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Brittany Murphy's Hubby Will Sue Warner Bros.

1/27/2010 7:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

britney murphy's husband simon monjackUPDATE: Warner Bros. just gave us the following statement: "Any claim that Warner Bros. Pictures was somehow responsible for Brittany Murphy's tragic death is demonstrably false, reprehensible, and defamatory. Despite press reports to the contrary, Warner Bros. Pictures and Ms. Murphy never entered into any deal for "Happy Feet 2," and thus, there was not a contract to cancel."

Brittany Murphy
's husband, Simon Monjack, says Warner Bros. is responsible for the death of his wife and he plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the company.

Monjack told The Daily Beast Murphy was devastated after reportedly losing a role in the sequel to "Happy Feet." Monjack believes losing the movie caused Murphy to have a heart attack.

The L.A. County Coroner has not released the cause of death.

Before the "Happy Feet" setback, Brittany Murphy had been fired from the film, "The Caller," shot in Puerto Rico. There were numerous reports about her erratic behavior on the set.

Monjack said, "Warner Brothers relied on conjecture and hearsay about the Puerto Rico film for why they canceled Brittany's role in Happy Feet."

Monjack reportedly is days away from filing suit. Warner Bros. has no comment.

UPDATE: The producers of "The Caller" tell TMZ "The decision for Brittany to leave the film was mutual and amicable, and was in fact related to a serious illness in Brittany's family. Any rumors to the contrary are false, and in the circumstances, particularly hurtful."

Remembering Brittnay Murphy


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Ya Right, Now that the Free Ride is over for you pal, your true colors are starting to show...Its called "GET A JOB"....Your wifey will no longer be paying your way in life.....Hopefully Brittneys mom will get all her money....

1738 days ago


Clearly she didn't have the life insurance policies this loser was counting on! Good luck pleading your care before a jury, slug. Let us know how that works out for you!

1738 days ago


You've got to be kidding!! Sorry, sounds to me like hubby is trying to make money from the sad loss of his wife by suing WB saying she was heartbroken over being fired! Their reply says it all, the decision was mutual, amicable and related to an illness in her family!!
Got to say it but once the star in the family is dead it's amazing how many worms come out to fight over will conditions etc. To me a will is a person's final word on what they wanted done with their estate etc and no wives/kids/or other family members should feel they have a right to change those terms. Greed is a sickening thing and using the dead for financial gain in stupid lawsuits like this just shows you how bad it's really gotten!!

1738 days ago


I'm sorry for her death, but it's like this just as I tell others about Michael Jackson personal responsibility takes over at some point. So, just as people can't blame Murray for Michael's death Mr. Monjack can't blame Warner Brothers for Britney's death.

1738 days ago


What an idiot. If she had a heart attack, the autopsy would have shown it. I understand "denial" but give me a god damn break. Face it she was a druggie and made stupid decisions and it finally did her in. Hey big shocker- take RESPONSIBILITY for your own actions and quit blaming other people. The only person to blame for her death is herself.

1738 days ago


you got her on drugs and beat her,,,

1738 days ago


Oh, what an idiot!! He just wants to make money off his wife's death. Does he expect that every company that wishes to dismiss an employee not do it, because it may cause death or other problems?

1738 days ago


After seeing his picture in People with her mother- that right there could have given her a heart attack. The way he kept referring to her was a little disturbing. You don't have a chance- walk away gracefully and leave it alone!

1738 days ago


Simon Monjack is an assclown. So now people like this jackass are going to clog up our legal system even more because of the ups and downs of life? Sorry to say, but Murphy was earning a reputation for being a flake and has nobody to blame for the consequences but herself.

1738 days ago


Waaaa. My boss fired me because I couldn't do my job. Now I have headaches and I'm crying. I think I'm going to sue my former boss for emotional distress... Waaaaa

I stand as much of a chance of winning this as Murphy's husband does of winning his. What a crock that he'd even try to file!!!

1738 days ago


This story has made me upset. Should I send TMZ my therapy bills?

1738 days ago


What are the chances Joe Jackson and this JackASS are related???????

1738 days ago



1738 days ago


To all the negative comments: It isn't like no one else ever does something like this. When someone close to you dies, most people do look for someone to blame.It's the same as when people sue hospitals and doctors. Everyone thinks their dead friend or relative is special. And I'm sure they are. A lot of times when people sue for wrongful death, it doesn't hold up. Because there is usually no real case. It's a way people cope. Being angry is an easier emotion to handle. It's basic human psychology.

1738 days ago


His cash cow died & now he wan't to blame everyone else, He should have been paying attention to her EATING DISORDER, cause it's all gonna come out now! Cardiac Arrest is the number one cause for Eating disordered individuals (Ummm, Karen Carpenter) I feel so bad for her mom!

1738 days ago
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