - fuglier to figliest

but i voted and proud of it !

seriuosly - stop with the "wanna suk u" faces and try smiling - when will these camermen stop tokin and jokin eww sxy

cartoon nation rep re sent en -
homer for president !


1700 days ago
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