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Brittany Murphy's Hubby Will Sue Warner Bros.

1/27/2010 7:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

britney murphy's husband simon monjackUPDATE: Warner Bros. just gave us the following statement: "Any claim that Warner Bros. Pictures was somehow responsible for Brittany Murphy's tragic death is demonstrably false, reprehensible, and defamatory. Despite press reports to the contrary, Warner Bros. Pictures and Ms. Murphy never entered into any deal for "Happy Feet 2," and thus, there was not a contract to cancel."

Brittany Murphy
's husband, Simon Monjack, says Warner Bros. is responsible for the death of his wife and he plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the company.

Monjack told The Daily Beast Murphy was devastated after reportedly losing a role in the sequel to "Happy Feet." Monjack believes losing the movie caused Murphy to have a heart attack.

The L.A. County Coroner has not released the cause of death.

Before the "Happy Feet" setback, Brittany Murphy had been fired from the film, "The Caller," shot in Puerto Rico. There were numerous reports about her erratic behavior on the set.

Monjack said, "Warner Brothers relied on conjecture and hearsay about the Puerto Rico film for why they canceled Brittany's role in Happy Feet."

Monjack reportedly is days away from filing suit. Warner Bros. has no comment.

UPDATE: The producers of "The Caller" tell TMZ "The decision for Brittany to leave the film was mutual and amicable, and was in fact related to a serious illness in Brittany's family. Any rumors to the contrary are false, and in the circumstances, particularly hurtful."

Remembering Brittnay Murphy


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El Negatori, Batman, the cause of death hasn't been released yet and not getting a movie part doesn't cause complete termination of body systems in a young life unless it's ALREADY been massively stressed and is in a very vulnerable condition. Her husband is self-defeating to come out with a claim like this before the cause of death has been announced. Even if the cause of death can be related to stress, come on folks, not getting a part causing the Grim Reaper to fly 3000 miles and cancel his holidays just to haul off Brittnay seems like cheap opera.

1666 days ago


I wouldn't sue an operation that had Bugs Bunny on it's legal team. You're tempting calamity, Doc!

1666 days ago


He is just mad because his min source of income .... I want to sue the WB because they cancelled the Wayans Brothers

1666 days ago

s jules    

Is this jackass related to michael jackson's family????

perhaps this will set a precedent....anyone who doesn't get a job can sue the company who declined to hire them. I think I go apply to my local hospital to be a neurosurgeon. when they don't hire me, I sue them for stress and a myriad of other things. This is so pathetic.

1666 days ago


OMG...Old ConJack is back :) This guy is just...well...He hasn't produce anything. He got his first credit as a producer by fraud after he stole some serious money from the real producer and vanished to the States. After this he sued other producer to get a credit for that movie. What a creep this guy is. Hope Brittany's father gives him what he deserves.

1666 days ago


It is what it is and it's greed at the cost of a departed person.

1666 days ago



1666 days ago

Wolf Girl    

This is pretty stupid. He knows as good as anyone that a movie company didn't cause his wife's death. People sue for VERY stupid and tiny reasons. This is asking for way too much. Everyone gets depressed and disappointed when they don't get what they want. It's just a part of life. He's just looking for $$ fast and easy. It makes me sick. He needs to do more for his wife, and not do less. Just let her rest in peace! It's not like you can walk around suing people just because something happened that you didn't like.

1666 days ago


This disgusting douche of a horse's ass is really out to get whatever money he can. His meal ticket died, and Brittany's will left everything to her mother if I'm not mistaken, so he's trying now to cash in another way. Filty pig.

1666 days ago


Its amazing how QUICKLY some people get over the passing of a loved one and seek monetary gain. Chief amond them is the this man. I love Brittany, she is a bright star and her death is a colossal loss.

That being said, she was given many medications for a simple flu. You wanna sue someone, sue the doctor! The doctors is Hollywood are absolutely IRRESPONSIBLE, prescribing the combination of powerful medicines for flu or insomnia. I SAY LETS HANG CONRAD AND MAKE AN EXAMPLE OUT OF HIM!

Sorry to say that but the husband is crazy for wanting to sue Warner Bros. I totally doubt that Brittany was so PETTY that she would have an heart attack because she didn't get the part.

1666 days ago


Really??? he just looking for money...warner bros had nothing to do with her bad acting

1666 days ago


That is the most obserd thing i have ever read. I know this guy is greiving but come on.
Actresses and actors loose or get roles all the time. I would not buy for one minute that loosing a role in Happy Feet would cause someone to have a heart attack. Loosing roles is the nature of the business.
Um..Maybe Hubby and his stupidity gave her the heart attack ?

1666 days ago


What??? Just reading this article as well as watching the NBC interview with Matt Lauer, I'm starting to believe that Brittany's Husband played a major role in the downfall of her career and demise. Watching the NBC interview, found Monjack's behavior was odd? He kept talking about actors such as Brad Pitt and Matt Damon should not accept the Happy Feet 2 role and protest in Brittany's name, and how Hollywood broke her heart because of staring roles being snatched of rumors of drug use, hubby and wild behavior.

Isn't he allegedly a con-man? I've read on various news sources such as Eonline, Inside Edition, People that Brittany's hubby was a scam artists. So many people including Hollywood executives, producers told Brittany to leave him, because he's hurting her career, but she didn't listen. Why did she ever marry this guy? I think if she didn't marry this guy she would still be alive and her career would of been fine...

1666 days ago


Really this is sad, I am sorry that she passed away but this is an excuse, let your poor wife rest in pece

1666 days ago


This is really interesting. It was never said why she wasn't going to be in The Caller. It was SPECULATED by the media that it was due to her erratic behavior.

Now we must ask, TMZ prides it's self on "breaking/exclusive news" and reported about the plane trip home from the set of that movie when Simon fell ill. TMZ reported Brit was coming home after being fired.

Does this mean it was actually TMZ that started the false rumor of her being fired for erratic behavior and hence TMZ's fault that she lost the role in Happy feet which "might" have led to her death?


1666 days ago
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